How Much Does Installing a Light Switch Cost?

Normal range: $100 - $201

Installing a new light switch costs around $100 to $201, depending on the cost of materials and labor.

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Updated November 3, 2022
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Don’t get left in the dark. Installing a light switch is a relatively affordable process, with an average price of around $150. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to install a light switch is between $100 to $201. Installing a smart light switch can increase due to the cost of materials and a professional electrician’s labor fee to complete the project.

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Normal range for U.S.
$100 - $201
  • Average
  • $150
  • Low end
  • $60
  • high end
  • $325

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Switch per Switch Type?

4 light switch types compared by cost, including smart, labor, toggle, and dimmer

When you hire a professional electrician to install a new light switch, they will charge you for the materials and the labor. Budget for between $50 and $100 per hour for labor. The cost for one light switch varies by type. 

Switch TypeCost
Traditional toggle and rocker light switches$10 to $20
Dimmer switches$15 to $30
Smart switches$50 to $500 (depending on the features included)

These costs are only for installing a new switch where new wiring needs to be installed, not replacing an old switch where wiring is already present.

Factors That Influence the Cost to Install a Light Switch

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The cost to install a light switch is affected by a few things: the electricians per hour labor fee, the type of switch you’re having installed, and the location of the switch to be installed.


Your electrician will charge you a fixed price per hour for labor. Most electricians charge between a fixed price per hour ($50 and $150 an hour) regardless of the kind of work they’re performing. If your wiring is straightforward and your switches easy to install, your price will be lower than if your wiring needs a major overhaul before installing switches. 


New wiring plus the cost of your switches will make up your materials cost. 

The location of the switch will determine how much wire you need to power your fixture. Electrical wire costs between $0.50 and $1.00 per foot. Depending on the distance, wiring could increase your total cost by $20 to $30 or more.

Relocating Switches

If your electrician is moving a light switch from one location and installing it in another location, you’ll need to budget for a more complicated installation from beginning to end. To remove the switch, the electrician will need to detach and remove the old wiring.

Type of Light Switch

Your electrical needs will determine the type of light switch you choose, as different switches have different toggle and control features. 

Switch TypeControl FeatureCost
Single poleControls one fixture from one location$1 – $10 each
Single pole double switchFeatures two switches to control two fixtures, like a ceiling fan and attached light$10 – $20 each
Three-way light switchControls one fixture from two locations$3 – $20 each 
Four-way light switchControls one fixture from multiple locations$10 – $20 each

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Light Switch Yourself?

Installing a light switch is a straightforward DIY task—if you have significant electrical experience. Some variables such as wiring and load capacities if you’re installing multiple switches, make this project dangerous. You’ll save on the cost of labor should you decide this is a project you can tackle. An experienced electrician might cost a little more initially, but they will complete the work quickly and to code.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of switch you choose depends on its purpose. If you prefer to control the brightness of the light or the speed of the fan without using a cord pull, consider a dimmer switch. If you prefer to control a light and ceiling fan separately, a double toggle switch is a good choice. If you have a smart home and would like to control your light switch from your phone, a smart switch is what you need.

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