House Cleaning Checklists to Cleanse Your Home and Mind

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated March 18, 2022
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Clean more efficiently and relieve stress using these cleaning checklists, tips, and tricks

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Are you the type of person who loves to organize and clean everything daily? Or maybe you’re someone who could stand to clean more often but dreads doing it. Regardless of where you fall on the cleaning spectrum, you can benefit from our daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual cleaning checklists. These printable house cleaning checklists will keep you on a tidy cleaning schedule, which will lessen your stress levels.

At times, cleaning your home can feel overwhelming, especially if several messes or areas need a good cleanse. But on the plus side, cleaning has a ton of mental and physical benefits, from reducing allergens to acting as a stress-relieving activity.

The guide below offers cleaning tips to create a clutter-free home that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Cleaning Supply List

You need cleaning supplies for a job well done, right? Double-check you have the following cleaning supplies before diving into your cleaning duties.

  • Rubber or latex gloves

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Protective glasses

  • Vacuum

  • Dishwashing detergent

  • Laundry detergent

  • Duster or microfiber cloths

  • Mop

  • Warm water and bucket

  • Sponges and scrubber

  • Baking soda

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Use these quick tips to make cleaning your home more enjoyable. Cleaning doesn’t have to be an individual burden; it can be a choreographed group effort. You are the conductor of the household. Go orchestrate.

  • Listen to music or a podcast: If you’re cleaning with roommates or family members, play music on speakers so the cleaning process feels more communal.

  • Divide and conquer cleaning with others: Just like on sports teams, play to people’s strengths. Some people might favor cleaning the kitchen since they cook more often, while others prefer to spend time cleaning outside.

  • Clean one room at a time: Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Knocking out one room at a time can help chores get done quicker. Just make sure the space is big enough for everyone to functionally clean at the same time.

  • Use a house cleaning checklist: Print and use one of the checklists below so you can do less mental lifting by quickly seeing what needs to be cleaned when. Using a checklist will also help you remember to clean places you often forget about.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

daily cleaning checklist printable

Download Daily Cleaning Checklist Here 

A fun way to stay on top of daily tasks is to time yourself to see which ones take the longest. Next time you clean, see if you can reduce the amount of time for each. Don’t cut corners, though! Remember, what matters most is having a clean home.

Here’s a list of easy daily tasks to tackle:

  • Make the bed

  • Squeegee the shower walls

  • Rinse the bathroom sink

  • Empty coffee grounds into the compost or garbage

  • Rid the sink of any dirty dishes

  • Unload and load the dishwasher

  • Wipe down countertops and cabinets

  • Wipe down the stovetop

  • Put away any loose items (mail, toys, blankets, water bottles, etc.)

  • Tidy up remote controls, video games, and other electronic items

  • Do a load of laundry (based on needs)

Daily Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Being on a schedule or daily routine can be beneficial to your mental health, as can cleaning. These daily cleaning hacks will make your daily schedule feel a bit less overwhelming.

Squeegee Immediately

If you have a glass shower, make sure you squeegee it immediately after showering to reduce watermarks and spotting. To make this chore more mindful, focus on the steam in your bathroom and take deep breaths.

Give the Cleaning Agent Time

Let the cleaning agent (soap or spray) sit for at least one minute before you wipe it down with a rag or sponge. During that one minute, do another quick cleaning task, such as tidying an area or stretching.

Repurpose Dryer Sheets

Even after dryer sheets have gone through a laundry cycle, you can make use of them around the house. Use these old dryer sheets to buff water spots from mirrors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and shower doors. You can also wipe down baseboards with them.

Clean as You Cook

To help ease post-dinner mess, clean as you cook. If you’re too busy stirring, basting, and tasting, then recruit other cleaners such as roommates, family members, or friends. Enlisting others will also make preparing the meal more communal.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

weekly cleaning checklist printable

Download Weekly Cleaning Checklist Here

Cleaning regularly used items once a week can help prevent bacteria and mold from growing. When completing this weekly cleaning checklist, try to finish two areas (bathroom and kitchen) one day of the week and another space (living area) another day of the week. This way, you’ll have a balanced routine on days you’re completing both daily and weekly cleaning tasks.

Here’s a weekly cleaning checklist to follow:

  • Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor 

  • Mop the kitchen floor, using mostly water to prevent the buildup of residue

  • Clean the inside of the microwave

  • Sanitize sponges

  • Wipe down fridge shelves

  • Wipe fronts of cabinets and handles

  • Scrub bathroom sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower

  • Spray the shower curtain liner with disinfectant to help prevent mold

  • Wipe down mirrors

  • Dust furniture

  • Empty all small trash cans

  • Toss expired food from the fridge and pantry

  • Clean windows

  • Dust window ledges

  • Tidy up pet spaces

  • Clean pet bowls with soapy water

Weekly Cleaning Tips and Tricks

These weekly cleaning tips can help reduce bacteria and dust from accumulating in commonly used places or on often-used items. Even better, you likely already have most of these materials.

Sanitize Sponges

One of the easiest ways to clean sponges is by placing them in the dishwasher during the next load. Yes, it’s that simple. You can also clean sponges using the microwave. Get the sponge saturated with water but not dripping. Then, zap it on high for about a minute. Let the sponge cool for another minute in the microwave before touching.

Use Tongs to Clean Blinds

First, cut a rag into two small pieces. Then, use twist ties or rubber bands to secure the rags around each head of a tong. You can then sweep between and around blinds to collect dust.

Use Masking Tape to Clean

For crumbs or sticky items like glitter, use masking tape to help pick up all the little pieces. Simply place the sticky side of the masking tape on the surface, press down, then pull up to collect those hard-to-get particles.

Sterilize the Sink

First, use an eraser-type sponge to remove marks. Next, sanitize the sink by plugging the drain, filling the sink with warm water, and swirling a tablespoon of bleach around with a cooking utensil. Wait five minutes, then rinse the sink with the faucet hose or wipe it down with a wet rag.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

monthly cleaning checklist printable

Download Monthly Cleaning Checklist Here

You likely won’t want to do all these monthly cleaning items in one day or over one weekend. If you do, more power to you! For those who don’t have a full day to clean, the monthly checklist below will help you knock off individual tasks as you can. That way, no major cleaning chores sneak up on you.

Here’s a monthly cleaning checklist to use:

  • Vacuum vents

  • Dust and clean light fixtures and fans

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Clean vacuum by washing parts or replacing bags

  • Clean oven

  • Soak and scrub stovetop burners or grates

  • Descale coffee maker or thoroughly wash French press

  • Clean outside grill

  • Wipe down patio surfaces and furniture

  • Beat dust out of rugs

Monthly Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The monthly cleaning tricks below take a bit longer to complete than the daily or weekly ones. They’re worth doing, though, to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

Clean and Freshen Drains

First, run hot tap water down the drain for several seconds. Then, turn the water off and dump one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by two cups of warm vinegar. The mixture will fizz. Leave for one hour, then wash the drain with boiling water.

Sanitize the Dishwasher

Descale your dishwasher by filling a large glass or plastic bowl with two cups of distilled white vinegar and placing it on the top rack of your empty dishwasher. Next, run the machine without detergent or heated dry. Once done, run a short wash cycle with a cup of baking soda sprinkled along the bottom of the dishwasher. 

Dust With Coffee Filters

If you don’t have microfiber rags, you can clean your computer screen, monitor, or TV screen with a coffee filter. Gently wipe the coffee filter across the screen to collect dust and toss when you’re done.

Create a DIY Cleaning Spray

Create your own three-ingredient cleaning spray. Mix one cup of filtered water, one cup white distilled vinegar, and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle. That’s it—start spraying away!

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

seasonal cleaning checklist printable

Download Seasonal Cleaning Checklist Here

Most people think of spring cleaning as the main season to clean due to dust buildup from the winter. Yet some appliances and objects need to be cleaned four times a year. Our seasonal cleaning checklist outlines these quarterly responsibilities. It also lists some season-dependent tasks. 

Here’s a list of items that need cleaning throughout the year:

  • Rake leaves (fall and spring)

  • Clean blinds

  • Dust all plants

  • Replace air conditioning filters

  • Drain and store hoses (fall)

  • Clean out gutters (fall and spring)

  • Clean range hood and filters

  • Clean out the freezer

  • Wipe down the fridge and toss spoiled products

  • Clean dishwasher and laundry machine by running empty loads with detergent

  • Wipe down baseboards 

  • Wash pillows and comforter

  • Spray and vacuum the mattress  

  • Clean and freshen drains

  • Wash shower curtain liner

Seasonal Cleaning Tips and Tricks

These seasonal cleaning tips and hacks don’t take a lot of time to do but have a large payoff. Another benefit is that you’re reusing items you already have, such as old pillowcases and tennis balls.

Deep Clean Your Mattress

If you have a foam mattress topper, mix equal parts vinegar and water and spray any stained areas. Then, soak up all remaining moisture using a towel. Finally, sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress and let it rest for eight hours. Once dried, vacuum the remaining baking soda for a fresh mattress topper.

Clean With a Tennis Ball

A dry tennis ball can serve as an eraser for shoe scuff marks on vinyl flooring. Simply rub the tennis ball against the flooring. Just make sure it isn’t your dog’s favorite tennis ball since that one is likely pretty dirty.

Clean Stove Top Burners

Remove any pots and pans before turning burners on high for a few minutes. After letting burners cool completely (give them at least an hour), remove from the stove top. For electric burners, scrub each burner with a rag using water and light detergent. Be careful not to get the electrical ends wet. For gas burners, soak in soapy water for 30 minutes before scrubbing with a rag or sponge. Dry thoroughly and carefully reinstall. 

Make Use of an Old Pillowcase

You can use a pillowcase to clean ceiling fans. Put the open side over a blade, then wipe towards you. This way, dust doesn’t fall on anything below. If cleaning multiple fans or heavily dusted blades, use multiple old pillowcases. Afterward, shake the pillowcases outside, then toss them in the dirty laundry.

Annual Cleaning Checklist

annual cleaning checklist printable

Download Annual Cleaning Checklist Here

Each year, there are a few cleaning tasks that need handling. Even though these chores are infrequent, they help keep your house running smoothly and can make certain items last longer. 

When you do some of your monthly chores, tackle these cleaning tasks at the same time so they’re evenly distributed throughout the year.

Here’s a list of annual cleaning items:

  • Clean chimney and fireplace (either before or after winter)

  • Deep clean carpet and upholstery (rent or purchase a wet vac)

  • Clean curtains and drapes

  • Purge the pantry

  • Wipe down pantry shelves

  • Vacuum and clean behind appliances (fridge, stove, washer, and dryer)

  • Clean walls

  • Clean air ducts (every two to three years)

  • Clean around dryer and vents

  • Rotate rugs 180 degrees to evenly distribute wear and tear

Annual Cleaning Tips and Tricks

These annual cleaning tricks will help keep your home looking bright and beautiful. You should do these chores sparingly, but once completed, you’ll notice the difference.

Wash and Scrub Walls

To clean your home’s walls, first remove any furniture, decor, or wall art. Second, put a drop cloth under the wall. Then, dust the walls with a duster. Finally, scrub the walls with a large sponge repeatedly soaked in warm water and mild detergent. 

Clean Around Dryer and Vents

Your dryer likely has a lot of dust and excess fuzz behind it, which can be a fire hazard. Use the extending crevice tool on your vacuum to suck up this debris. For hard-to-reach places, use an extending duster.

Polish Glass Containers With Gravel

For narrow-necked jars and vases, fill about a third of the jar with water and then drop a handful of gravel into it (we recommend aquarium gravel). Next, stir or shake the vase with your hand on top, scouring the inside of the vase clean. Dump the gravel into a strainer and store it for next time.

Clean Out the Trash Can

You should do this chore outside. Clean your trash can by mixing liquid toilet bowl cleaner and water from a hose or bucket. Mix the two in the trash can. Then, use a toilet brush or long scrubber to wipe off the gunk on the walls and lid. Repeat the cleaning process until satisfied.

Benefits of Cleaning

a set of house cleaning checklist printables

Download Ultimate Cleaning Checklists Here

Cleaning doesn’t just keep your home a well-organized and sparkly place—it also has personal health and wellness benefits. The act of cleaning is a physical activity that gets you moving and burning calories. Like working out, cleaning also releases endorphins, which trigger a positive reaction in your body. 

Cleaning also has mental health benefits. A cluttered space can affect your visual cortex, the area of the brain that processes visual information, making it difficult to focus on the task at hand. A decluttered space feels more spacious and tidy. It also doesn’t continually remind you to clean the space. Check out the visual below for more information on how cleaning can be beneficial to your health.

cleaning tips to declutter home and mind

These cleaning checklists will help you stay on top of a cleaning schedule and can remind you to complete often forgotten tasks. Plus, you won’t feel as stressed having to remember which items and areas need cleaning and when. If you still feel overwhelmed by cleaning, consider the mental and physical benefits of cleaning. Cleaning can be a meditative act and it increases your physical activity levels. 

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