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Normal range: $123 - $240

The cost to professionally clean carpets is $180 on average, but it can cost between $123 and $240, going even higher if you have particular stains or a lot of carpeting.

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Between Sunday dinners, your dogs, and all the feet that run across your carpet, trying to keep it clean may seem impossible. But sometimes, all your carpet really needs is a deep clean by you or a pro to really get the grime and grit out. 

Carpet cleaning prices will vary from $123 to $240 based on square footage, the type of carpet, and if you’re taking advantage of any extra cleaning services. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about average carpet cleaning costs.

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How we get this data
Normal range for U.S.
$123 - $240
  • Average
  • $180
  • Low end
  • $80
  • high end
  • $375

Carpet Cleaning Price Breakdown

Carpet cleaning prices are straightforward; you’ll pay for the labor, travel fees, and any special type of cleaning you need.

Carpet Cleaning by Room

In most cases, the flat rate applies to how many rooms you need cleaned rather than the square footage of those areas. Carpet cleaning can cost around $25 to $75 per room. Some cleaning companies that charge per room may include size restrictions and charge additional fees for extra-large rooms. But some companies offer multiple-room discounts, which could be a way to cut down on carpet cleaning costs.

Carpet Cleaning Cost by Square Footage

Carpet cleaning costs between $0.20 and $0.40 per square foot on average. But this price isn’t set in stone, as smaller carpeted areas may mean that you pay a flat rate rather than by square footage. 

When you hire a local carpet cleaning service, they’ll come out and measure the carpet’s length ahead of time to give you an estimate. If it falls under their minimum square footage, they’ll likely charge you a flat fee of around $100 to $150.

SizeAverage Cost
600 to 1,000 square feet$100 to 250
1,000 to 1,800 square feet$150 to $450
1,800 to 3,000 square feet$300 to $600
Above 3,000 square feet$600 and above


Since carpets can range from nylon to cotton, some cleaning companies charge based on the carpet type. Carpet cleaning companies typically charge higher prices for tough-to-clean types of carpet. 

Cotton and wool carpets are difficult to clean, so the service cost is about $110 to $160. However, cut and level-loop carpets are easier to clean, so you can expect to pay a lower price of about $75 to $120. When getting price estimates from carpet cleaning companies, include your carpet type to receive a more accurate quote.

Carpet Material

The carpet’s material plays a role in the cleaning cost. Some carpets have short fibers, making them easy to clean. Other carpets are long and shaggy, which requires a bit more scrubbing. 

 Common carpet materials and the cost to clean them include:

  • Berber: $90

  • Cut and level loop: $90

  • Cotton: $125

  • Wool: $125

Travel and Ease of Access Fee

The farther away you are from the company’s main service area, the higher the travel fee. Most cleaning companies operate out of vans because they carry a lot of equipment. And because these vans don’t get the best gas mileage, travel costs tend to be a big factor.

Ease of access to your home makes a huge difference as well. If you live on the third story of a condo, then they need to carry all that heavy equipment up three flights of stairs. This spontaneous workout may increase charges.

“Yearly professional carpet cleaning is something I always recommend to our customers,” says Asya Biddle, Angi Expert Review Board member and manager of The Dustbusters janitorial company in Williamsport, PA. “No matter the frequency of cleaning, solution utilized, or time we as homeowners put into caring for our carpets, we’re unable to lift the dirt and grime and thoroughly clean our household carpets the way a commercial carpet shampooer/steamer, solution, and specialist can."

Carpet Cleaning Cost by Type

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There are four main types of carpet cleaning, all with different costs. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective in high-traffic areas, where your carpet sees a lot of action (and the dirt and stains that come with it). This method uses hot water to clean deep into the crevices of your carpet. Pressure is applied to the hot water to create steam and shuttle chemicals into the carpet fibers. This combo loosens dirt and anything else lurking down in your carpet fibers, which are sucked up and removed.

Steam cleaning carpet services typically cost around $300. Steam cleaning does get the carpet wet, so you’ll need to wait around 24 hours for your carpet to dry afterward.


If you have a toddler who’s prone to spilling their juice, shampooing your carpet will work out any heavily stained areas. 

When you shampoo a carpet, you leave foam on the fibers to break up the dirt and stains. After giving your carpet the shampoo treatment, wipe up the foam to ensure that you don’t leave any residue behind. The cost to shampoo a carpet is around $240. Hire a local carpet shampoo pro and you’ll never have to stare at that purple Kool-Aid stain ever again.

Dry Cleaning

If you need a quick carpet cleaning, you can opt for a dry cleaning. This method only tackles the grime on the carpet at the surface level. This type of carpet cleaning is perfect for those days when muddy paws come running in and you need to tackle the problem before it stains the carpet. Dry cleaning only takes around one to two hours to dry and will cost around $215.

Carbonated Cleaning

If you’re imagining the fizz of soda pop when you think of carbonated cleaning, you’re not too far off. Carbonated cleaning uses tiny chemical bubbles to burst the dirt out of the fibers and move them up into the suction. Instead of merely loosening dirt from the carpet fibers, carbonated cleaning moves debris up to the surface for easy removal. You can expect carbonated cleaning services to cost around $335 on average.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning 

Hot water extraction is a specialized form of steam cleaning which involves applying extremely hot water via jet nozzles to the carpet, along with an ammonia or acid solution to liquefy any dirt and debris. Next, carpet cleaners use a grooming tool to agitate the carpet fibers and a high-powered wet vacuum to suck up all of the liquids, including the water and the newly liquified dirt. 

Hot water extraction is a fairly intensive process, so you’ll pay around $400 for a standard treatment with a 20 to 30% increase for cotton and wool. Remember to allow the carpet fibers to fully dry for at least 24 hours after the treatment to avoid mold growth. 

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning 

Bonnet carpet cleaning is a relatively simple process that starts with a cleaning detergent sprayed onto the carpet. Your cleaning professional will attach a cleaning pad to a specialized device that runs over the recently sprayed carpet, sucking up any dirt and grime. 

Keep in mind that this is not a particularly deep clean, despite its quick drying time, which is why you often find the process used in commercial spaces like hotel lobbies. Additionally, some carpet manufacturers void warranties when this cleaning method is employed. Bonnet carpet cleaning is less expensive than other services, with an average cost of $150.

Carpet Cleaning Type Cost
Shampooing $65 to $150 per room, $240 average
Dry Cleaning $60 to $130 per room, $215 average
Carbonated Cleaning $85 to $200 per room, $335 average
Hot Water Extraction Cleaning $100 to $200 per room, $400 average
Bonnet Cleaning $25 to $85 per room, $150 average

Common Carpet Cleaning Add-On Costs

If you need help with extra services that are outside of the typical carpet cleaning, the cleaning company will likely charge you per service. Check out the costs of common add-on services.

  • Patch or repair holes:  $100 to $250 per hole 

  • Dewrinkling or carpet stretching: $60 per hour

  • Water extraction:  $450 to $2,000, depending on carpet size

  • Pet stains and odor removal: $30 to $50 per hour

  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning: $50 to $80 per item

  • Furniture moving and removal: $10 to $50 per item 

  • Wicking or padding replacement: $3.50 to $7 per square foot

  • Telfon treatment: $20 to $40 per project

  • Sustainable or green carpet cleaning: $100 to $200 per room

Cost of DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Hiring a Pro 

You can rent steam cleaners to tackle cleaning a carpet yourself, which will cost around $35 to $50. You’ll also need to pick up detergent for the stubborn stains, which will cost another $15 to $25. So, the total cost of DIY carpet cleaning is around $50 to $75. The process isn’t difficult, but it does require some precautions. For one, you don’t want to damage the carpet by tearing up fibers. And you’re likely to spend more time tackling the project than professionals would.

For deep stains and carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned, you’ll want to contact a local professional carpet cleaner, and there are many tools online to do so, including search engines, social media, and company aggregation services. They’ll have the tools needed to break up these monstrous stains and often have insurance in the event they damage your carpet.

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You’ll want to have your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. But carpet cleaning frequency depends on foot traffic, so if you find dirt and stains magically appear in your home fairly frequently, you can have your carpet cleaned more often.

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