23 Game Room Ideas for Action-Packed Fun

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated December 14, 2021
Family playing game on table
Photo: NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock

Caution: Your house may become the go-to hangout spot in the neighborhood

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A designated game room in your home encourages quality family time and creates fun experiences, all while saving you money. A recreation room doesn’t have to be in a large space or take up your entire living room, either, so think outside the box when browsing game room ideas and planning your design. Consider your hobbies and interests to create a fun-loving space within the comfort of your home.

1. Make an Epic Gamer Space

Video game room with leather chair
Photo: DC Studio / Adobe Stock

Do you have a video game lover in your home? Captivate their interest by making a special place for them to play their favorite games. Set up a desk with multiple screens and a comfortable gaming chair. Install colorful accent lighting for a fully immersive experience. 

2. Opt for a Multi-Purpose Table

Friends playing poker at home
Photo: Studio Romantic / Adobe Stock

Save floor space by using a transformational game table. This rollout poker mat allows you to play your best hand, clear the area, then easily switch to board games, all on the same piece of furniture. Hang trendy string lights and paint the walls a neutral color scheme to make a small room appear larger.

3. Save Space for a Bar

Modern bar in home
Photo: JRstock / Adobe Stock

When thinking of game room ideas for adults, remember to include space for a bar. Keep it stocked with snacks and your favorite drinks to go from playing to entertaining in a flash. 

4. Bring the Fun Outdoors

Man playing ping pong outdoors
Photo: Leandro / Adobe Stock

If your home has small rooms, consider using outdoor space instead. Play ping pong on an outdoor patio so you have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the game. Install a roll down shade to protect the space from the elements. Add tiki-style lighting and decor so you can keep the fun going after sunset.

5. Create an Area for Kids

Kids’ play room in home
Photo: Africa Studio / Adobe Stock

If you have kids in the home, create a game room designed specifically for them. Paint the walls a fun color and add vibrant storage bins to keep clutter at bay. Hang colorful artwork and opt for kid-sized game room furniture for a room where lifelong memories can be made.

6. Entertain with a Foosball Table

Grandfather and grandson playing foosball
Photo: Drazen / Adobe Stock

A foosball table can entertain adults and kids alike. Make it the focal point of your rec room and add a couch on the side so spectators can cheer participants on. Hang orb pendant lights and install built-ins to store games and trinkets.

7. Add Instruments

Living room with acoustic guitar
Photo: bennnn / Adobe Stock

Another entertainment room idea is to combine games with musical instruments for an all-encompassing area. Have your instrument of choice close by to encourage a spontaneous jam session with your friends. 

8. Decorate with an Industrial Theme

Pool table in game room
Photo: zhu difeng / Adobe Stock

If you’re planning on creating a rec room in the basement or an unfinished room in your home, try an industrial theme. Incorporate exposed beams and pipes into the game room decoration, paint over concrete, and add pendant lights. A modern pool table and velvet bench seat provides enough room for a group of friends to enjoy the space.

9. Set-Up a Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard table in game room
Photo: The Hidden Touch / Adobe Stock

Shuffleboard is a classic game, but not the most space-saving (or weather-friendly) option. Play this game year-round by bringing the fun indoors using this shuffleboard table. Place it up against the wall or tuck it in a corner so you have more living space to use for other recreational activities.

10. Make a Tribute to Your Favorite Sport

Group of friends watching a soccer game
Photo: master1305 / Adobe Stock

Center your game room decor around your favorite sport or team. Set up a large entertainment system on a tv stand to make this the focal point of the room. Include a large comfy couch so friends and family will want to join you on game night. Use sports memorabilia as room decor to stay true to the theme.

11. Don’t Forget About the Classics

Family playing chess game
Photo: NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock

Include an area for classic games like checkers and chess when thinking of game room ideas. These games are not only entertaining, but can stimulate your mind for an added bonus.  

12. Use Up Vertical Space

Rock climbing wall in home
Photo: FollowTheFlow / Adobe Stock

Think outside the box and use wall space to your advantage. Installing a rock climbing wall encourages friends and family to get moving, even in the cold winter months. Paint a mural behind the rocks to serve as an accent wall to liven up the room. 

13. Install an Indoor Swing

Sister sitting on indoor hanging swing
Photo: Dripixel / Adobe Stock

A unique game room idea for the family is installing a hanging swing. This trendy piece gives the young (and the young-at-heart) an unconventional place to sit back and unwind after playing their favorite game.

14. Practice Your Form All Year

Indoor putting green
Photo: ayaka_photo / Adobe Stock

Why wait for the weekend to work on your golf swing when you can bring the putting green to you? This doesn’t need to take up a lot of space by affixing a small strip of turf to the floor to perfect your putt.

15. Create an Immersive Gaming Experience

Father and son playing with virtual reality goggles
Photo: Yakobchuk Olena / Adobe Stock

Take game night to a new level by investing in a captivating virtual reality system. Whether you fancy flight simulation or exploring a new world, there’s probably a VR game for that. Equip the area with a plush couch and comfortable area rug so you can sit back and be fully immersed. 

16. Convert the Attic 

Attic game room
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

Consider all unused living space, like the attic, when planning your design. Equip the area with an air hockey table, ample storage solutions, and a separate place for kids activities. Install skylights to let in more natural light.

17. Include Vintage Arcade Games

A person playing a vintage arcade game in a dark room
Photo: Atmosphere / Adobe Stock

Bring an old-school feel into your home arcade by incorporating retro video game consoles. Check out your local marketplace or thrift shop if you’re looking for game room ideas on a budget. Stick to the theme by adding vintage leather stools to reminisce over Pac-Man or Pinball. Also consider building your own arcade cabinet to really drive home the vintage feel.

18. Bring the Big Screen to You

Friends playing video games on projector screen
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Invest in a projector screen to keep movie nights at home and skip the overpriced concession stand. Leave enough outlets for game consoles so you can switch between video gaming and watching your favorite flick with friends. 

19. Illuminate the Room

Game zone neon light sign
Photo: Adil / Adobe Stock

Neon signs are not only trendy but bring more light into the room. This custom “Game Zone” sign gives a playful feel and can help your guests locate the fun. 

20. Designate a Board Game Table

Family playing board game at table
Photo: leszekglasner / Adobe Stock

Put your board game collection to use by having a standalone table to play games on. Add open shelving to keep your games organized and easily accessible.

21. Shoot Some Hoops

Hanging basketball net
Photo: Bonsales / Adobe Stock

If you and your family enjoy basketball, hang a net on the back of a door to get active in the room. Keep basketballs nearby and add a scoreboard so you have a designated place to play ball in. 

22. Get Crafty

Woman crafting at table
Photo: Anna / Adobe Stock

If arts and crafts are part of your recreational activities, use part of the room to inspire creativity. Host a scrapbooking or crafting party by adding bright lighting and a multi-purpose table to go from board games to creating, when you’re in an artistic mood.

23. Use Your Garage

Garage game room
Photo: Lucy Clark / Adobe Stock

If you’re limited on space, convert an unused portion of your garage into a recreational area. Install tile flooring to cover the concrete then, add a pool table, foosball table, and TV and become the go-to neighborhood gathering spot.

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