6 Tips From a Pro to Shop for the Perfect Flooring

Matt Pfeiffer
Written by Matt Pfeiffer
Updated March 24, 2015
Do you have children? How long do you plan to stay your current home? Thinking about these questions will help guide you to the right flooring for your project. (Photo by SUmmer Galyan)

Wood? Laminate? Tile? Carpet? Don’t let the choices overwhelm you. Follow these steps to find the best flooring for your home.

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So you’re ready to shop for new flooring. What do you do next?

Buying new flooring can seem like an overwhelming process, but with a little preparation, it can be a breeze. Take these steps and soon you’ll be stepping on a brand-new floor in your home.

1. See what’s out there

Check out some design shows or websites to find design ideas that appeal to you.  There are millions of beautiful images online featuring many styles to help you choose a design direction.  Some of the best flooring stores will offer design services, which is the best way to ensure you achieve the look that you want.

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2. Measure it up

Take the time to make some basic measurements.  Then when you visit your local flooring retailer you’ll know approximately how much flooring you will need.  This will go a long way toward helping you stay within your budget. 

You don’t have to get too detailed. By measuring the length and width of the rooms, you can determine the basic square footage.

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3. Know what you can spend

It’s important to think about your budget before you head to the flooring store.  I don’t mean to the penny. Come up with a high and a low price point that’s comfortable for you, so you know your spending range.

 Also, determine how you would like to pay for your new flooring.  Some stores may give you an extra discount for cash or check.  Most retailers will take major credit cards and offer some type of no-interest financing.

4. Know what you can do

If you plan to do some of the work, determine what you are willing to complete on your own.  You can generally save money by removing your old flooring or by moving items such as furniture and appliances. 

The majority of stores will offer these services. But even if they say it’s free, they are paying someone to do it. If you ask about doing some of the preparation yourself, they could pass the savings on to you.

5. Finding the floor of your dreams

You’ve looked at some possibilities, measured your space and determined what you can afford.

Now, whether you are considering hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl or specialty flooring, it’s good to consider a couple of things before you make a decision. 

● Do you have children?

● Do you share your home with pets?

● What issues have you had with flooring that you would like to avoid in the future?

● How long do you plan to stay your current home?

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6. Where to go for flooring

What is the best local showroom for me to visit?  For this question, ask friends, family and neighbors which stores they recommend, and check reviews and ratings on trusted sites such as Angi.

My experience is that your local flooring specialty store will provide a better selection, more product knowledge, quality installation and the best overall value.  These stores depend on happy customers.

Now go out and find the perfect floor!

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