Why All Pet Parents Should Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Matt Marandola
Written by Matt Marandola
Updated July 20, 2021
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If you’re tired of your pets tearing up carpet or leaving tracks through your home, you might want to consider putting down luxury vinyl flooring. Just imagine it: no vacuuming, no stains, and it lasts several years.

Here is how to decide whether luxury vinyl flooring is a good choice for your home—and your pets.

Pet-Friendly Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Whether you’re a dog owner or a cat person, luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t discriminate.


The outer layer of vinyl flooring is typically scratch-resistant, which means their claws can’t scratch it up and their nails won’t leave scratches when they get the zoomies. And, scratch-resistant flooring or not, it’s always a good idea to trim your pet’s nails so they stay comfortable.

Easy Maintenance

Carpet fibers hold onto stains, making for a grim reminder every time you walk past it. And when you have pets, there’s bound to be an accident or two.

But here’s another perk of luxury vinyl flooring: you can say goodbye to stains and clean-up is simple. No more sitting around trying to remember if you need to pat or scrub. You simply take a reusable towel, soak up the mess, and throw it in the washing machine afterward.

But take note: While the flooring is stain-resistant, this doesn’t mean you should let the mess sit for a long period of time.

Long Lifespan

Vinyl flooring typically has a lifespan of around 10 years, unlike carpet, which lasts only 3 to 5 years (or even less if you’re a pet parent). Though vinyl isn’t necessarily the longest-lasting flooring; linoleum tends to have a longer life span. When considering linoleum versus vinyl floors, consider lifespan, cost of installation, and upkeep.

Possible to Install Yourself

Installing vinyl flooring is much easier than other types of floors. Vinyl flooring is a project you can easily tackle over a weekend on your own and doesn’t require sealants or nails as carpet or wood would.

The cost to install vinyl flooring yourself is around $1 per square foot. Though the price will fluctuate based on the color, patterns, and thickness you choose.

The Drawbacks of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

While there’s plenty of benefits of luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll still need to keep a few considerations in mind.

Higher Cost to Install

Installing carpet costs around $0.75 per square foot, which does make it more affordable than vinyl plank flooring. If you’re hiring a local flooring pro to install for you, you can expect to pay closer to $3 per square foot for labor.

Adjustment Period

If you’ve never had tile, hardwood floors, or vinyl throughout the house before, your pet is in for a surprise. They’re likely going to need to adjust to walking on the material throughout the home, which means they may avoid the area for the time being. Try helping them out by placing a rug—it’ll feel familiar underneath their paws.

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