10 Moving Tips People Usually Forget

Written by Gil Ben Shoushan of Movers USA
Updated October 22, 2015
moving truck by house
Professional movers have seen people forget the same things over and over. (Photo courtesy of Movers USA)

You endure a lot of stress in the months, weeks and days leading up to a move.

With all the anxiety, you’re bound to forget quite a few useful moving tips. Don’t hit the road without doing the following. 

1. Notify schools

People with children often forget to notify the schools in their new town. You should do this a couple of months in advance to find out more about the admission process and documents required. Also, let your kids’ current schools know your move date.

2. Inform caregivers

Your family and friends probably know about the move, but don’t forget to tell babysitters, housekeepers, tutors or anyone else who provides a service in the home. Let them know at least a month before the move.

3. Deal with the stress

Manage your stress leading up to the move, and don’t forget to consider the best ways to move with your kids. They might be just as anxious. Spend as much time with them as possible throughout the move period. Try to maintain a somewhat normal routine.

4. Remember to color code

Unpacking can be easy if you label your boxes properly. Purchase colored labels, and use a different color for every room in your new house. Put the label on at least two sides of the box. It seems tedious, but will make unpacking so much faster.

5. Handle utilities

Schedule the utilities at your old residence to turn off a day after the move, and switch on the utilities at your new home a day or two before arrival.

6. Help your kids make a survival kit

Pack a bag of age appropriate toys, books and activities for the move. Don’t forget to pack diapers and bottles if needed. The survival kit can help keep your kids calm and occupied throughout the move.

7. Prepare an overnight bag

Pack what you will need immediately in your new home into a single bag, such as your toothbrushes, medicines, snacks, plates, glasses and eating utensils.

8. Consider your pets

Don’t forget to pack pet food, dishes, crates, toys and anything else your pet requires.

9. Keep essential documents with you

Never pack away important documents, like your passports, medical records and social security cards. Keep them with you.

10. Eat an energizing breakfast

You need to muster all the energy you can for moving day. Have a rich breakfast that will keep you energized for all the tasks of the day.

Have you ever forgotten anything big during a move? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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