Squirrel in humane trap
Animal Removal and Wildlife ControlVeterinarians
Looking for the best squirrel bait? Nuts, oranges and even marshmallows can help you trap these clever critters.
Four chickens forage in a backyard
VeterinariansOrganic Food - Farmers Markets
Called backyard chickens or urban chickens, hundreds of Indianapolis residents raise the fowl for eggs, meat and fun.
Sick dog and child
VeterinariansMice and Rat ExterminationEmergency Urgent Care Services
Learn who to call if your pet accidentally eats rat poison.
indoor cat
Pet Grooming - Dogs and CatsVeterinarians
In cat years, is your pet already a senior citizen? Learn what are normal signs of feline aging.
White dog running through lake water
Animal Shelters and RescuesVeterinarians
A national study released last year estimated pet owners lost about 24 million dogs and cats during a five-year period. What to do when pets go missing and how to prevent it.