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At Angi, we pride ourselves on having the best reviews for local pros, including moving companies and haulers to help you find the right moving professional for the job. You can see our list of moving pros along with ratings or browse movers near you to match with a moving company quickly.

You can learn more about moving including how much does hiring movers cost, good things to know before hiring movers, and things to do before moving.

Movers loading a shelf into a truck
Movers & Moving Companies
Your call to the moving company will go quicker and involve less frustration if you have this information.
Plastic bins labeled for moving day. (Photo by Photo by Eldon Lindsay )
Movers & Moving Companies
Relocating after retiring means lots of decisions — and work! Learn how to make a successful move.
moving truck by house
Movers & Moving CompaniesDIY Moving
You endure a lot of stress in the months, weeks and days leading up to a move.
Move for Hunger Box with food
Movers & Moving CompaniesPantry
Before you throw canned and dry goods away, know that food pantries will gladly take them off your hands.
moving truck
Movers & Moving Companies
We hear a lot of the same questions from customers over and over.