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Mover Dudes in Virginia

Movers Discuss Their Most Interesting Cargo

If you have an odd request of your moving company, just ask. Most movers have seen it all and are experienced pros with unique situations on the job.
Roofing soffit

How Does Soffit Work?

Austin roofing contractor explains how the soffit helps to keep the roof cool by moving air up through the attic and out of the ridge vent.

Maintain Your Gi Tract: the Truth about Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a procedure that purports to maintain or benefit your GI tract, but there are hidden health dangers. Here are a few things to know.
solar panels on garage with Prius inside

Green Building: Sustainable Construction Grows

What do the past, present and future of green building hold? As LEED and eco-friendliness grow in importance, the construction industry needs to keep pace.
nursing home worker takes a photo of residents.

Thanksgiving at a Nursing Home: Spending the Holiday with Loved Ones

Spend a joyful Thanksgiving at a nursing home with a beloved family member, or bring joy to the home by hosting its residents.
hand with deep cut

How Dermatology Can Minimize Scars

One reason why people see a dermatologist is because they experience damage to their skin that results in a scar left by some past injury or burn.

Keep Your Kids Healthy Through Diet, Sleep and Exercise

Diet, sleep and exercise are key when trying to keep your kids healthy. Getting high-quality sleep is an important part of your child's health.
A doctor meets with a patient

Medicare, Medicaid and Mental Health Care

Both Medicare and Medicaid have mental health benefits, but coverage is limited.
Air duc cleaner at work

3 Signs It's Time to Find an Air Duct Cleaner

Knowing when it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned in Austin can be tricky. We’ve got you covered with these three signs it’s time to call in a pro.
Water softener

How Hard Water Affects Plumbing Costs

Hard water isn’t just making your drinking water taste bad. It is also clogging your pipes. Here are a few solutions for minimizing the effects of hard water.
foundation repair

Foundation Companies Repair Damage in Texas

Due to fluctuating weather conditions in Texas, Austin homes are prone to foundation problems. Repair pros provide warning signs of foundation trouble.
firewood stacked next to a brick wall

Don't Get Burned by Firewood

An Austin tree service professional explains the proper way to store firewood.

Creative Fencing Keeps Multiple Dogs in Check

Do your pets not get along? Is it hard to even keep them in the same yard together? Take a look at how this member remedied a similar situation.

Resurfacing Pool Eliminates Cut Feet, Cracks and Lost Water

Tired of stepping on their chipped pool surface, Austin homeowners have their swimming pool resurfaced to repair cracks and minimize lost water.
daycare pro with a toddler

How to Tell if Your Child is Getting Enough Sleep?

How can you tell if your child is getting enough sleep? We know that being well-rested is critical to child development, but how can you know what’s enough?