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Recent Pool Cleaning Reviews in Indianapolis

  • Kayak Pools Midwest
    The selling process was super easy and the customer service was great in the beginning. Then comes the waiting part, knowing the issues this country is facing we expected a long delay. Just past the 90 mark we had a family issue and needed to cancel the pool. Thankfully the customer service was understanding and is issuing a full refund. We didn't want to cancel, but family is first and Kayak completely understood and supported our decision
    Steve P.
  • Kayak Pools Midwest
    Kayak Midwest delivered and installed our pool this week. In the face of diversity in these unprecedented times pulled it out and we couldn't be happier!! Thanks Kayak!
    Rebecca S.
  • L.E. Isley & Sons, Inc.
    I have hired this company to do work for us several times. I like that they are able to do this specialized work. We have hired them to do many things for our complex because they are reliable.
    BRIAN & KIM C.
  • Pools of Fun
    We paid $350.00 to have Pools of Fun dump the entire winter leaves and debris from the tarp Pools of Fun used to close our pool last season, directly into our pool. I called the office to confirm I was home and the pool gate was open and ask to ask to have the tech call or text me in case they had any questions or concerns. I watched in horror from our security camera as the tech and another lady laughed and dumped the leaves into the pool. “That will be fun cleaning up” Jaci at Pools of Fun stated the tech said “it couldn’t have been avoided” and that it was “impossible” to remove this type of cover any other way. Keep in mind, that they closed our pool last season. Would have been nice to know then. I am beyond disappointed and their response to seeking a resolution was less than caring. The tech texted later in the day saying his phone had no signal and that he was “sorry” and offered to come back to clean the leaves out for $175.00 per hour. It will take us days to clean this and we cannot afford to pay that much per hour. Cleaning our pool will take many days, maybe a full week. Common sense says no homeowner would agree to have debris dumped into their pool. No. One. I have RA and I can no do physical grilling labor without significant pain. Cleaning this incompetence is going to hurt and take a very long time. I’m devastated. We were so looking forward to getting our pool opened and now I’m in tears. The opening contract says to clean your cover “as much as possible” this is why I called. I wasn’t able to do a lot because I’m limited in my capacity. I would have paid more or preferred for them to call me and say they would recommend not to open it. This is the response I received to my inquiry as to why I did not receive a call before the tech assumed I would want all this debri dumped into our pool? I would have rather had them say “we can not open your pool” and I quote: “Pools of Fun has satisfied the terms of the contract. It is the homeowner's responsibility to remove debris from the cover prior to our arrival. There will be no further action taken.” Pools of Fun treated our pool like it was a trash can and had complete disregard for trying to remedy the matter. Our pool is our sanctuary and they treated it with absolute disrespect. How can you be so cruel? You took at pool opening that cost $350.00 to over $4,000 in damages
    Mae S.
  • Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services LLC
    We had Stewart come out in the spring to get a quote for new pool tile and though we didn't hire him for the pool tile (yet) the experience was so pleasant we were happy to work with him to get our new winter cover installed and for our pool closing. I've found working with Stewart to be very professional, informative & detailed. It's very clear he has been in the industry for years and knows what he's talking about. We're 1st time inground pool owners and he was willing to take the time to educate us on our equipment and to give his suggestions on what we needed to do to improve the longevity of our pool. It's been a pleasure working with him and will continue to use him for all of our pool needs. I highly recommend
    Kasey J.
    This was the A#1 best experience we've ever had with a contractor! We had a new pool installed and needed to have circuits added, lines ran, wiring for the pump and lights ,and we needed the pool bonded (grounded). Brian came out to inspect the job requirements and stayed close in touch throughout and after the job. His personnel were great to work with and the guys who performed the work did an awesome job! There was a change in plan on the day of installation on where the pool was installed but they created a solution and totally hid everything safely out of sight and even installed a switch for our convenience. Ashpaugh was the third company we had estimate the job and I'm so thankful we found and hired them. They were the only company that knew what I was referring to when I said I needed the pool bonded and Brian said they've been doing pools for years. Based on that assurance, I would have hired them even if they weren't the lowest bid! They're trustworthy, professional, reasonably priced and a total pleasure to work with. Thank you Ashpaugh
    Linda L.
  • Diversified Pool Pros, Inc.
    Diane and Pete are very much straight shooters in the pool industry and Pete comes VERY HIGHLY recommended by CoverStar Central staff as well which I believe is a huge asset if anyone has an electric cover. Pete will not pull any punches and explains things in a logical format if you have issues but I have learned you need to stick with doing what you know best and they know in ground pools extremely well so that’s why I would highly recommend them over multiple companies in Indy
    Deborah D.
  • Perma Pools Corp
    Ken Wall and his buddy Greg did a beautiful job pressure washing/cleaning my automatic pool cover and the surrounding concrete pool deck. Before they left Ken also noticed that I had the wrong drain plug on my pool pump, and replaced it with the correct one. Thanks very much for noticing! I've been a Perma Pools customer since 2006 and Ken always does a great job servicing my pool as well as being very friendly when he visits
  • Family Leisure Of Indianapolis
    I had some troubles finding a few supplies I needed to get my new pool up and running, the blonde girl in service was so willing to help and knew exactly what I needed! Thank you to her and everyone who helped me that day! Much appreciated and I will be coming back
    Kyle R.
    We started this process in April of 2015. We interviewed four companies. Cutting Edge was number 2 of 4 in the interview pecking order. I contacted them online and found that there was an issue with the browser I was using or their website Contact Us form. Regardless, I alerted them of the issue and they were quick to respond. We met with Jake not more than 36 hours later. He came out and discussed options, showed us previous work and gave suggestions. We told him our budget, what we'd love to have and without putting a nickel down he said he'd spec out the job through their design system within a week. It should also be noted that access to our backyard is limited because of our fence. We were told that was no big deal because they wouldn't be bringing back heavy equipment. This floored us and gave them another leg up on the competition. Many companies want to bring bobcats back there and will just tear your yard to shreds. Also important to know a lot of other companies not only take longer to get to you, but some charge for drawing out your plans (up to $1500) and can then take several weeks to setup a meeting to start revisions after you have paid?!? Doesn't seem like good practice and we were glad Cutting Edge didn't take that approach. So within that week timeframe (which was more like 5 days) Jake came and met with us again. He really did a pretty good first run on the plans, but we had revisions we wanted. It is at this point that you choose to either work with their company for a timely response on the revisions, or you get in line when they can get to you. In other words you give them a 10% deposit, commit to being a customer and they will keep you priority. That's not a bad thing. We could have elected to not give a down payment and they still would have made revisions, but it would have taken several weeks to get done. This is a project we wanted completed by mid July, so we put down a $5,000 deposit and signed on for them to do the work. So at that point we had determined of the four companies we were talking with, it was Cutting Edge that stood out. Factors that had us decide against other companies were as follows: slow to respond, completely unresponsive and/or rude, quality of work, charged fees for plans, customer complaints Back to Cutting Edge; we setup another meeting, and it's hard to recall but I think he had our revisions done within 3 days. Jake basically nailed it. Probably 98% of everything we wanted to see and we worked out the kinks then and there. I haven't started talking about price, so let me expand, expect price to fluctuate for these type of jobs. What I mean by that is, they have to calculate square footage on your pavers, so it's near impossible for them to look at you and say "it's going to cost X amount of dollars", until you're plans are finalized. What does this mean to you? For example, I told Jake I wanted to stay within $48,000, but at the same time I said I wanted W, X, Y & Z for the project. Well from the beginning, we were told that building W, X, Y & Z was going to be closer to $60,000. This is the wife and I not having the knowledge of costs for these kind of projects. So we decided W could wait and agreed to move forward with X, Y & Z. Jake tried very hard to stay within our budget, but in the end we couldn't live without certain upgrades and agreed to go over. It's always hard (for me at least) to accept something is going to cost more than you had envisioned, but you have to account for what you are paying. What I mean by that is, quality work can and probably should cost more. I am the type that early in life took many shortcuts and sacrificed quality for the cheaper price. In most situations that ends up costing you more. Cutting Edge was very generous to try and get us some deals after the fact, so you feel like you're getting something. Because of the size of our job, we were able to negotiate several thousand dollars off and get a couple other credits. That said, make no mistake that you're going to get sticker shock on what these jobs cost no matter who you choose. So at this point we have finalized plans, have a rough start date of about 4 weeks (depending on weather) and an appointment to go over finishes with Jake. We were told going forward that we'll now start meeting with the project manager (also the owner) on our job, Kevin. Before we meet Kevin we select our finishes with Jake, just a couple days later. It also should be noted that Jake came to our home 4 or 5 times and my office a couple. They never expect you to travel to them, which is nice. I'll take a quick moment to talk about selections. They have access to (which I'm sure all companies doing this do) just about anything you can think of. Keep in mind you'll pay for your tastes. It's important to ask about costs of materials you're choosing and what are all options. So I'll give you an example: Our fireplace was the focal point of our job and it was extremely important that it blew away people as they walked out the back door. We saw a really cool one in a supplier magazine and it was what they referred to as a kit. Some companies will buy the kit, and place it on your patio. My neighbors signed with another company I interviewed and elected to get a similar kit (at the same time we were getting quotes). They were charged around the same price for their fireplace, it came in 4 pieces and was up in one day. Some may like that, but not me. I don't even think Cutting Edge will give you the option to buy the kit, for two reasons... 1. They can build it to look just like it, which is much better and 2. To get those kits into your backyards they are going to need heavy equipment. We started toying with what could be done on the fireplace and elected to have them build out a custom stone look (on a friends recommendation). I have to tell you, it's simply AMAZING! It stands over 13ft tall and is just beautiful. I'll get more to that later. We met with Kevin and he outlined the stages of our job and when they hoped to be completed. So the first part of our job had to be the fireplace, and the masons complete that. The dirt crew started earlier than expected. They hand dug a massive hole in the back where the fireplace would go and then the masons came out two days later. The masons were good guys, but they had odd working hours and small crews. Most of that part of the project was done by one, yes one person (his name is Nestor). I'll say most days there were two guys onsite, but a lot of time the second half of the day it was good old Nestor staying late and working hard to the end. I'm not an expert on how these jobs need to be done, but I could say time management on this portion of the job could have been better. An example would be rain delays, take them for instance. If it rains on a Wednesday and Thursday, then you get a sunny Friday, one would expect work to start early (8am) and finish close to sundown. That didn't happen as expected and I would assume because these jobs are very labor intensive. I can't fault them for that, but what I can say is it took nearly four weeks to get that fireplace done. In fairness, we had an extremely rainy June and first 10 days of July. We experienced a lot of delays throughout this project because of rain. I'm okay with that, because I'd rather it be done correctly. We were fortunate enough to be on a two week vacation for much of this build. We thought we'd come home to the job completed, miss all the mess and work being done, but because of rain that didn't happen. We got home and we had to park at a neighbors for about a week because there were a couple dozen skids of material that needed to sit in our driveway. Through the entire process Kevin kept me updated. While on vacation he would call (as needed). He was at the job site in the evenings. He would walk the job with me when I was home, and make sure we were all on the same page. Because of the rain delays I got to see the entire patio put together from start to finish (keep in mind the fireplace was done at this point). The dirt/paver crew are some really hard workers. I don't know if they move like that because they were behind or if that is normal pace? What I do know though is they not only know how to grind, but the quality of their work is superb. They are going to be loud at times, they would sometimes sing or playfully tease my bulldog through the glass, but they are really nice guys. I made sure to buy them lunch once and keep them hydrated because I am of the thought that you take care of the people who take care of you (did the same for the masons). They missed a small detail on the plan and the electrical outlets weren't placed where we originally thought. Jake had also calculated an area of the patio incorrectly and as a result we had to pay roughly $500 more (to buy additional material) to even out the patio to our liking. I didn't make a big deal about it because they took care of us in other areas that we had not agreed to pay for. In the end, the quality cannot be ignored. I'm almost out of characters on this review, so please let me give my final thoughts overall... I would highly recommend Cutting Edge Hardscapes. Kevin, Jake and crew are great guys. They are detailed and experienced. This is not a company that is looking to take advantage of you. I own a company and I know a thing or two about business. I do my due diligence and these guys passed my tests with flying colors. I think a project like this, you're always going to have a few hiccups (and we did) but the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. Overall we ADORE the patio! Friends and family just rave about it. If you're deciding on this company, want t
    Clayton T.

Last update on April 22, 2022

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