Cutting a Window in a Brick Wall? Here’s Who to Call

Stacy Sare Cohen
Written by Stacy Sare Cohen
Updated November 19, 2021
Large home made of brick
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Call a mason to install a window in your brick wall––and watch your home flood with natural light

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Natural, exposed brick can add warmth, character, and texture to any home, but brick walls can also darken an indoor space. One way to invite in natural light is by cutting and installing a window smack dab into your brick wall. But it’s not a project to tackle yourself––or the walls could come tumbling down.

While many home improvement projects are DIY-suitable, cutting into brick is best left to a licensed mason with the proper brick-cutting tools and specialized training to ensure safety and success. Let’s shed some light on why you need a masonry contractor for your project.

Benefits of Hiring a Mason to Install a Window in a Brick Wall

Hiring a licensed masonry contractor to cut a window into a brick wall ensures the success of your window installation. Due to brick’s fragile makeup, there are many issues that can go wrong such as crumbling and cracking walls. Here are six reasons why you need to call a masonry contractor to cut and install your window.

  • Mason contractors will perform a proper window installation, preventing any moisture from infiltrating into the home

  • To avoid major safety issues, masons will ensure the area on top of your window is supported properly with a steel lintel 

  • You won’t risk getting injured while working with a heavy-duty angle grinder

  • A mason contractor will properly dispose of the materials left behind

  • Masons will adhere to the required city building codes

  • Masonry contractors prevent homeowners from getting fined for doing masonry work without a permit

Why Can’t I DIY This Project?

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Simply put, this project should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional mason. To cut a window into a brick wall, you need a contractor license, a permit, and a working knowledge of local building codes. Not to mention the know-how of structural load capacities for brick arches and steel lintels, which support the weight of the structure. If the brick is cut incorrectly, it could jeopardize the structural integrity of the wall.

Can I Hire a Window Contractor to Cut a Window in a Brick Wall?

While a general contractor or a window contractor can install windows in latex, fiberglass, acrylic, and faux brick, it takes the specialized skills of a mason contractor to cut into brick and reinforce the building. Although a window contractor holds a contractor license, they risk cracking the brick or, at worst, collapsing the wall if they don’t cut or support the structure properly.

How Do Mason Contractors Cut a Window in a Brick Wall?

Now that we know who to hire for this type of project, let’s cover how a mason contractor performs this type of project. Before they start, mason contractors will assess the area to ensure the building can handle the load of a new window. They’ll also look for and remove any obstructions, including shrubbery, utilities, ductwork, or indoor wiring. If everything is good to go, they'll proceed with the following steps:

  • Measure and cut the brick with an angle grinder

  • Penetrate the mortar layer between the bricks with an angle grinder, a hammer, and a chisel.

  • Remove the brick and install a steel lintel to support the load above the window.

  • Drill the appropriate amount of holes needed for window installation.

  • Insert and bolt down the window sill and the hold-fast clamps prior to embedding the hold-fasts into a concrete block.

  • When the cement block dries, the pro will clean off the dust, wet the surface, and plaster it with cement mortar to match the bordering plaster.

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