Things to Know Before Replacing Your Sewer Line

Written by Lucas Cellino of Cellino Plumbing
Updated September 16, 2013
Sewer line worker
You need the following three pieces of information before replacing your sewer line. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

These three factors influence the cost of replacing your sewer line.

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It is quite common for a current customer to call us who is interested in buying a home that needs the sewer replaced. The question we always get is, "Can you give me an idea of how much it is going to cost?" 

The answer to that question is, "yes." However, we need some more information in order to give a ballpark price range. Below are a few things you'll want to know about your sewer line before a replacement quote can be given.

1. Locate the main at the street. 

Look for a manhole cover near the road. It can be on your side of the street, in the middle of the street or in a worse case scenario, on the other side of the street. Street cuts will affect the price tremendously. 

2. Locate your house trap. 

The house trap will either be located in the basement near the wall that the line exits or in your yard. If it is in your basement, expect a pricier repair because the plumber will now have to cut open the concrete floor and remove the old trap. If the trap is in your front yard simply stick a 10 foot pipe down and check the depth. 

3. Check for major obstructions.

After locating your trap, you can generally assume the line runs straight out to the road. Look for large trees, concrete porches or your driveway if the line is buried underneath.

There are many other factors that affect the price of the job. The distance of the sewer line is important, as are other utilities that may be located in the same trench as the sewer. Additionally, the current size of the sewer and requirements of the town can also greatly affect price. 

Any plumbing company that does sewer repair should give you a free quote for a job like this. They will sometimes be able to run a sewer camera before work is started to see if the whole sewer needs replacement or just a section. 

If you do decide to have sewer repair work done, find a trustworthy company that guarantees their sewer work and has been in business for awhile. 

About this Angi Expert: Lucas Cellino is a staff member at Cellino Plumbing, providing plumbing services in Buffalo, N.Y. Since 1996, Cellino Plumbing has specialized in faucet and toilet installation, drain tiles, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning and repairs and plumbing excavations.

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