25 Striking Shower Tile Ideas

Paul Pogue
Written by Paul Pogue
Updated December 21, 2021
Large walk-in marbled shower
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

You’ll want to leave your shower curtain open for these

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Compared to painting or using a surround, tiling allows you to personalize your bathroom shower area. There are endless possibilities and you can choose between different shapes, materials, colors, and patterns. Plus, once installed, they’re an easy-maintenance surface. Whether you want an elaborate arrangement or a sleek modern design, tiling gives you that option.

Discover some inspirational shower wall tiles to integrate into your own bathroom design. 

1. Spa-Like Stacked Stone

 Faux stone tile in bathroom
Photo: Evgeny Korshenkov / Adobe Stock

Make your shower the place you seek comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day. A natural stone or faux stone wall resembles the ambiance of a spa. The stacked design adds dimension and serves as a texture-rich choice.

2. Tiny Square Tiles

Small square tiles in bathroom shower
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

While they may be small, tiny square tiles make a big design statement when used on your shower wall. These iridescent squares the size of postage stamps add a luster when put together, acting as a focal point amongst the other deep hues in the room. 

3. Reclaimed Faux Wood Planks

Faux wood plank tiling in bathroom
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

While natural wood isn’t the best choice in a moisture-rich environment, you can still achieve this sought-after look. These faux wood planks are actually porcelain tiles and are completely safe to use in your bathroom. Continue the planks onto the walls for a seamless transition. 

4. Classic Subway Tile

White subway tiled shower
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

Subway tile is a popular interior design wall covering and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The bright white rectangles staggered in a horizontal direction open up the room and can make a small bathroom feel bigger. Install a gold faucet and shower head to complete the look.  

5. Shades of Grays

Marble mosaic tile in shower
Photo: Jodie Johnson / Adobe Stock

Gray is a classic color choice for the bathroom and appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Use marble tiles with assorted shades of gray, arranged in a herringbone pattern to serve as a feature wall. Combine the tile design with a natural wood mirror to add contemporary flair to the room.  

6. Coastal Fish Scale Tiles

Blue fish scale tiles
Photo: enchanged_fairy / Adobe Stock

Bring the seaside to your bathroom using nautical-inspired tiles. These tiles emulate fish scales or scallops and work particularly well in bathrooms. Choose one subtle color or pick multiple coordinating shades with pops of bright blue throughout the design to make you feel like you’re collecting seashells at the coast.    

7. Narrow Stacked Strips

Modern bathroom with dark tiled shower
Photo: alexandre zveiger / Adobe Stock

Create a focal point in the room with tiles of varying colors and patterns. Pick the shower wall that is the first one you see upon entering and arrange narrowly stacked rectangular tiles in a staggered pattern. Use differing shades and tones in the same color family to add depth and dimension to the space.

8. Honeycomb Arrangement

Honeycomb accent tiles on shower wall
Photo: Weymarnphoto.com / Adobe Stock

A honeycomb tile arrangement can make your shower wall look as sweet as honey. This popular design can cover your entire shower or just a portion of the wall. Use a neutral color scheme with soft patterns on a few artfully placed tiles for a chic look.

9. Tone-On-Tone Neutrals

 Large walk-in shower with modern tile design
Photo: bmak / Adobe Stock

Elevate your walk-in shower with a classy tile design. Use different pattern arrangements on the walls and let the tile spill out onto the bathroom floor, continuing the same neutral color family to add elegance to the space.

10. Spacious Marble Tiles

Large marble tiling in the bathroom
Photo: bmak / Adobe Stock

Marble is a distinguished and classic material choice for bathrooms because of its luxurious look and durability (when regularly sealed). Large marble tiles that cover alcoves and nooks within the shower area can make the room feel larger. Use stark white grout between the tiles so it provides a seamless look and appears as though the entire shower is covered with one slab of marble.

11. Polygon Tessellation 

Polygon tiles on shower shelf
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Make a shelf or indent in your shower a point of interest by using accent tiles as a backdrop. The darker color of these small polygonal-shaped tiles contrasts with the ivory shower wall while pulling the whole area together. Illuminate the shelf using a water-resistant light fixture to make your favorite soaps and lotions stand out.  

12. Modern Tiny Rectangles

Small blue vertical tiles in bathroom shower
Photo: denisismagilov / Adobe Stock

These tiny rectangles are an alternative to tiny square tiles and can give the room a more modern feel. Stack them in a vertical pattern to look like stripes, enhancing the clean lines within the room. Opt for a simple shower door and hardware and combine it with neutral paint so the tiles stay the focal point of the room.

13. Soothing Tones 

Green glass and ceramic shower tiles
Photo: Weymarnphoto.com / Adobe Stock

Seaglass doesn’t have to be reserved just for the beach. These seafoam green glass tiles can take your bathroom from ordinary to statement-worthy. Arrange the rhombus shapes in a coordinating pattern on one wall, then combine them with the perfect sandy neutral tone on the other walls. 

14. Decorative Stripe

Accent tiling in bathroom shower
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Jazz up uniform porcelain tiles by incorporating a vertical stripe down the center. Get the look by arranging mosaic glass tiles in a vertical pattern. This unexpected feature adds a unique and decorative flair and works in either a large primary bathroom or creates a welcoming look in a guest bathroom.

15. Vertical Subway Tiles

Modern gray vertical subway tiles
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

If you like subway tiles but want to change up the traditional look a bit, arrange them horizontally instead. Stack them in an upright pattern to make the walls feel taller, which can work particularly well in bathrooms with less headroom. 

16. Mixed Materials

Large tiles in shower and on bathroom walls
Photo: hiv360 / Adobe Stock

Rather than take on a full shower remodel, work with the existing features of your room to update the entire space. Tile only a portion of your shower area and paint the existing walls a water-resistant white for a budget-friendly fix. 

17. Glossy Metallic Finish

Metallic accent tiles in shower
Photo: J.A. / Adobe Stock

Give your shower a lustrous look with these glossy metallic shower tiles. Shiny copper tones mixed with aqua blues give a custom feel and can brighten up the entire space. Opt for sheets of pre-arranged backsplash so you don’t have to install each individual tile.

18. Distinctive Monochromatic Tiles 

Modern monochromatic bathroom tiling
Photo: Andrea Davis / Adobe Stock

Choose monochromatic tiles and carry the color scheme throughout the room. This feature wall highlights the swirling pattern of the tiles then includes black and white accents in the room to pull everything together.

19. Inventive Geometric Shapes 

White patterned tiling in shower with black grout
Photo: Joe Hendrickson / Adobe Stock

Use tiling to create a unique design using geometric shapes. When put together, these scalene triangles create a customized look. Dark grout between the tiles combined with a dark faucet and showerhead makes the pattern stand out even more. 

20. Inviting Floral Pattern 

Floral patterned tile in shower
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

Blend together old-world charm and modern styling with floral patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles. A neutral color scheme with pops of blue creates a refreshing shower area to start your day.

21. Aquatic Blues

Large bathroom with blue tiles and sauna
Photo: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels.com

Feel like you’re going deep sea diving when you take a shower with these aquatic blue tiles. Carry the pattern throughout the room for a dramatic statement and pair it with natural wood to offset the bold color.

22. Elegant Sheen

Shower and wall tiling in luxury bathroom
Photo: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels.com

These regal tiles have a luxurious sheen and work well in a bathroom that lacks natural light sources. By providing brightness with the silky finish, the tiles catch the light and open up the room. Pair with an opulent mirror and gold accents to bring even more brightness into the space 

23. Contrasting Black Grout

 White herringbone subway tiles in shower
Photo: Christa Grover / pexels.com

Ensure your unique tiling pattern doesn’t get overlooked by using a contrasting grout color. Stark white tiling arranged in a herringbone pattern stands out against the black grout and black accents within the room. Add a small potted plant to bring an unexpected pop of green into the space. 

24. Stately Mosaic Design

Mosaic tile pattern in large shower and bathroom
Photo: slavun / Adobe Stock

Make your bathroom shower functional as well as decorative by using small square tiling to create a custom look. Tiny squares can be used to design a larger mosaic picture that looks unmistakably personalized within the space.

25. Clean Lines

Luxury tiled shower and bathtub
Photo: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels.com

Highlight natural architectural elements and lines within the space using different types of tiling throughout. Choose refined wall and floor tiles to cover the majority of the room. Then, splurge on intricate glistening tiles as a way to accentuate the insets of the wall and tub.

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