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Angi How To Turn a Cookie Sheet into a Serving Tray

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 30 Minutes

Is your coffee table looking a little bare-bones these days? For less than $10, you can transform an old baking sheet into a unique serving tray that's functional and beautiful. As an added bonus, you can end that game of hide-and-seek with your remote once and for all!

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Tools & Materials Needed 
yard of fabric
spray adhesive
plastic knife
a baking sheet
felt (optional)
1 Cut your yard of fabric...

...large enough so that it completely covers the front of your baking sheet as well as a small amount that can be wrapped around the backside.

2 Liberally spray the front of the baking sheet...

... with spray adhesive so that it coats the entire tray.

3 Place the fabric in the center of the baking sheet.

Quickly (before the adhesive dries) smooth the fabric onto the tray. Start from the top of the tray and work your way down, pressing out any air bubbles.

4 Take a plastic knife and press it into the edges...

... and corners of the baking sheet until they become well defined.

5 Flip the tray over...

...and lightly spray the back with adhesive. Pull the fabric taut against any edges or grooves in the baking sheet (for crisp lines) and then fold the remaining fabric onto the back of the tray. Start with the top two edges, and then fold the bottom two onto the backside. If you have any extra fabric, trim it away with scissors.

6 If you want to make your new serving tray slip-proof...

... cut a piece of felt for the bottom of the tray, making the felt slightly smaller than the width and length of the flat bottom. Attach it with the same spray adhesive. (This will help hide any remaining fabric edges, too.)

7 Let your serving tray dry, and you're done!

This tray is a great addition to coffee tables or ottomans, and can hold anything from remote controls to cups of coffee. Using it for breakfast in bed is optional, but we recommend it!