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How To Clean and Disinfect Your Kitchen Trash Can

Angi Staff
Written by Angi Staff
Updated December 17, 2019


Flex your DIY muscles.

Time to complete

15 minutes

What you'll need:


  • hose
  • several towels
  • disinfectant spray of your choice (see step #2)
  • toilet brush or scrub brush

    Empty the trash if you need to, and then take the can outside and spray it with a hose. Right now, you're just trying to remove big pieces of food and debris. Pat it dry with a towel when you're done. Tip: If you don't have access to a hose, you can wash your trash can in a bathtub or shower, instead.


    There are a bunch of products you can use for this. The best method for you will mostly depend on your stink situation. Whichever one you choose, be sure to spray the entire trash can, including the bottom and inside. - For mild odor: you can simply use a store bought or homemade disinfectant spray. - For medium funk: try spritzing vinegar onto the can, which will absorb the smell. - For king stink: look for an enzyme-based cleaner that's specifically designed to deal with pet messes (we like Nature's Miracle because it does the job using natural enzymes without any harsh chemicals).


    Scrub all areas of your trash can with either a toilet brush or an old scrub-brush. Then rinse the can off thoroughly with your hose. You can pat it dry again with towels, but letting your trash can air-dry outside is preferable because sunlight will help kill any remaining mold.

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