How Much Does It Cost to Repair Concrete Steps?

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Reviewed by Matt DiBara
Updated September 2, 2022
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  • Most homeowners pay between $250 and $750 to repair concrete steps.

  • A quick DIY fix can cost as little as $20.

  • More extensive repairs can cost up to $800.

  • Labor runs between $30 and $75 per hour for a contractor or mason.

  • The type and extent of damage determines the cost.

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Homeowners often put concrete steps in rugged or high traffic areas like front entryways, patios, or basements because they’re sturdy. Concrete is just about the most durable building material on the market aside from steel and iron. Nonetheless, concrete steps can chip, crack, sink, or become uneven over time, causing a potential safety hazard. 

The good news is that fixing the issue doesn’t have to be expensive. The cost to repair concrete steps can be as little as $20 for a simple patch. Extensive repairs can cost upwards of $800, but most homeowners pay between $250 and $750 on the project.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Concrete Steps by Square Foot?

The cost of concrete repairs usually runs about $8 per square foot, but that depends on what you need to fix. Small chips and cracks are the least expensive to repair. Extensive repairs (like leveling or step replacement) and installing or repairing additional features (like carpet, handrails, and epoxy coatings) will cost more.

  • Resurfacing concrete costs $3–$20 per square foot 

  • Leveling concrete costs $3–$25 per square foot

  • Replacing uneven or sunken concrete steps costs $5–$15 per square foot

  • Grinding and polishing concrete steps costs $2–$15 per square foot

  • Sealing concrete steps with epoxy costs $2.50–$5 per square foot

  • Replacing a handrail costs an additional $30–$45 per linear foot

  • Replacing carpeting over concrete steps costs $7–$10 per square foot 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Concrete Steps by Type of Damage?

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The most significant factor influencing the cost to repair concrete steps is the type of damage. There’s a big difference—both in materials and labor—between filling a small hole and replacing several sinking steps that are beyond repair.

Filling In Small Cracks or Holes

You can patch small cracks and holes for about $20 using a DIY concrete patch kit or self-leveling crack sealer. These products are available at most hardware stores. If you hire a professional cement mason or concrete contractor, filling cracks and holes can cost as little as $300. Even if it’s a small crack, contractors and masons will charge a minimum fee.

“It’s important to note, that based on the reason for the crack, such as freeze thaw, tree roots, or not enough rebar, movement may occur,” ​​says Matt DiBara, Angi Expert Review Board member and owner of DiBara Masonry. “So the crack filler you use should depend on the reason for the damage.”

Leveling Uneven Concrete

If your concrete steps are uneven or sunken, you’ll need to level them. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Mudjacking: a professional mason or general contractor pumps a mix of water, dirt, and cement under the steps to raise them. This costs $3–$6 per square foot and lasts 5 to 10 years

  • Sandjacking: like mudjacking but uses sand instead of dirt. This costs $3–$7 per square foot

  • Foam jacking: a contractor pumps polyurethane foam under the steps to level them. This costs $5–$25 per square foot and lasts longer than mudjacking

If your steps haven’t sunk more than an inch, you may be able to level them using self-leveling concrete, which costs $1 to $5 per square foot, plus labor.

“When considering this option, it greatly depends on how strong the concrete is,” says DiBara. “Brittle concrete is very difficult to lift and runs the risk of further damage. Strong reinforced concrete that has settled typically lifts great. It’s a good practice to consult the pros on the risks/ rewards of raising your concrete.”

Replacing Uneven, Broken, or Sunken Steps

Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to replace a step than try to save it. Replacing concrete steps costs about $300 per step, including labor. Precast concrete steps only cost about $100 per step, including labor. If you have custom stairs, you may need to hire a contractor to cut concrete

Resurfacing and Sealing Concrete Steps

If your concrete is aging, you may want to have it resurfaced. A contractor will fix cracks and holes during this process and pour a new concrete overlay on top of your steps. This also includes a concreting coating or sealer, which raises the cost. Typically it costs:

  • $300–$600 to resurface concrete steps

  • $100–$300 to seal concrete steps

Repainting Concrete Steps

Some concrete stairs that need repainting are inside of a home. You can paint your indoor stairs yourself or hire a professional interior painter to do the job for about $350 to $450. 

Replacing a Broken Stair Railing

Hand railings increase the safety of concrete steps. In some cities and states, a working handrail is a legal requirement. It will cost about $300 to $450 for a contractor to replace a basic 10-foot handrail.

Should I Replace or Repair a Step?

If you have shallow chips and cracks less than 1/4-inch deep and your steps are still level, you can repair concrete steps. But if you have large, deep cracks or sinking issues, the only safe solution is to replace them.

Concrete step installation costs an average of $2,000, but size and coatings will affect how much you’ll pay. 

DIY vs. Professional 

You'll save on labor costs if you DIY. Most homeowners can repair tiny holes and cracks in concrete using a concrete patch kit, which costs about $20. You can also touch up chipped or faded paint on your own for the cost of paint and supplies (like painter's tape and brushes).

It’s best to hire a professional concrete contractor or cement mason for advanced jobs. Improper installation and shoddy repairs can quickly become a safety hazard or cause structural damage to your steps that costs more to fix than the original problem. 

“If there appears to be more than a few cracks, consult a pro to ensure there’s not a bigger concern prior to tackling any DIY repairs,” says DiBara. “Doing so can save you time and money.”

Concrete Step Repair Cost Breakdown

Your contractor should factor both materials and labor into their quote. Concrete is relatively inexpensive compared to stone, but it may cost more than wood.

Materials and Tools

Whether you're repairing steps or pouring a new concrete slab, concrete costs between $3 to $4 per square foot. You'll need tools like a trowel for smoothing concrete and a pressure washer to clean and wet the old surface, which helps the new concrete adhere. 


You can either hire a contractor or mason. A concrete contractor costs about $30 to $40 per hour. A mason, who has more specialized expertise, costs about $40 to $75 per hour.

FAQs About Repairing Concrete Steps

Concrete can crack from general wear or improper installation. A concrete contractor should be able to diagnose the cause.

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