50 Decorative House Number Ideas

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated October 11, 2021
white house with sky blue door
Photo: Storiès / Unsplash

Up your curb appeal and show off some personality with these fun house number ideas

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It's usually a requirement to display house numbers that are visible from the street, but who says displaying those numbers can't be fun?

There's plenty you can do to refresh your curb appeal: redoing your exterior paint or hiring a local door installation pro, for instance. But don't count out your house number—finding a new way to display your address can be both creative and exciting. To help spark some inspiration, we've compiled a list of 50 house number ideas below, plus some printable stencils to help you DlY the project if you choose.

1. Create a Large Yard Sign

No visitor will miss your house with a highly visible yard sign in place among bright flowers and a beautiful front lawn.

2. Build the Perfect Planter

You can use real plants or sneak in fake ones in a house number sign that doubles as a planter. Pothos, a string of pearls, and moss rose are all great plant options for a small outdoor planter.

3. Position on the Wall

light blue door, white brick house
Photo: Bruno Martins / Unsplash

Many traditional house numbers are usefully situated on the house siding right next to the front door. Position numbers at eye level or above.

4. Use Outdoor Pillows

For stand-out curb appeal, stencil house numbers onto plain front porch lounge pillows.

5. Grow Grass or Moss

Introduce some greenery (real or fake) to your entrance with grassy or mossy numbers.

6. Include Your Initials

Integrate your house numbers with the family initials to show off your name and personality. For instance, paint your house numbers on a large cutout of your initials.

7. Try a Vertical Look

modern home and front yard outdoor patio, vertical house numbers to the side of the front door
Photo: PC Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Vertical house numbers on a column or along the side of your door make practical use of space while looking super stylish at the same time. 

8. Paint on Flower Pots

Show the world you have a green thumb by painting your house numbers on a grouping of flower pots on the front steps. Easily swap these out by season so they can accompany both winter plants and beautiful summer flowers.

9. Display on the Door

white home with bright yellow door with black fixtures
Photo: Evelyn Paris / Unsplash

Whether it's a vinyl decal or paint, house numbers directly on the door look great when they contrast elegantly with your front door color. Choose light numbers for a dark door and dark numbers for a light door.

10. Choose an Ornate Sign

closeup of house door number 16
Photo: Rafael Croonen / Shutterstock

A house address sign with ornate detailing is the perfect touch for a traditional facade.

11. Embrace Modern and Minimal

modern and minimal front porch and wood front door with glass windows
Photo: PC Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Create a contemporary and minimal yet striking look with thin, rounded numbers in silver or other distinguished colors.

12. Spruce Up a Wood Crate

#413 on wood planter with flowers on front porch
Photo: Bullock’s Buzz

For crafty homeowners, pallet wood, leftover planks, or a crate are all excellent upcycling materials for a homemade house number sign or planter box.

13. Make the Most of Metal

metal house number #67
Photo: Papparaffie / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Shining metal signs are sleek and sophisticated, contributing to an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

14. Commit to Beautiful Brass

bright blue door with brass knob and #16
Photo: Christina Hemsley / Shutterstock

You can hardly go wrong with classic brass numbers, which contrast beautifully against a myriad of house paint colors, such as blue or white.

15. Consider Sleek and Chic

Thin numbers with sharp edges and clean lines give off a chic finishing touch for any modern home.

16. Opt for an Outline

Instead of regular numbers, consider going against the grain with a sign where the numbers are cut out to form negative space.

17. Spell It All Out

brick home exterior with "Six" on white concrete next to the door
Photo: Angel Santana Garcia / Shutterstock

Make a lasting impression by spelling out your house numbers in an easy-to-read and modern font.

18. Choose a Subtle Square

yellow-painted brick exterior with dark green front door
Photo: Alex Padurariu / Unsplash

For a more understated look, a small yet attractive square with your house numbers near the door will do the trick.

19. Pick a Timeless Plaque

brass #19 house number sign on white brick
Photo: Christina Hemsley / Shutterstock

An engraved house number plaque gives your address an official look that will stand the test of time. You can accompany it with your family name or a meaningful phrase.

20. Show Off Your Name

Address number (368) and last name (Adams) on outside exterior of home
Photo: Madeleine Maguire / Unsplash

Make your home known to all your neighbors by displaying your family's last name with or near your address sign.

21. Go Wild and Whimsical

For something on the fantastical side, find a style with curled and whimsical-looking numbers. This style brings a fun twist to traditional-style homes.

22. Adopt a Rustic Feel

#54 house number on wood block next to door
Photo: Altanakin / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Distressed wood is an ideal backdrop for house numbers displayed on an older farmhouse or traditional home.

23. Favor Frosted Glass

black door and gray brick, exterior of home
Photo: Bruno Martins / Unsplash

An elegant way to show off your address is with a frosted glass window above or on the door.

24. Decorate the Garden

house number on flower bed in front lawn
Photo: Annanass / Shutterstock

Nestle your house numbers in between the flowers and rocks for a charming display that embraces the beauty of flowers and vegetables in your garden.

25. Illuminate Your Sign

At night, illuminate your porch and wow passersby with a glowing number sign. You can shine a spotlight on it or light it up from behind with a backlight.

26. Adorn Your Mailbox

black mailbox with house number on the top
Photo: Bensimonphotography / iStock / Getty Images

Spruce up your mailbox with updated house numbers that are eye-catching—not to mention helpful for the mail carrier.

27. Get Crafty With Rocks

The artistically inclined will have a blast painting their house numbers on large rocks or boulders to display near the front walkway. Nestle them in with a rock garden for the best effect.

28. Place on a Tree

A tree in your front yard is an empty canvas for displaying a house number sign or plaque—just nail the sign into the trunk or hang it from a low-hanging branch.

29. Make a Mosaic

home number (8) on mosaic brick in front yard
Photo: Papparaffie / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

House numbers assembled from colorful mosaic glass, shells, or other recycled materials have a unique beauty you likely won’t see elsewhere on your street.

30. Position Near the Driveway

front of home, modern design
Photo: sl-f / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Ensure visitors can clearly find your house number with a classic address sign or post at the end of your driveway.

31. Engrave Your Address

home number engraved in wood next to front door
Photo: Papparaffie / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Create a historic feeling by getting your house numbers engraved in metal or wood. Choose a traditional-looking font for an older look.

32. Celebrate Succulents

If you want live plants to thrive in your house number planter, low-maintenance and hardy succulents are an ideal choice. There are plenty of colors and textures to choose from.

33. Color-Coordinate

Use your exterior paint and house details, like shutters, windows, and doorknobs, as color inspiration when it comes time to buy a new house number sign.

34. Add a Pop of Color

As an alternative to color matching, you could opt to make your house numbers stand out with a bright pop of color. Yellow or bright blue signs are sure to make a statement.

35. Set Up a Sign Post

The perfect addition to a quaint and stylish walkway up to your house, a sign post can proudly display your address.

36. Get Out the Paint

black house number (682) painted on white concrete
Photo: Papparaffie / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

If you have a steady hand and an eye for design, consider hand-painting the house numbers onto your entryway or wall.

37. Add Onto a Welcome Board

If you want an inviting and instantly homey feel, you can craft up a front porch welcome board that also includes your house number.

38. Hang a Porch Sign

For a cute address sign that sways in the breeze, buy or fashion your own simple board or planter to hang from the porch ceiling. Use twine or a metal chain to hang it up.

39. Install Up High

black front door in front of the home
Photo: Jamie Street / Unsplash

Place your house numbers in a classic spot where they're sure to be seen: right above the front door.

40. Revive Worn Metal

rusty blue metal sign with house number 51
Photo: Michael Held / Unsplash

Create a farmhouse vibe with a rustic and worn metal sign that displays your numbers.

41. Think Big

front of home with fence with number 43 on side
Photo: jax10289 / Shutterstock

Make a statement with oversized numbers either hung on the side of your house or propped against the front porch wall.

42. Select a Circle

Revitalize your address display with a cute, circular sign next to or on the front door. If you can’t fit your number in a circle, opt for an oval sign instead.

43. Collect Unique Tiles

closeup of fence in front yard with tile house numbers hanging on fence (#12)
Photo: iberowolf / Shutterstock

For a fun, colorful look, consider putting together your address display with numbered, decorative tiles.

44. Revamp Wood Slices

Perfect for a cabin feel, you can paint your house numbers onto wood log slices and display them in a myriad of positions near your entrance.

45. Hang Over the Door

Easy to DIY, you can hang a wooden sign or small planter that displays your house numbers over your front door.

46. Nestle Numbers in a Wreath

Integrate your address into a wreath by sticking the numbers into the arrangement or displaying them in the center of the wreath.

47. Dress Up With Flowers

For an ornate and feminine look, choose a display surrounded by flowers and vines that complement the plants in your front garden.

48. Upcycle Bottles

Put together a handcrafted display by painting your house numbers on an old jug or wine bottles to display on the porch or in the yard.

49. Refurbish the Steps

front porch with steps and rocking chair by front door
Photo: Avi Werde / Unsplash

Help people walking up to your entryway easily find your house number by stenciling them on the porch stairs.

50. Use DIY House Number Stencils

A quick and rewarding way to revamp your curb appeal is to make a DIY house number sign. We've created printable house number stencils to help you achieve the absolute perfect look.

First, choose between these traditional and modern styles. Then, print out your numbers and cut them out along the dotted lines. You can then tape them to your sign, door, or pillows (or any other surface of your choice) and paint over them in your desired color. Voilà—an easy yet beautiful display!

House number stencils mockup graphic
Photo: Efetova Anna / Shutterstock

Download Printable House Number Stencils Here

If you want something a little more ornate, we also created several design stencils to include around the numbers.

Decorative Stencil Designs printout graphic
Photo: 123object / Shutterstock

Download Decorative Stencils Here

While you’re at it, why not revamp your welcome mat too? Use these stencils to paint your own inviting message on a doormat for your entryway. 

Here’s how to use them:

  1. Print out the stencils.

  2. Align the words as shown in the examples below. 

  3. Tightly tape down the letters to a blank coir mat. 

  4. Cut out the letters on the dotted lines with a paper-cutting knife.

  5. Use an outdoor acrylic paint and sponge brush to paint over the stencils. 

  6. Once the paint is dry, remove the stencils and tape to reveal your brand-new welcome mat.

"Welcome Home" doormat
Photo: Melanie DeFazio / Stocksy

Download “Welcome Home” Stencils Here

"Nice Shoes" doormat
Photo: Amy Covington / Stocksy

Download “Nice Shoes” Stencils Here

"Home Sweet Home" doormat
Photo: JenLynn Stock Shop / Creativemarket.com

Download “Home Sweet Home” Stencils Here 

Now that you’ve perused many house number ideas, you can start rejuvenating your entrance. To get the best curb appeal boost, contact an exterior painter or porch contractor who can help you wow the neighborhood with a whole new look.

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