40 Best Front Door Colors for a Stunning Entryway

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated August 23, 2021
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Get inspired to repaint your front door in a color that speaks to your personality

Looking for a way to make your home feel like new? One of the easiest ways to increase your curb appeal and draw attention to your entryway is to repaint your front door. But how do you decide on a paint color? We created a guide to the best front door colors to help you choose.

Picking a paint color for your home’s entrance gives you an opportunity to be creative and complement your home’s exterior paint and architecture. Most house colors are neutral, so repainting your entrance or hiring a local door installation pro provides the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through. 

Check out our ultimate list of popular shades, the best hues for different house styles, and specific paint color suggestions below.

Some front door colors, like shades of white and various grays, are classic choices, while others have recently stepped into the spotlight. Here’s a list of some popular color combinations for this year and beyond.

1. Black Forest Green

black forest green front door
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Dark, dramatic colors have come onto the scene in 2021 and show no signs of going out of style. A nearly black-green door creates the ultimate contrast against a house with white siding.

Suggested color: Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore

2. Salmon

salmon color front door
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A salmon-colored door creates the perfect soft touch for a charming exterior. A salmon-pink door pairs best with a cream-colored or warm-toned house, and colors that complement it include light coral and shades of blue. 

Suggested color: Smoky Salmon by Sherwin-Williams

3. Plum

plum color front door
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Purple represents creativity, mystery, and ambition. For purple lovers, a plum door can provide just the right unique touch without being overwhelming. 

Suggested color: Exclusive Plum by Sherwin-Williams

4. Dusty Pink

dusty pink color front door
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A color that’s dominating interiors this year, dusty pink can evoke feelings of romanticism and happiness. A light pink door can add softness to a white or off-white house. 

Suggested color: Odessa Pink by Benjamin Moore

5. Sky Blue

sky blue color door
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Light blue creates a tranquil atmosphere. That’s the first impression your home will give with a calming blue door that evokes the color of the open sky. 

Suggested color: Summer Shower by Benjamin Moore

6. Terracotta

terracotta color front door
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Looking to create an earthy, warm, and saturated feel with your front door? Terracotta and clay colors are perfect for desert landscapes as well as any house with a tan or cream exterior with slate details.

Suggested color: Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams

7. Saturated Blue

saturated blue color front door
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One of the best ways to make a statement with your front door is with a deeply saturated blue. This color pairs well with both yellow-tinted houses and cool-toned hues, and you’re sure to wow the whole neighborhood.

Suggested color: New York State of Mind by Benjamin Moore or Deep Breath by Behr

8. Navy Blue

navy blue front door
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Navy blue is a classic choice that projects sophistication and abundance. This door color creates great contrast against a light house, but pairs well with most other exterior house paints. 

Suggested color: Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

9. Golden Yellow

golden yellow front door
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Yellow suggests a sunny disposition and positive mindset. A golden-yellow door pairs well with both dark blue and white houses to create dramatic contrast.

Suggested color: Marblehead Gold by Benjamin Moore

10. Mint Green

mint green door
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A minty color at the focal point of your house creates a refreshing aesthetic. A mint green door looks excellent against off-white and beige homes.

Suggested color: Malted Mint by PPG

11. Ruby

ruby red front door
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A dark, muted red makes for a moody and warm entrance. Reds with ruby undertones give beautiful depth to a home painted in sandy shades of white or tan.

Suggested color: Apple-A-Day by PPG

12. Dark Green

dark green front door in winter
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Shades of dark green indicate nature, growth, and peace. They look especially great when set against a white or light house. 

Suggested color: Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore

13. Lemon Yellow

lemon yellow front door

This pastel yellow is citrusy and sweet. Against a white house, a lemon yellow door will give your entrance a joyful mood.

Suggested color: Citron by Farrow & Ball

14. Blue-Green

blue-green color front door
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If you can’t choose between these two relaxing colors, why not go with both? Blue-green doors read blue when paired with warm tones and green when paired with cool tones.

Suggested color: Green Blue by Farrow & Ball

15. Greige

Greige paint color front door

While beige-gray doors may make less of a statement than the bold hues on this list, you can’t go wrong with a pleasant greige against light neutrals.

Suggested color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams

16. Peacock Blue

peacock blue-painted front door
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Reminiscent of sapphire, this saturated color exudes luxury and sophistication when contrasted with gold hardware and off-white surroundings.

Suggested color: Pacific Ocean Blue by Benjamin Moore

17. Pastel Pink

pastel pink-painted front door
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A bright, pastel pink undoubtedly makes an entrance stand out. This cutesy color combines nicely with grays, whites, and chocolate browns. 

Suggested color: Pastel Pink by Benjamin Moore

18. Tropical Blue

tropical blue-painted front door
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A strikingly vibrant blue like this one will make you think of a clear ocean each time you step inside. This shade looks especially great with bronze accents.

Suggested color: Cayman Lagoon by Benjamin Moore

inviting and natural front door colors
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warm and earthy front door colors
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bold and moody front door colors
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Best Front Door Colors for a Tan House

If you have a tan house, you know that designing an exterior color palette can be tricky. Rest assured, there are numerous front door colors that pair well with tan siding or details. We’ll show several below.

19. Teal

teal front door
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A teal door can be a bold pick, but there’s no denying that varying shades of this exuberant blue look stunning against tan house paint.

Suggested color: Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

20. Pumpkin Orange

pumpkin orange front door

Combined with a sandy-colored, tan house, a pumpkin orange door creates a desert-like color palette. For a neutral-colored house, muted oranges will work best. 

Suggested color: Gold Rush by Benjamin Moore

21. Off-White

off-white painted front door
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If you’re unsure what door color to pick, don’t discount a traditional off-white. With warm undertones, creamy off-white shades avoid looking too stark while still contrasting well against tan houses. 

Suggested color: White Dove by Benjamin Moore

22. Dark Gray

dark gray front door
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A dark gray door gives off scholarly and sophisticated vibes, and will likely pair well with your interior when opened into the entryway. Dark grays go especially well with squash-tan and light tan houses. 

Suggested color: Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

23. Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown color front door
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Embrace the brown coloring of your home and create contrast by going even darker. A rich, chocolatey brown is a stylish and inviting door color. 

Suggested color: Divine Wine by Behr

24. Walnut Wood Stain

walnut wood stain
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Stained-wood doors are gaining popularity for a reason—they bring a natural, rustic touch to your home while also integrating well with most house colors. You can also choose just the right wood stain shade that’s perfect for your home. 

Suggested stain: Dark Walnut Solid Color Stain and Sealer by BEHR

Best Front Door Colors for a White House

A white house presents endless possibilities since most colors look great against white. Just keep in mind that your door should coordinate with your shutters, trim, and roof as well. 

The best way to create an eye-catching facade is with contrast, but soft colors can also look great against white siding. Here are a couple of front door color ideas for a white house.

25. Blue-Gray

blue-gray color front door
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For a soft, gentle, and peaceful look, consider a blue-gray for your front door. Blue-grays naturally match with white or off-white exteriors and look great with darker accents elsewhere on your exterior. 

Suggested color: Light Blue by Farrow & Ball

26. Cobblestone Gray

cobblestone gray front door
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Dark grays are practical choices for a white home. They go well with a variety of colors and add drama with contrast against dark brown or black details. 

Suggested color: Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore

27. Chestnut

chestnut front door
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A chestnut-stained door is a time-honored choice. Chestnut is super easy to integrate with existing porch decor and other wooden accents. 

Suggested stain: Chestnut Solid Color Stain and Sealer by BEHR

28. Bright Orange

bright orange front door
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A bright orange door against a white house will pop and give your whole house a cheerful disposition. 

Suggested color: Charlotte’s Locks by Farrow & Ball

Best Front Door Colors for a Modern House

Modern houses present opportunities to create a striking contrast with your front door or to embrace out-there colors you may not have originally considered. Here are several of our suggestions.

29. Off-Black

off-black color front door
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Black doors are stately and elegant, and off-black allows you to get the same effect without going too dark. An off-black door contrasts best against light modern homes. 

Suggested color: Off-Black by Farrow & Ball or Almost Black by Benjamin Moore

30. Lime

lime color painted front door
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A quirky and unexpected choice, lime can show off your personality with a door that stands out. Just make sure this bold burst of green matches your trim and other details. 

Suggested color: Parakeet by Sherwin-Williams

31. Turquoise

Turquoise paint color front door
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Like lime, turquoise is a great non-traditional front door color that can help your home pop. With a turquoise door, your modern home will stand out as a bright spot in the neighborhood.

Suggested color: Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin-Williams

32. Eggplant

eggplant color front door
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This warm-toned purple is another uncommon yet gorgeous choice that can help modernize your home. Eggplant looks best with sandy tans and charcoal gray. 

Suggested color: Eggplant by Benjamin Moore

33. Aqua

aqua color front door
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Aqua is a tropical pick, perfect for beachy homes and sunny regions. It goes great with pastel pinks and sandy neutrals.

Suggested color: Cool Aqua by Benjamin Moore

34. Sunburst Yellow

sunburst yellow front door
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Yellow doors are youthful and spirited. If you’re leaning towards yellow, consider this bright, sunburst shade. 

Suggested color: Sunburst by Benjamin Moore

Best Front Door Colors for a Traditional House

If you have a home with traditional architecture, your front door should enhance its classic style. Here are some ideas.

35. Strong Red

strong red color front door
irina88w/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

A red front door exudes elegance, boldness, and dignity. A bright red door pairs excellently with brick houses and other warm-toned colors.

Suggested color: Caliente by Benjamin Moore

36. Jet Black

jet black color front door
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By painting your door jet black, you’ll transform your traditional entryway with a posh upgrade. The darker the door and the lighter the house, the more powerful your entrance will look.

Suggested color: Jet Black by Benjamin Moore

37. Slate

slate color front door
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Slate blues and grays make for fantastic traditional entryways. These colors are easy to match with light tan, off-white, and other colors, as well as dark shutters.

Suggested color: Charcoal Slate by Benjamin Moore

38. Emerald Green

emerald green front door
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If you’re searching for a jewel tone for your door, emerald green could be the way to go. This satin-like green looks even more luxe with brass hardware. 

Suggested color: Precious Emerald by Behr

39. Sandalwood

sandalwood front door

A sandalwood stain brings a beachy softness to any home with light colors. It goes well with pastels and stone-gray. 

Suggested stain: Sandal Solid Color Stain and Sealer by BEHR

40. Classic White

classic white front door
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Last but not least is the classic white, a bright and neat door option that’s perfect for just about any house style. White signifies freshness and simplicity, and this color will go well with dark houses or those that already have creative colors integrated elsewhere.

Suggested color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Now that you’ve perused some popular paint colors, you can think through the best options for your home’s style, your personality, and your desired atmosphere. Remember to always test paints outside in the sunlight before committing to one that looks good in the store or online.

If you need any guidance, seek the help of local door refinishing experts or exterior painting pros to help you choose the ideal palette and apply it with perfection.