15 Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated December 22, 2021
Girl standing on top of mother’s feet in contemporary living room with white fireplace and greige chair
MoMo Productions/Stone via Getty Images

Cue the makeover montage

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Because a fireplace is often the focal point of a living space—especially in older houses where it was likely a significant source of heat back in the day—doing a fireplace makeover can dramatically transform a house. To inspire your own fireplace facelift, we rounded up our favorite fireplace remodel ideas. These span from complete renovations to simple cosmetic upgrades you can do in a weekend or even an evening.

1. Paint the Brick White

White brick fireplace with color canvas photos of children on the mantel
Sinenkiy/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

One of the most impactful, yet simplest, fireplace remodel ideas is the white-painted brick fireplace. All you need is some white paint and a long afternoon to get the modern brick fireplace of your dreams. 

2. No Really, Paint the Brick White

White brick fireplace with lights and logs and mantel with stick decorations in a white room
Angelov – stock.adobe.com

Don’t just stop at the fireplace surround, paint the inside of the brick fireplace (the insert) too. For an ultra-modern look that will make the fireplace really pop, paint the grout joints gray or black. 

3. Or Paint It Blue

Navy painted brick fireplace with white mantel, acrylic coffee table, blue vases, leather ottoman, and black and white rug
EmilyKam – stock.adobe.com

While everyone else is doing a white fireplace remodel, why not do a blue one? This navy blue painted brick fireplace also comes together in a weekend and is perfect for those looking for a little color.

4. Marble-ize the Mantel

White marble fireplace
doram/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

A white marble mantel is the epitome of fireplace luxury and looks lovely in a grand parlour or spacious living room. For a similar look that’s less expensive, opt for quartz or granite. 

5. Marble-ize the Surround and Hearth

White marble fireplace with dark brown wood mantel holding orchid plant
David Sacks/Photodisc via Getty Images

Did you know it’s possible to keep your mantel but reface your fireplace surround and hearth? It takes a bit of work, but you can pry the mantel off in one piece and set it aside. This particular fireplace pairs new marble with an old wood mantel for a beautiful modern-vintage look. 

6. Coordinate Your Fireplace Decor

Living room with white fireplace, white built-ins, pink sofa, and pink tulips on the mantel and in a basket in front
Magryt – stock.adobe.com

Not every fireplace needs an extreme makeover. If you’re bored with how yours looks but don’t want to make big changes, try updating the decor that surrounds it. Simply pick out a few pieces of decor for the mantel and the fireplace surround that match your couch color or perhaps the predominant hue in a nearby painting. Your room will look pulled together in a flash. Bonus if you can coordinate with fresh flowers. 

7. Dress Up the Hearth

Modern white fireplace with hearth sculptures and a gray accent wall
Mint Images/Mint Images RF via Getty Images

Another fast makeover idea? Dress up your hearth with sculptures and plants. And don’t overlook your fireplace grate area. Replace a worn-down grate with a new one or, better yet, opt for a set of fireplace andirons in a sleek ball shape. 

8. Mix Old and New

Red exposed brick fireplace and white mantel with books on top, plus gold fireplace tools
imagenavi via Getty Images

There’s just something so charming about an exposed brick fireplace, and if you’re lucky enough to have an old one that’s in decent shape, consider planning your fireplace remodel around it. For instance, you can pair old red bricks with a brand-new white wood mantel for a vintage-inspired look that fits in a modern home.

9. Go Ultra Modern

Modern room with grand stone and concrete fireplace, hardwood floors, and cozy furniture
FOTOGRAFIA INC./iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Between the stone surround and concrete hearth, this ultra modern fireplace could look a little cold. But cozy furniture, warm lights, and light hardwood floors add softness and help balance the look. 

10. Add Metallic Accents

White fireplace in seafoam green living room with stone hearth and antique metal decor
John Keeble/Moment via Getty Images

While the owners of this house updated the fireplace with a modern white mantel and surround, they kept the antique stone hearth. What’s more, they accessorized the fireplace with antique brass candlesticks and a copper wood holder to pay tribute to the original style of the house. A modern brass mirror completes the look.

11. Create a Shiplap Focal Point

Modern living room with white shiplap fireplace, gray couch, blue chairs, and modern farmhouse chandelier
bmak – stock.adobe.com

In case you’re unfamiliar with the interior design technique, shiplap is a type of wood paneling that’s exploded in popularity due to its ability to add warmth, texture, and rustic charm to any space. Instead of a traditional shiplap accent wall, why not do a shiplap fireplace accent wall? It’s both chic and pretty easy to DIY (read our shiplap fireplace makeover article to learn exactly how).

12. Or Try a Natural-Wood Shiplap

Wood shiplap fireplace
New Africa – stock.adobe.com

While white shiplap is probably the most popular version of the shiplap trend, natural wood shiplap looks equally gorgeous on a fireplace. 

13. Pick a Pattern

Fireplace with brown wood mantel and patterned tile featuring white flowers on a light blue background
Patricia Marroquin/Moment via Getty Images

To really make your fireplace stand out, do a tile surround with a fun pattern. This particular fireplace actually uses tiles leftover from a kitchen counter remodel, which can be a great way to create a cohesive look between your living room and kitchen while saving money.

14. Fashion a Wall Insert for Wood

Modern gray brick fireplace with wall insert for wood
Irina88w iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

While we love the gorgeous light gray brick used in this fireplace remodel, we can’t help but stare at the elegant wall insert of stacked logs. Yes, it’s practical, but we really love how it makes the wood feel like part of the decor.

15. Replace the Logs with Stones

Modern white gas fireplace with round granite stones
phototropic/E+ via Getty Images

To modernize your gas fireplace fast, switch out the logs or coals for large round fireplace stones. The stylish minimalist balls make a big impact despite their compact size and can quickly give your fireplace an easy makeover.

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