How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Fireplace?

Kristi Pahr
Written by Kristi Pahr
Updated November 15, 2021
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The average cost to repair a fireplace is $527

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Snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with a warm drink and your favorite book is one of the best things about the colder months. But if your fireplace is on the fritz and you want to get it back in working order, it can cost anywhere from $100 up to $2,000, depending on the type of fireplace you have. Read on for a breakdown of key costs involved in fireplace repair.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fireplace Near You?

Fireplace repair costs vary by area and could be higher or lower than the national average: 

New York City$897
Atlanta, GA$325
Los Angeles, CA$630
Denver, CO$302
Washington D.C.$493

Fireplace repair costs also vary in urban versus rural areas. For example, the average cost of fireplace repair in Jackson, MS, is $1,426, whereas the cost in Atlanta is around $1,100 less.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fireplace Yourself?

A fireplace repair might seem like a good way to save a little money for the savvy DIY homeowner. Some fireplace repairs can be straightforward and simple to DIY, but it’s best to contact a fireplace repair professional for other repairs. 

Small cracks in the mortar can be repaired by chiseling out the existing mortar and replacing it. Since the firebox must withstand extreme temperatures, you’ll want to use refractory mortar between bricks for repairs because it’s designed to hold up against high heat. Refractory mortar is available at most home improvement stores and costs anywhere from $29 to $60.

For collapsing bricks or other damage, consult with a professional chimney sweep or masonry contractor.

Fireplace Repair Cost Breakdown

The end cost of a professional fireplace repair doesn't just depend on your location; the part of the fireplace that needs repair can also impact the final bill.

Firebox Repair

If the firebox needs repair, it will cost between $160 to $750, depending on the severity of the damage. If it’s made of stone, expect that cost to climb to $1,500 or $2,500.

Fireplace Panel Replacement

If the panels inside your fireplace are damaged, the cost to replace them will be around $180 to $250. The price will increase based on the number of panels that need to be replaced. 

Fireplace Flue Replacement

Chimney flue repairs can be costly, averaging between $200 to $5,000. When more extensive repairs are warranted, you may need to replace the chimney liner, costing about $2,500.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fireplace by Type?


You should have your gas-burning fireplace inspected yearly. The cost for an inspection is generally between $75 to $125. If the inspection uncovers damage that needs repair, the costs should be similar to those listed above. If the inspection finds damage to the gas line or electrical wiring, expect it to cost more.


Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity for a good reason: they provide all the warmth of a wood-burning or gas fireplace with no actual fire. If your electric fireplace needs repair, you can expect to pay around $100 for an electrician to visit and inspect the unit. If repairs are required, the total bill can range from $100 to the cost of a full replacement unit (around $700).


You should have your wood-burning fireplace inspected yearly. The cost is generally between  $75 to $125 for the inspection. Repair costs run between $160 to $2,500, depending on the location and extent of the fixes needed.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Fireplace Repair?

The total price to have your fireplace repaired can vary based on these factors: 

  • Location: Many rural areas have higher average costs for fireplace repair than their urban counterparts.

  • Type: The type of fireplace you have can mean higher (or lower) repair bills when the time comes.

  • Repairs: The parts that need to be replaced and the extent of repairs add to the total bill.

Replacing a few spots of crumbled mortar in your firebox is a much less inexpensive repair than having your chimney relined. Yearly inspections can help identify minor problems and have them repaired before they become bigger issues that could cost you much more down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Repair

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Do gas fireplaces need servicing?

Gas-burning fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned yearly or whenever problems arise.

What happens if my pilot light goes out?

If your pilot light goes out, you shouldn’t have to worry about gas flowing from the outlet into the air. A safety feature called a thermocouple prevents gas from escaping when the pilot light is not lit. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can relight the pilot light yourself. If not, a fireplace service can relight it—be prepared to pay around $100 for the service call.

Do plumbers repair gas fireplaces?

A plumber who is certified in HVAC work can repair gas fireplaces, but professional fireplace companies generally have pros who can deal with gas systems as well. 

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