6 Gas Fireplace Surround Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

Barbara Bellesi Zito
Updated January 6, 2022
Living room interior with stone wall and fireplace
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Light up the look and feel of your home with these gas fireplace surround options

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In addition to making everything cozier, a gas fireplace instantly adds warmth and beauty to your home’s interior. As a heat source, a fireplace usually sits in a central location in a room, allowing it to be a focal point featuring an attractive fireplace surround. You can create a beautiful fireplace surround using any number of non-combustible materials.

Here are some popular fireplace surround materials that will elevate the look of various interiors, ranging from sleek, modern aesthetics to beautiful traditional designs.

1. Natural Stone

Patio with natural stone and fireplace
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A stone fireplace is a great option for colder climates. Natural stone radiates heat and warms up the space faster, and keeps it warm for longer. If you want to evoke a rustic feel, choose individual stones laid in a custom configuration for a unique look. If you prefer something sleeker and more modern, opt for a stone surround made from marble or granite.

2. Concrete

Living room interior with concrete wall and fireplace
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This tough material isn’t just for city sidewalks. Concrete is making its presence more and more known these days as a basis for indoor surfaces like countertops and fireplace surrounds. Concrete can be smoothed into sleek lines and finishes and can be tinted in a variety of colors, too. And because concrete holds the heat from the fire, a concrete surround can add further warmth to your home.

3. Brick

Traditional fireplace with brick wall
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Sturdy bricks are the old stand-by for traditional fireplace surrounds, but they can complement just about any interior, including ones with a modern design. Like stone, brick comes in various colors and sizes, so there are countless ways to arrange your brick surround to get the look you want.

4. Steel

Inbuilt gas fireplace in wall
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Known for its industrial-chic look, steel comes in various finishes that provide a striking accent to a room’s interior, particularly when the glow of the flames illuminates the space.

5. Tile

White and tiled fireplace
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Don’t let the shower walls or kitchen backsplash have all the fun. A fireplace surround done up in stone or ceramic stone tile can add style to your space. The best part of this option is that tile comes in a variety of prices to suit any budget.

6. Wood

Living room with intricately carved fireplace
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Wood is a timeless option that can fit into nearly any decor style. Although wood is combustible and therefore the source of the fire itself in a wood-burning stove, you can still include it as part of your gas fireplace surround, too.

However, you must ensure that the surround is built properly and in accordance with the National Fire Code. The code says that any wood or other combustible material used as part of the mantel or trim must maintain a distance of at least 6 inches from the opening of the firebox. For every eighth inch of protruding trim, there must be an additional inch of clearance from the firebox.

Talk to your fireplace installation pro near you and ask these fireplace-related questions to learn more about local and national regulations regarding fireplace surrounds and which material might suit your home best.

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