6 Popular Colors to Paint Your Farmhouse

Kristin Luna
Written by Kristin Luna
Updated April 8, 2022
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Pick one of these paint colors that are bound to wow

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Perhaps no recent design trend is as popular as modern farmhouse. This simple, non-fussy architectural style is best known for its clean lines and versatility in bold, visually-appealing paint combinations. Whether you live in a house that actually rests on farmland or you simply want to feel as if you do, these exterior farmhouse color schemes will help you achieve that dream.

1. White with Black Trim

Ultimately, choosing the right paint colors for your farmhouse-style home will come down to personal preference. That said, neutrals are always a win. White and black is a popular rustic farmhouse style as this color combination goes with everything and plays up the rich woods that are often found in farmhouse home decor, both in exposed ceiling beams and in the furniture. 

For your overall farmhouse color scheme, pick a white paint color that has a warm undertone with a touch of ochre to create an inviting home. In addition to painting your window frames black, use the same color for the door, too, to create a cohesive look.

Recommended paint colors:

2. Black with White Trim

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find a home painted in a striking shade of black and trimmed out with white paint, particularly if you’re decorating in a modern farmhouse style. In more humid climates, in particular, white paint upkeep is harder than in drier areas, and painting a farmhouse in a neutral paint color like black is one way to minimize the need to repaint every few years while still keeping things modern. 

Recommended black paint colors:

3. Navy

Not quite black but still serving up plenty of character (and masking dirt and mold in the process), a deep navy paint works brilliantly as an exterior paint color scheme for a farmhouse. Navy is also versatile as an interior color that’s well-suited for a living room or in a kitchen with white cabinets

The diversity of the blue color spectrum means you could have fun with accent colors and use varying shades of lighter paints like Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Fog or Blue Jean for your wall color and even your ceilings, as well as do a full lounge in navy (ceilings included) if you’re feeling bold. Just opt for white trim and go lighter on the home decor if you choose this route to avoid your home feeling like a dungeon.

Recommended paint colors:

4. Gray

Victorian home with lawn and large front porch
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There’s something sophisticated about the simplicity of a good gray paint, which is why it’s a popular farmhouse color palette idea. Using gray as the base for your exterior opens the door for a variety of different trim colors like white, black, or navy. 

Gray can take on either warm or cool tones, and if you’re looking to land somewhere between the two, Sherwin-Williams Requisite Gray is a solid compromise. There are also myriad greige paints like Agreeable Gray that would make for great farmhouse exterior or interior colors.  

Recommended paint colors:

5. Sage Green

Sage green is a hue that plays well both on the interior and exterior of a farmhouse. Not only is it a historic exterior paint color, but when using this nature-inspired green inside, the windows will reflect the grass off the walls. Applied on the outside of your home, greens can help make it appear to merge into the environment. 

If you’re trying to decide between painting your farmhouse blue or green, Sherwin-Williams Vintage Vessel is a happy medium, as is Silvermist with its gray undertones. 

Recommended paint colors:

6. Red and White

Stable barn and farmhouse in autumn
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If you’re truly going for the classic farmhouse look, nothing speaks to the style more than red and white. This popular farmhouse color came about in the late 18th century when farmers looking to shield their barns from the elements used red iron oxide and linseed oil in a protective mix, both of which gave the paint a coppery tone derived from the earth. While red-and-white is a fairly traditional farmhouse paint color scheme, painting the body of the house a bright red with black trim is another common combination.

If you’re not ready to commit to painting the exterior red just yet, try out a shade like Benjamin Moore Tomato Tango on a farmhouse door inside your house and see how you like it. It’s far easier to repaint a small surface like a door than it is an entire house, so go small at first if you’re undecided when it comes to the bigger picture.

Recommended paint colors:

Painting the exterior of your home is a big task, though one that yields very noticeable results. If you’re adept with a paint sprayer, you can DIY this paint job over the course of a week or two. However, if the cost to paint your house with labor included is in your home reno budget then it’s worth it to hire a professional painter to save yourself the literal and metaphorical backache.

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