7 Paint Colors That Go Beautifully With White Trim

Kristin Luna
Written by Kristin Luna
Updated April 5, 2022
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Make your trim pop with these complementary wall colors

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Homeowners often wrestle with indecision when choosing wall colors. Painting the crown molding, baseboards, and other trim pieces in your home in a classic white opens up the door for considerable options, ranging from a neutral like linen to a bold accent such as electric orange. Browse through these recommended paint colors that go with white trim as you start your interior painting project.

1. Linen White

Commonly used in a flat finish, this museum wall color classic, Linen White by Benjamin Moore, goes with everything. Its muted cream has just a touch of umber that paints on brilliantly when the walls are framed in with white trim. Rooms with a lot of shadows will also benefit from this color, as it’ll brighten corners and neutrally reflect natural and artificial light. 

Other linen white paint colors:

2. Decorator’s White

With just the tiniest smidge of gray, the bright Decorator’s White is another great choice for the minimalist mindset. Combined with white trim, this clean color creates the space for an uncluttered existence while also preserving opportunities to add pops and dashes of color through wall murals, framed artwork, plants, or bespoke pieces of furniture. Apply the paint in a flat sheen to maximize the look. 

Other gray-white paint colors:

3. Very Peri 

Using Pantone’s color of the year may seem like a gamble because it changes annually, but at the end of the day … why not? After all, it’s just paint, and there’s a reason it’s selected as the trendsetter in fashion and design. The Very Peri periwinkle complements white trim well and would be a fun choice for a large, show-stopping accent wall in an open room or commercial space. The purple-ish color is also well-suited for smaller accented sections, like bathroom walls or between wood paneling. 

Other periwinkle paint colors:

4. Electric Orange

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Choosing a spot in your project room for an accent wall of Electric Orange is another way to add visual interest to a space with white trim. Painting every other wall in a neutral color will shine the spotlight on your bright accent wall, so start with the neutral walls then add Electric Orange as the finishing pop.

You’ll want to be comfortable seeing this accent wall every day, so pick a prime location that gets a lot of light for this bold orange paint. This color is also well-suited for kitchens with white cabinets and in brightly lit bathrooms. You’ll want to pick your paint sheen wisely—ideally, a satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss—for a kitchen or bath so that you can easily clean splatters and splashes from the walls.

Other orange paint colors:

5. Rose Brocade 

Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era is always a whimsical approach to introduce into your home decorating projects. Choosing a color like this deep rose by Sherwin-Wiliams invokes a time when gilded palaces, avant-garde dresses, and fancy, cake-filled ballrooms dominated the styles and tastes of Western society. This color also pairs well with gold and brass fixtures in addition to antique furniture collections. 

Other rose paint colors:

6. Billiard Green 

Another historical color that has never gone out of style is a pool table green. Colors like Sherwin-Williams Billiard Green are pleasing to the eye; the shade is dark enough to not feel gaudy but also contains enough essential green that it feels organic and outdoors-y. 

Often used in cigar lounges and swanky libraries, this green is highly versatile, particularly if the rest of the room is framed in white trim. Use a flat sheen for this color to deepen the look toward the fabric texture of a billiards table and soften up the room. 

Other green paint colors:

7. Classical Gold 

Pulled straight from the archives of the post-colonial era, this earthy gold color is a great paint color that goes with white trim and off-white trim. Sherwin-Williams Classical Gold is a shade that performs well in larger spaces like the living room or open kitchens and also in any room with white ceilings. 

White trim and window frames also really play up the muted tones of this orange and yellow fusion when Classical Gold is used as an exterior paint color. 

Other gold paint colors:

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