How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House?

Nick P. Cellucci
Written by Nick P. Cellucci
Reviewed by Robert Tschudi
Updated July 27, 2022
Woman sitting on porch steps outside a painted brick home
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  • Painting a brick home can run anywhere from $3,500 to $10,500.

  • House painters generally charge $1.40 to $4.20 per square foot.

  • Finish options include standard paint, whitewash, and limewash.

  • You should pressure wash your house before painting for the best results.

  • DIY brick painting can save you between $150 to $350 per hour in labor.

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A new coat of paint can majorly refresh your brick home, boosting curb appeal and protecting your brick from damage. On average, painting a home’s brick exterior ranges from $3,500 to $10,500. This guide explains how the cost can vary based on where you live, the finish you choose, house size, and more.

Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost

Cost of Painting a Brick House Near You 

The price you’ll pay to paint your brick house varies depending on where you live. Costs for exterior painting materials, labor, and equipment each vary by state and city. For instance, in Hawaii, it can cost as much as $13,000 to paint a brick home, whereas the high-end to do the same project in Tennessee is around $8,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House by Finish?

When painting a brick exterior, you can choose from a unique range of finish options to help your house look its best.

Standard Paint

A standard paint coating for brick will cost an average of $7,000. Keep in mind that painted brick will fade over time and become susceptible to chipping. Experts recommend repainting your brick house about every seven to 10 years.

Whitewashing Brick

Whitewashed brick is a popular trend that gives your home exterior a rustic or vintage look. By applying diluted white paint to the brick, you really let the material’s texture show through. Costs for whitewashing a 2,500-square-foot brick house range from $2,225 to $4,000.

Limewashing Brick

You might choose to go for a limewashed brick facade. This technique involves adding a thin layer of chalky, bright white, or tinted paint made with water, hydrated masonry lime, and salt to the brick facade. With this method, some even make the stylistic choice to leave some of the original brick exposed. The average cost to limewash a brick house is $2,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House per Square Foot?

You can expect to pay $1.40 to $4.20 per square foot to paint a brick home. This comes out to a range of between  $3,500 and $10,500 for 2,500 square feet of brick exterior, or about $7,000 on average.

Prices could also depend on how many coats of paint a house needs. In most cases, you can expect to pay your painting contractor a 20% to 30% deposit upfront, although when to pay a painter varies by company.

Brick House Painting Cost Breakdown

Woman painting a brick interior wall
Photo: Guido Mieth / DigitalVision / Getty Images

The costs to paint a brick house break down into three categories: materials, labor, and pressure washing.


To paint a brick house, you’ll need a gallon each of primer and paint for every 250 square feet. Primer costs $7 to $15 per gallon, while paint averages from $30 to $70 for a gallon. For a 2,500-square-foot home, this means you’ll spend $370 to $850 total for primer and paint. Other painting supplies, including trays, brushes, tape, drop cloths, and caulk will cost another $100 if you plan to DIY.


Professional labor to paint a brick house ranges from $150 to $350 per hour, though this varies between contractors. Labor encompasses planning, preparation, the removal of any existing paint, caulking of edges and gaps, setup, and cleanup.

Pressure Washing

Your painting contractor will also likely need to pressure wash the exterior before painting. Expect an additional charge of $35 to $100 to have this service done professionally.

Cost to Paint a Brick House Yourself

Painting a brick house yourself can save you a few hundred or even a couple thousand dollars in labor fees, but you’ll still have to pay for tools and materials. Keep in mind, DIY house painting costs include several days of your time and working at dangerous heights. Even if you recruit a few volunteers to help, the job may take three to four days for a medium-sized home or a week for a larger home without weather delays.

Since you don’t want to paint a dirty exterior, one of your first costs will be cleaning materials. For a smooth application, you’ll need to sufficiently clean the brick with a pressure washer, which can cost about $40 per day to rent. If you purchase a pressure washer, costs typically range from $100 to $380.

You’ll pay $370 to $850 on primer and paint for a 2,500-square-foot home. To apply the paint to your brick house, you’ll also need a paint sprayer. This can cost about $430 per week to rent. If you don’t already own a ladder or scaffold, these cost $130 to $160 per item to rent.

Cost to Paint It Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor 

If you want your home to look its best, consider hiring a painting contractor. It can cost about the same to hire a pro because they already have the proper training and necessary equipment to do a quality job with longer-lasting results.

Painting the house yourself likely won’t save you money on materials. Professional painters buy paint in bulk and usually get a better rate from suppliers. If you hire a professional exterior painter near you, the $1.40 to $4.20 per square foot average rate includes not only labor, but material costs as well.


What should I consider when painting a brick house?

Consider the following when planning to paint a brick house:

  • You should not paint brick that is severely damaged with cracks or moisture.

  • Historical homes might have restrictions on painting brick. Check with local authorities.

  • Choose a good quality paint designed specifically for exterior use, such as latex.

  • Proper preparation for exterior house painting is key to achieving quality results.

How do I paint a brick house?

If you go the DIY route, there are a few things to know before painting a brick house.

  1. You should pressure wash the exterior first to remove dirt and let it dry for 48 hours.

  2. It’s important to caulk minor damaged spots or hire a pro to assess larger areas of damage.

  3. Cover non-brick surfaces, including windows and doors, and remove light fixtures.

  4. Add an even layer of primer to the brick with your paint sprayer.

  5. Paint the brick with your paint sprayer and use your brush for small details.

  6. Properly dispose of old paint or put it in storage.

Why should I paint my brick house exterior?

You should paint your brick house if the exterior is looking dingy and you want to give it a fresh new look. Some other benefits of painting your home exterior include increased resale value and extra protection against rain, wind, and dirt.

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