6 Simple Ways to Create Rustic Farmhouse Style

Jeanette Lockmiller
Updated September 22, 2016
rustic farmhouse styled decor on fireplace mantel
A mixture of salvaged wood, metal and natural greenery creates a rustic farmhouse feel. (Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lockmiller/Snazzy Little Things)

Incorporate some of these decor tips to create a cozy home full of nostalgia and character.

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Over the years, I've accumulated quite the menagerie of rustic items in my home, but certain decor elements are considered the "common thread" that define the farmhouse style. In addition to it's casual yet beautiful styling, rustic farmhouses are peppered with nostalgia and offer no shortage of conversation pieces throughout.

Today, I'm sharing six simple ways to celebrate rustic farmhouse style in your home design. One afternoon at an antique store and you can start to embrace this motif!

1. Display old signs in your home

Old signs infuse a part of history into your decor and are a common thread in rustic farmhouse styling. If you're lucky, you'll find a sign that offers some personal meaning to you or your family.

If you can't find a salvaged piece that suits you, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect sign that fits your home. Commission a local artist or surf sites like Etsy to get a sign that speaks to you, or try to DIY one with some stencils and paint. You can distress it with sandpaper, or frame it with old wood and metal to give it some rustic appeal.

old rustic sign with cursive saying
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lockmiller/Snazzy Little Things

2. Include grain sack accents

Once upon a time, flour and other dry goods were shipped in bags then later repurposed for other uses in the home (even for clothing).

Today, grain sack is en vogue and a must-have staple in farmhouse styling. I used grain sack material to decorate my dog's crate.

dog crate disguised with grain sack cover
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lockmiller/Snazzy Little Things

3. Display your dishes

Rustic farmhouse enthusiasts love to put their kitchenware on display.

Don't love open shelving? That's OK! Mug racks and plate racks have a place in all farmhouses, especially if you're a collector. 

mug rack in rustic kitchen
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lockmiller/Snazzy Little Things

This is a perfect excuse to bring your grandmother's dishes out of hiding and display them year round.

4. Amp up the flora and fauna decor

Bringing the outdoors in is key for perfect farmhouse style — and you're not limited to just flowers and wreaths. Critters are everywhere in rustic farmhouse decor! Weathervanes, horses, cows, pigs, roosters will all have a home ... in your home.

5. Salvaged pieces & natural wood

Natural wood accents and architectural salvage pieces are a must to add warmth and interest in rustic farmhouse styling. It helps to break up the all-white backdrop typically found in modern farmhouse decor.

6. Add metal accents

Rustic farmhouse styling often has elements of chicken wire or galvanized metal accents throughout. And nowadays, they look so gorgeous!

Galvanized metal bucket wall decor
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lockmiller/Snazzy Little Things

These are just a few ways you can curate and collect your way to a rustic farmhouse look. There are countless others, but these styles will likely remain "classics" if you love this design motif.

Do you love the farmhouse look? Share your spaces with us below!  

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