How to Safely Host Contractors in Your Home During COVID-19

Katie Smith
Written by Katie Smith
Updated January 21, 2022
technician repairing oven  during covid
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It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling to check tasks off your to-do list and get some of those home improvement projects done. If you are an experienced DIYer, you may be able to handle most of the updates yourself. But certain tasks are better handled by contractors and professionals, like finishing a remodeling job or performing necessary repairs. Maybe your furnace quit working, or you have a clogged toilet you can’t fix, or water’s getting in your basement—these home improvement projects can all benefit from a pro’s expertise.

COVID-19 has necessitated minimizing risks of exposure, and it’s an important consideration when scheduling a service in your home. Here’s a list of seven things you can do to ensure all parties are safe while you’re having work done.

1. Ask If Your Contractor Can Do a Virtual Consult

If you have something that is relatively straightforward to fix, ask your contractor if they would be open to doing a virtual consultation. They may be able to get quite a bit of information just by talking with you online or viewing the project over a video conferencing platform, which can cut down on trips to your home. 

2. Inquire About Their Company’s Safety and COVID-19 Policy

Is the contractor required to wear a mask and gloves? Will they want you to wear a mask while in your home? Ask about the contractor’s company policies and make sure you are both in agreement before they come over and start the work. Don’t assume and wait until a pro shows up at your door to go over these things. This will help the project get started faster and run smoothly, plus you will both be at ease knowing you are on the same page. 

3. Take the Proper Precautions

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Make sure you have cleaned and sanitized the area where the contractor will be working. Have extra masks on hand, along with plenty of hand sanitizer and hand soap. It’s also your responsibility to make sure no one in your family is ill. Just as you wouldn’t want a contractor coming into your home if they were sick, they don’t want to enter a home if people are under-the-weather. 

For recommended measures, you can also follow CDC guidelines. Since the contractor is coming into your home, you’ll feel better knowing you have all the supplies you need if they forget something. 

4. Maintain Some Distance, If Possible

If you can leave while a contractor is performing the work, that’s a great way to ensure everyone stays distant and healthy. Another option if you don’t have anywhere to go, or are working from home, is to keep your family in a different room. 

5. Consider Putting Up a Plastic Wall

Some homeowners consider hanging up plastic sheeting so the contractor can work without coming into contact with the rest of the house. A heavy plastic with adhesive from your local hardware store is more effective than a loose, flapping curtain. 

6. Clean After the Contractor Leaves

woman disinfecting door handle
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Whether your contractor is done with the project or coming back the next day, put on a mask and get everything in the work area cleaned and sanitized before anyone else returns. Make sure surfaces like doors, doorknobs, faucets, and anything people come in contact with is clean and sanitized. Also, be sure to clean and disinfect floors if you haven’t put plastic down. 

7. Expect Delays and Be Patient

This is a trying time for everyone. Know that contractors may be held up due to a positive test or if their company is short-staffed. Hopefully, your project is all smooth-sailing, but it always helps to be prepared and ready for every scenario.

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