Breaking Down the Cost to Convert 2 Single Garage Doors to 1 Double Door

Bry'Ana Arvie
Written by Bry'Ana Arvie
Updated August 30, 2022
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  • The average cost to convert two single garage doors to one is $3,000.

  • Factors such as material, brand, and a structural engineer affect the cost.

  • This is not a DIY project.

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Having an ample, two-car garage is a major plus for many homeowners, but how you enter that garage may be less than ideal. If your two-car garage also has two single doors, you may be sick of maneuvering your car through one of them after a long day. Luckily, converting your two single doors to a double door is totally possible. The average estimated cost to convert two single garage doors to one is $3,000

In this guide, find out more about how much this garage door conversion costs, what impacts this project’s price, and more.

Costs to convert 2 single garage doors to 1 range between $950 and $8,000

How Much Does It Cost to Convert 2 Single Garage Doors to 1 Double Door?

As stated above, the average estimated cost to convert two single garage doors to one is $3,000. However, this project cost can be as low as $950 or as much as $8,000. The final numbers you’re looking at depend on if you need a structural engineer to craft a design for you, your geographical location, accessories, and the material and style you want. 

Convert 2 Single Garage Doors to 1 Cost Breakdown

When crunching the numbers, most homeowners want to know: Where’s my money going? Below, we’ll give a rough breakdown of all the different areas where you’ll spend money during a project like this. 


The labor cost to convert two single garage doors to one starts at $300 to $575. Your local garage door installation pro might need additional subcontractors to ensure your project gets done correctly, and the more people required to install your new garage door, the higher your labor fee will be. 

Besides installing your new door, your professionals will need to remove both of your current ones, which takes extra time, impacting your labor fee.  


The type of garage door you want plays a major role in how much this project will cost you. Here are a few prices associated with garage door materials:

Vinyl$700 – $2,500
Composite$700 – $5,000
Glass$900 – $4,500

Besides material, the style will affect your material cost. You’re looking at $700 to $6,000 for a two-car garage door for the material costs alone. 

Structural Engineer

Many homeowners will need to hire a local structural engineer to determine if they can remove their garage’s middle column without impacting the structural integrity of their garage. In some cases, the center column between each garage door is only to add character to a home’s exterior. This design choice means that your garage installation pros will simply have to remove it, patch a few areas up, and then can safely install your new one since that beam can support its load.

However, for garages where this column is load-bearing, your structural engineer will need to design the modifications you’ll need. For instance, if your current column is load-bearing but can’t support your new double garage door, they’ll design a plan that can support it. The cost to hire a structural engineer is $100 to $200 per hour, while their custom design plans can cost you $300 to $2,500

Building Permit

If you need a structural engineer to create modifications for your garage, you’ll also need a building permit. The average cost to get a garage building permit is $150 to $500

Garage Opener

A standard part of most garage door installations is a garage opener. While you might be tempted to continue using the ones from your single-car garage, most units only have enough power to lift single-car doors and might not get the job done for a larger, double-door one. 

There are different garage door openers, each with its pros, cons, and add-ons, but on average, the cost to install a garage door opener is $220 to $510. Here’s a look at the prices you can expect from some garage door openers:

  • Belt-drive: $160–$450

  • Chain-drive: $150–$250

  • Jackshaft-drive: $250–$515

Cost to Convert 2 Single Garage Doors to 1 Yourself

We love a good DIY project, but this is one we recommend you leave to a professional garage door installer. One reason is that you’ll need a structural engineer to come out and assess your garage for you, meaning that it’ll be a partial DIY project at best. And also, your garage door needs to be correctly installed, with no room for error, because you trust it to open and close as intended. 

But if you cut any corners, it could cause serious, potentially deadly injuries if something goes wrong. So, protect yourself and your family and leave the measuring and drilling to the pros.

How to Save Money on Replacing 2 Garage Doors with 1

Saving money on home projects without sacrificing quality is important. And if you’re looking to pinch your pennies, the best place to look is the material. Everyone wants to boost their curb appeal, and there’s no denying that your garage doors leave a statement by themselves. But if staying within your budget is equally (if not more so) important to you, then search for ways you can get the same design for a more affordable price.

Want the look and appeal of wooden garage doors without the cost? Consider composite material since it looks like wood but with a lower price tag and maintenance. The brand also plays a role in how much this project will cost you. Each brand comes with different factors to consider, like the style and warranty coverage, so you’ll need to sit down with your pro and discuss options that fit your needs and style.

Converting 2 Single Garage Doors to 1 Questions and Answers

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How do I choose a garage door installer?

When searching for the best pro to complete this project for you, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Get multiple quotes

  • Ask about their qualifications

  • Ask to see and verify their license and insurance

  • Get recommendations from your family and friends

  • Read reviews

Besides vetting your future pro, you also want to watch out for these red flags:

  • Rushing you to sign the contract

  • Installer does not listen to your wants and needs

  • Excessively high or low quotes

  • No written, detailed estimate

How do I find a garage door that’s right for me?

There are various companies and garage doors to fit your needs. So, here are a few tips for buying a garage door for you and your family:

  • Figure out and stick to your budget

  • Go over each garage door material and how it relates to your climate and needs

  • Determine if you want an insulated garage door

Is one or two garage doors better?

Single and double garage doors have pros and cons, but it's all based on personal preference regarding which one is better for you. Two single garage doors give you more control over airflow entering your garage, but double the system, which means double the upkeep cost. 

On the other hand, two-car double garage doors are more convenient but can stop you from leaving if a piece of hardware malfunctions.

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