8 Books to Share with Your Kids Before a Move

Deandra Henahan
Written by Deandra Henahan
Updated June 15, 2021
woman reads children's book to her son
Sharing books with your child before moving can ease the transition to a new place.
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Reading books can make moving easier for your child.

The transition from an old house to a new house affects children in different ways than adults. Many children lack previous experience with moving, so they don’t know what to expect with such a major life change.

As a parent, you want to make a move as comfortable as possible for your children. One tool that can help you is children’s literature. Choose a few books from this list to help your child prepare for your upcoming move. Hire a local moving professional near you.

Books about moving for toddlers​

1. “I Want to Go Home” by Tony Ross

The Little Princess from “I Want My Potty” makes more demands in this fun story. This time she insists that her family move back to their former castle despite the extra room available in the new castle. This hilarious story will help children realize the perks of moving to a new house.

2. “Bunny Bungalow” by Cynthia Rylant

A family of bunnies moves to a new bungalow and spruces it up to their liking in this short rhyming story. Toddler-aged readers will enjoy the whimsical illustrations. As you read, point out ways your child can personalize his or her new room just like the bunnies do with their bungalow.

Books about moving for beginning readers

3. “Chester’s Way” by Kevin Henkes

Chester and his friend Wilson are best friends, but when Lilly moves in down the street, the dynamic of their friendship changes. Teach children to be as nice as the new kid or kind to other new kids with this book. It’s a must for fans of “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.”

4. “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Your child’s favorite talking bears move into their well-known tree house from their former home, a cave. Your kids will notice the Bear family doing typical moving activities, such as packing belongings into boxes, and feel more prepared for your move.

5. “Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move” by Judith Viorst

The same Alexander who had a terrible, horrible day puts his foot down about moving in this picture book. Read through this book with your strong-willed child if he or she has negative thoughts and feelings about moving.

6. “Big Dan’s Moving Van” by Leslie McGuire; illustrated by Joe Mahtieu

Use this book to introduce your kids to how moving companies help with your family’s move. Readers follow Dan on a typical workday — from loading furniture into a moving truck to driving it to a new home. The story and the colorful illustrations familiarize children with moving professionals and reassure them that they’ll see their packed belongings again soon.

Books about moving for advanced readers

7. “Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon” by Paula Danziger

Advanced elementary school readers will appreciate the candor and humor of the Amber Brown series as they approach your family’s move. In this first book in the series, Amber Brown does not move, but she deals with moving in two ways. First, her parents are separated, and her dad is moving to Paris. Second, her best friend and his family will be moving soon. Both situations cause Amber to confront the painful emotions caused by change and separation.

8. “Superfudge” by Judy Blume

The hilarious cast of characters from “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” returns in this novel for pre-teens. Peter feels unhappy when he learns his family will move out of Manhattan to the New Jersey suburbs for a year. In their new neighborhood, Peter makes friends, tries new activities and learns to handle the change.

If you’re preparing for a move, share these books with your children. Use them to start discussions about the good and difficult things about moving so your kids feel ready when moving day arrives.

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