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At Angi, we pride ourselves on having the best reviews for local pros, including moving companies and haulers to help you find the right moving professional for the job. You can see our list of moving pros along with ratings or browse movers near you to match with a moving company quickly.

You can learn more about moving including how much does hiring movers cost, good things to know before hiring movers, and things to do before moving.

a multi-generational and diverse family enjoys a bright modern living room at home (Photo by  10'000 Hours/DigitalVision via Getty Images)
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Follow our complete list of the essentials you'll need in your first home
On-street parking is scarce in Chicago. Be sure to have your parking plans in place before moving day. (Photo by Photo courtesy of member Iolanda S.)
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Moving can be a big enough hassle — make it go smoothly by planning your parking in advance.
dad moving son to college
DIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Follow these tips on how you can ensure your personal documents are accessible during a move.
washer and dryer
DIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Wrap up a successful move with this advice.
Understanding common moving terms and jargon can simplify your move and make expectations clear. (Photo courtesy of Bekins Van Lines)
Movers & Moving Companies
Don't let confusing terms and jargon keep you from the best moving service possible.