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At Angi, we pride ourselves on having the best reviews for local pros, including moving companies and haulers to help you find the right moving professional for the job. You can see our list of moving pros along with ratings or browse movers near you to match with a moving company quickly.

You can learn more about moving including how much does hiring movers cost, good things to know before hiring movers, and things to do before moving.

A young family moves into their new home (Photo by Marko Geber/DigitalVision via Getty Images)
DIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Masking up, packing up, moving on up: here’s what it was like to change homes during the COVID-19 pandemic
A scandinavian living room interior with a comfy sofa (Photo by Christian Hillebrand -
Homeowners and Renters InsuranceDIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Check off these pre-move-in steps to keep your landlord-tenant relationship on solid ground
Family packing up a house while mom entertains toddler (Photo by luckybusiness -
Movers & Moving Companies
Every cross-country mover needs a detailed checklist
Home movers specialize in furniture moving (Photo by Rawpixel / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)
Movers & Moving Companies
Save your back and hire movers to help move big, bulky items in your house
Garage filled with a bike, boxes and other items
DIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Using an online relocation calculator helps you estimate your moving costs, and determine the best moving method.