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Roadway Van Lines Inc

Founded 2008 • With Angi since April 2011


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11742 Parklawn Drive

Rockville, MD 20852


Additional phone - (301) 468-7780. Additional Email -

Verified Reviews

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Tricia P.

The company provided poor service and is now withholding insurance payment of $694 for damaged property until I remove my posted poor google review. Check the complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration BEFORE you even consider using this company.

Description of Work
Moving services from MD to FL

Category moving companies



Kelsey G.

I wish I could give negative stars, honestly. Had a last minute move from MD-GA for my husbands job. I called probably 20 companies for quotes and Sam from Roadway tricked me so good. She told me to never go with a broker because they would break my stuff and charge me more at the pick up and that Roadway wouldn’t do that. She said if I sent her videos of my house (exterior) and all the stuff I had I would be protected from this type of price gauging and that Roadway prided themselves on that! I was sold! I sent very thorough videos of all the furniture and the boxes we had all packed up. I didn’t want any surprises either so I felt like it benefitted me to show as much as I could! Sam and I even went back and forth via text sending photos and videos to know the exact size of this so she could get my cubic feet/quote right. She quoted me 1200cf which was the most of all the quotes I had, but I appreciated all her hard work and I truested what she had said of all this video and picture sharing was going to protect me from any surprises. I felt so taken care of…. UNTIL MOVE DAY. The movers show up and I’m walking them through the house. The foreman says after looking at my stuff for 3 minutes that we have 200cf more and it is going to be an extra $2000! He also said my planters had to be in a box, which I had to pay for, when Sam told me empty and stacked was fine. He said my couch was “bulky” (it’s not, it’s a 3 seater w a removable chaise) and I had to pay to have it wrapped. My lamps that Sam said they’d wrap, had to go in boxes, you guessed it, that I had to pay for. All my artwork that Sam said they would wrap in the blankets, nope. Had to pay to have them to be wrapped too. Sam the snake… I guess forgot to mention all these little extras that of corse add up very quickly. Not to mention the extra $2k! I was livid. I’m in tears at this point because we didn’t budget for an extra $2500, but the movers are here and we have to move so we’re backed into a corner basically by this moving company. I call Sam and said … w**?! And she has literally nothing to say. After saying she’d called her boss she told me “Just be firm with them.” IM SORRY WHAT? YOU should be the ones being firm with them. Realizing she is either not trained enough and terrible at her job or is an actual moron and can’t calculate a move correct I ended the conversation. I spoke with the foreman’s boss and not verbatim, but essentially says we can pay the extra, or not get our s*** moved. That the quote is a quote and the videos don’t matter because it was wrong. He threw an extra $300 off so we “would be happy”… yeah ok buddy. Sams boss calls me sometime later and has THE NERVE to blame me for not being honest about what I had. I kept repeating that I sent her videos, that everything was in the videos and any extra boxes were added and counted the day before. She didn’t care, she had such an attitude and just continued to say it was my fault. Im not sure what she was trying to achieve by calling me and blaming me? When I walked through the house to inspect everything, they left the rugs, left the lamps, left a faux plant. When I brought stuff out and told them it had to go too, they rolled their eyes at me and came and got the stuff. One of the movers spit his pink gum on my kitchen floor and left his crunched up Red Bull can that he was drinking when they got to my house on the ground in front of my house. Upon delivery, half of the furniture legs are broken, the boxes all crushed. I’m sure w broken items inside. We moved everything into a storage unit and there was no rhyme or reason for how things were in there. So finding anything now is impossible. We got a 10x15 storage unit which according to Google holds 1200 cubic feet, our original quoted amount of stuff… and wouldn’t you know all our stuff fits just fine, with room to space. Moving across state lines is already stressful enough. No one should have this kind of experience. Shame on you Roadway for taking advantage of people. You’re awful

Description of Work
Moving from MD to GA

Category moving companies



Ileana T.

I entered into an agreement with Roadway Van Lines to handle a move from Germantown MD to Wimauma FL. Roadway provided a moving window of Friday, June 25th between 7 am and 9 am. By 10 am, I had not heard from Roadway and called Dispatch. I was told that my truck would be delayed and they would call me back with an estimated time of arrival. Meanwhile, I contacted my move consultant, Jenny Gold (sp?) via text. She apologized and indicated that she would check the status and get back to me. We never spoke again. Dispatch contacted me at 11:32 am and indicated that my move would need to be rescheduled as my truck had broken down. I immediately texted Jenny and as of Monday, June 28th, have not received a message, apology or information about a refund. Today, I contacted the office and spoke to Ana, very defensive, and was able to get an email for customer service. The email bounced back as it was non-deliverable. Sent a text to Jenny Gold informing her of the above and have not received a response.

Description of Work
Cross Country Move

Category moving companies



Susan B.

The question "How did it go?" is difficult to answer since I still haven't received my furniture. It's been 15 "BUSINESS" days (I was just corrected by them that it's "BUSINESS days" although that isn't what the customer rep said when there were trying to get my money.) I was told it was, on average, 10-12 days (no mention of "business days") for a delivery. I've been waiting since Nov. 2 and it is now Nov. 20. I was just told probably next week, and that they actually have until December 3 to deliver my furniture. What a pack of lies they sold me.

Description of Work
Cross Country Move

Category moving companies




I also had Rachel Hills as my point of contact person and try much regret the service that I have paid for. The company seemed perfectly fine when they picked up my belongings, but the delivery has been a fiasco: This is primarily due to the fact that there was only one delivery man/driver. 1) I was not given 24 hour notice, as was part of my contract. My driver called a hour and a half before showing up 2) He was by himself, which would be less of a problem if he showed up at 4 in the afternoon, but it was 8 pm which meant that by the time he was done unloading it was nearly midnight leading to: 3) My bed frame that was taken apart in Virginia was not put back together here so it is still currently in pieces 4) The driver did not wear a mask in my home. 5) Due to the fact it was midnight once we were do (I Had to help take the blankets off so we could be done by then) I barely got to check off what might have be damaged or missing 6) I also had a bunch of items that did not belong to me, luckily one of the suitcases had a phone number on it, and I confirmed that she was missing her items I'm currently processing claims for the damages done to my things. (Review cross posted from Yelp that has the photos)

Description of Work
Moved from DC to Chicago

Category moving companies



Daniel L.

Worst moving experience of our lives! My wife and I hired Roadway Van Lines to move our property from DC to VA. Everything seemed ok at the beginning. Roadway started off by asking us how large our condo was and what "special" items we had that needed to be moved. After agreeing on a price and informing roadway of the larger items in our unit we set the date for them to come and pack our things. While we waited my wife and I decided that since we were paying by the hour we would try and box a majority of our stuff ourselves and save some money. By the time the moving day had come we had pretty much everything in our unit boxed and ready with the exception of the large items. As the mover started packing up the larger items I was noticing that they weren't really paying any attention to what they were doing. I had to stop them a couple of times when they tried to spin large or heavy items, like a steel filing cabinet, on our hard wood floors. When I explained to the mover that he was gonna scratch up the floors he just looked at me and left the cabinet sitting there. After running back and forth between the movers trying to make sure nothing was damaged I noticed that I hadn't seen them label a single box. I thought this was a bit odd, but had noticed that they had been placing stickers on each box so maybe that was how they were tracking what was in them and were they would need to go in the new home. After all was said and done the movers had everything packed and ready to be taken to storage. Two months later when our new home was finished we called Roadway and set up a delivery date. When our property arrived to say I was less than thrilled with the condition it was in would be putting it mildly. Our property looked like it had been, thrown, kicked, smashed, used as a chair, crushed and just generally abused. One of the first things to come off the truck was my Trek Bicycle. When they handed the bike to me the handle bars were pointing one direction while the wheel was pointing the complete opposite. I asked them what happened and they said "what do you mean?". I said the bike wasn't like this when you picked it up and they told me "don't worry it's not a big deal.". Slowly but surely everything else that came off the truck was either smashed or in disarray. They pulled our living room lamp off the truck and it had been bent at the base to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After taking picture after picture of the damage to send in for an insurance claim we came to the the big pieces. One such big piece was my safe. Now I had told Roadway from the beginning that I had a safe and that it would need to be moved, stored, and then moved again to the new home. Roadway assured me that it would not be a problem and that they were professionals. So when I looked at the job foreman and told him that I needed the safe to be moved up stairs I was a little surprised when he told me that it couldn't be done (especially since I just had two men deliver my washer and dryer take them up the exact same stairs with no problem). When I started to question him on why it couldn't be done he said they would try but couldn't guarantee anything. What i saw next blew my mind. They literally began to wrap a blanket around an old dolly to try and drag the same up my stairs which are hardwood. When he got to the first step and I saw that the dolly was going to do irreperable damage I told him to just leave the safe on the main floor and I would talk to the manager about either getting money refunded or getting another crew out with the proper equipment to move the safe. When everything was all said and done there was numerous pieces of my property that were broken and my safe was no where near where I had wanted. This is were the good stuff happens. After waiting about two weeks to hear back from a manager I finally call Roadway again to see when the manager is gonna call me. The woman on the line begins yelling at me, literally yelling at me, telling me that they are not dodging me and that they are very busy. I explain that I've been waiting for two weeks to hear from the manager and she says she is well aware of that and knows who I am. She then proceeds to tell me that it is all my fault and that its not their fault that the safe is too heavy. She tells me that she will have the manager call when he can and hangs up. Later that day the manager call's and we start off having a normal conversation about why the safe wasn't placed were it belongs. After he finishes explain his side he says that since I only got 3 movers I would have to pay additional to have 4 movers come out and move the safe. I let him finish and explain to him that I had originally asked for 4 movers and it was HIS COMPANY that told me I only needed three. I further explained that since his company had already moved the safe once and that they were the experts I differed to them. He told me that they can not be expected to remember what they had moved and how much it weighed so it is on me. After going back and forth with him and explaining that not only was my property treated like garbage he now wanted to pay him to move something that I already paid him for he said he would get back to me. I haven't heard from him since. I've moved all over this great country and never have I or my belongings been treated so poorly.

Description of Work
Worst moving experience of our lives! My wife and I hired Roadway Van Lines to move our property from DC to VA.

Category moving companies



israel B.

The movers showed up about five or ten minutes late, but as soon as they showed up they started packing and wrapping all of my items. I have a lot of stuff, but they were patient and very organized when packing my my things. My furnite was wrapped and all boxes were put on the truck very carefully like it was their own. When arriving to my new home, after the items were unloaded, i was surprised there was no damage to my property. Their office employees are just as helpful and professional as the movers. Just gotta say great job guys keep up the great work!!

Description of Work
help pack and move from Bethesda to Rockville MD.

Category moving companies



Tom C.

It was good; we had no problems.

Description of Work
We moved locally in the area and they moved us.

Category moving companies

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    How is Roadway Van Lines Inc overall rated?

    Roadway Van Lines Inc is currently rated 2.1 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, Roadway Van Lines Inc offers free project estimates.

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    No, Roadway Van Lines Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Roadway Van Lines Inc does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Roadway Van Lines Inc offers warranties.

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    Roadway Van Lines Inc offers the following services: Partial packing, moving & storage.

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