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Innovation Construction Co

Founded 1980 • With Angi since March 2009


(31) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


PO Box 815

West Wareham, MA 02576


Keith Dmytryck, the owner and operator of Innovation Construction Co., in business since 1980 is a "Hands On" owner, from estimate to final sweeping up Keith is on the job. He treats every customers home improvement project as if it were his own home. Keith's commitment to continuing his professional education and his experience keep him at the forefront of his business....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Bill M.

Keith was very professional, punctual, and thorough in the work he did. He made sure everything was done to my satisfaction and was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the finished product looked good and worked properly. His prices were reasonable, he was always responsive, and very honest in terms of the work that was required. I have an old cottage, in need of several upgrades, and he helped bring it into the 21st-century. I would recommend Keith to anyone looking for remodeling work in their home.

Description of Work
Built outdoor shower, added laundry closet, refinished front deck, secured back door threshold; oversaw upgrades to plumbing, electrical, and heating systems.

Category drywall,gutter repair,remodeling,deck cleaning



Douglas F.

From the start, my interaction with Keith and his staff was a pleasurable experience. His professionalism and quality of work met every one of my expectations. I was amazed at the attention they payed to cleanliness and detail. There was a minor misunderstanding about what was included in the original estimate of the project and I was very impressed with Keith's willingness to work with me and come to an amicable solution. I definitely plan on using Keith for any future projects I may have.

Description of Work
Back door replaced and repairs on floor and wall.

Category flooring contractor,remodeling,siding,replacement windows,woodworking,doors



Linda H.

Run. Don’t Walk. Run away from this contractor. He didn’t pull any permits until we forced him to pull one for the garage. The building inspector put a stop work order on our house because we didn’t have permits for the header project and the header was not to code. We fired him from the garage project. It wasn’t finished. The concrete floor had two levels instead of being one flat slab and wasn’t pitched to drain the water off. The roof tiles he replaced were a different color and the roof leaked like a sieve. We had to hire new contractors to fix both and finish the project. We also had to hire another contractor to repair the header that was not to code. We paid Keith $1000 for the initial job and it cost us $10,000 to have it fixed. Wrong type of header. Not installed properly (the entire house was sitting on a 1 x 4 piece of wood which could have buckled at any time) and we had to have supports put in the basement to support the weight. He has a serious problem with confrontation and women. When I brought him the contract saying the roof tiles would match he got in my face and told me not to wave a contract at him and asked if I really expected him to drive around trying to match my roof tiles. By the time we fired him, I could not be on our property when he was there because of his volatility. He responded better to my husband but made repeated references to women being difficult. If you do decide to use him, make sure you get a copy of his liability insurance binder. I have yet to see one. Without one you have very little recourse if he damages your property as we have painfully learned.

Description of Work
We hired Keith to renovate our garage (repair roof, replace concrete floor, replace doors, insulate and put in walls). While we were waiting to get started we had him put in a header in our house to open up two room.

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

In early November 2015, I provided a job estimate to [Member Name Removed] and her husband [Member Name Removed]. I was called by them as a result of a referral from happy clients. I began our interaction, ironically, with especially high hopes for a positive experience, as the [Member Name Removed]'s presented themselves as colleagues in the remodeling business. At our initial meeting, I was informed that the two of them had an extensive background in "the home improvement business". They were very proud to tell me that the two of them had just completed a top to bottom renovation of their primary residence that [Member Name Removed] had a prior career as a kitchen contractor, and [Member Name Removed] had participated in extensive renovations with her family over the years. I was confident this project would go smoothly, since I believe they had professional background and inside knowledge within the building industry. I could not have been more wrong. What follows is my response to their tangled and contentious complaint. Shingle color, match and roof leak. The [Member Name Removed] complaint regarding this part of the project that the roof tiles (sic: she did not know they were called shingles) he replaced were a different color and the roof leaked like a sieve fails to mention the fact that: number one: signing off on the proposal in which my company promised replacement of asphalt shingles of a "color to be as close as possible to match," the [Member Name Removed]'s acknowledged that no current shingles would perfectly match their weathered shingles from discontinued color batches. Number two: not only did they depart from this reasonable agreement by screaming insults rather than initiating discussion, Mrs. [Member Name Removed] expressed her dissatisfaction with the color match with a preemptive verbal assault on my roof are so vicious and relentless that he felt compelled to call me about a hostile work environment. The confrontation may be confirmed with a concrete contractor and an overhead door installation contractor, each of whom want nothing to do with her. Number three: when the shingle color did not match, the [Member Name Removed]'s blamed me. But missing from the [Member Name Removed] complaint is my offer for Mrs. [Member Name Removed] to personally shop for one bundle of shingles to her liking, with a credit off her bill for that amount. The result that, after a weekend of searching, the [Member Name Removed]'s sheepishly agreed my shingles were the closest match available. Number four: in contracting for replacement of missing shingles and rotted wood trim only, the [Member Name Removed]'s acknowledged there was no expectation of additional roof repair or remediation of structural conditions that had led to ongoing leaking. Number five: I had immediately recognized the compromised condition of the roof and had counseled complete roof replacement. Number six: when the [Member Name Removed]'s protested that roof replacement was too costly, I then counseled that they needed all 50 years worth of incorrect roofing materials removed and a one piece seamless rubber membrane roof installed. They rejected this advice. Number seven: when the roof continued leaking, the [Member Name Removed]'s blamed me. But missing from the [Member Name Removed] complaint is acknowledgment that, sometime the following year, they had a one piece rubber membrane installed by a local roofing company, exactly as I had recommended. With no additional shingle work beyond what I had done for them, the [Member Name Removed]'s roof then stopped leaking. Permits and codes: the [Member Name Removed] complaint reads "he didn't pull any permits until we forced him to pull one for the garage" this is beyond disingenuous, their entire project outside the scope of my portion was a beehive of non-permitted activity. It was, in fact, the [Member Name Removed]'s who pulled no permits until my extra diligence forced their hand. The [Member Name Removed] complaint "the header was not to code" fails to mention that they directed me to install the header in an interior of finished plaster walls which concealed a balloon style framework that I would have recognized as requiring different specifications had it been revealed to me at the time. When their subsequent demolition revealed the conditions, I did apply for a permit, resulting in a stop work order which enraged them (although not enough to actually stop work!). Their anger was not at themselves for their own incompetence but at me for following proper procedure which exposed both their incompetent techniques and unscrupulous tactics, the [Member Name Removed] permit complaint is false, misleading, and unsupported by municipal documents. number one: I had already been working for about three weeks on the contracted detached garage maintenance when the [Member Name Removed]'s requested a bonus job outside of the contract, that I help them with a header(loadbearing beam) they needed to open up two rooms in their house on the same property. They asked if I could do this without a building permit, since they had no building permits to do the complete renovation and new apartment creation for that residence. As I was the contractor for the garage maintenance job only, and permits for the house would be their responsibility to follow through on, I assisted with the header. Number two: as a residential contractor, I knew that maintenance work on a non-habitable building such as the garage did not require a permit in the residentially zoned properties with which I was familiar. The [Member Name Removed]'s, who presented themselves to me as co-professionals in the remodeling business, had hired me for the garage project knowing I was a licensed residential contractor. My initial confidence that co-professionals would understand best practices had waned somewhat after seeing that the [Member Name Removed]'s were pursuing an extensive, piecemeal gutting of their commercially zoned residence without benefit of any building permits. They were hiring numerous subcontractors (electricians, and plumbers) to work without municipal permits, and their goal was to knowingly carve an illegal apartment from a commercially zoned residence. I decided to double check the permitting process for the garage. Number three: when I researched the permitting requirements for the garage, they discouraged me from pursuing it, admitting that their activities then would be exposed by inspectors. Number four: I stopped into the building inspector and asked him if the garage work I was contracted to do required a building permit as it was maintenance in nature nothing new constructed. The building inspector stated to me that if it were residential I would be correct, but as it is commercial I must have a building permit. It was at that meeting that I picked up the necessary paperwork and filed my building permit for the maintenance work I was contracted to do on the freestanding garage. Number five: the permit for work on the header- in the residence, not the garage for which I was contracted- was the [Member Name Removed]'s responsibility and when they asked that I not seek a job specific permit, I obliged. I spent six hours with two workers until the header work had been completed, and during that time all interior walls were up and plastered. There were finished plaster walls to the left and to the right of where I did the work. I have pictures to prove that these finished walls precluded observation of the structure of the house. However after my portion of the job was complete, the [Member Name Removed]'s went into demolition mode and kept on removing plaster walls, ultimately uncovering the true extent of their problems: the construction of the entire house was balloon frame, no code compliant bearing walls anywhere. Number six: I made the decision to pull a permit to the header post completion. I had acquiesced to the non-permitted spot project initially, but after the [Member Name Removed]'s demolition revealed the structural irregularities, they challenged me that it was not to code, to which I said," by what authority are you stating that?" My work had been compliant within my knowledge of the structure before concealed conditions were revealed. It was to code as per the apparent existing conditions. In demanding that I redo the header project to comply with previously concealed conditions, the [Member Name Removed]'s were essentially demanding that I pay for their error(failure to determine the structure of their residence before beginning self-directed remodeling) by redoing the project to comply with previously concealed conditions. I pulled the beam permit to ensure structural integrity would win out. The ensuing inspection exposed there is a illegal construction and the building inspector presented them with a stop work order. Number seven: I made an appointment with the building inspector during the last week of December 2015 to come out and review the permitted loadbearing beam I had installed in their now "cease-and-desist "project. It was then that I received a threatening email(one of many hostile emails from both [Member Name Removed]'s during our association) and was fired by [Member Name Removed] and banished from their property. [Member Name Removed] made it clear neither I nor any of my employees were to set foot on the property. That they included the building inspector in their list of persons banned from the property is an indication of the entitled rage which informed their actions when all did not go their way. Number eight: typical of somebody who's been caught in a misdeed the [Member Name Removed]'s would like it to be somebody else's fault, going so far as to attempt to bring a small claims suit against me for $7000, for the $740 8' beam which they had replaced with a 10 foot beam to suit the previously concealed conditions. I am in possession of the substantiating records. Number nine: in their eagerness to demonize me and feel vindicated in their attacks, the [Member Name Removed]'s have neglected to mention that, in the spirit of conciliation and to defend my reputation, I offered, through an attorney, half of their $740 back, despite firmly believing their claim was unfounded. That was unacceptable to [Member Name Removed], who prefers to pursue the small claims court action in hopes of getting others to pay for her mistakes. Confrontation, women and volatility: the([Member Name Removed] complaint-" he has a serious problem with confrontation and women, by the time we fired him, I could not be on our property when he was there because of his volatility " fails to provide context, which would show that volatility and confrontation are issues that begin at home. Number one: as past client testimonials will show, I have a reputation for responsiveness and communication. And I do not have a problem with women. I have a problem with abusive, belligerent bullies of any and all genders. Number two: there was one overriding reason [Member Name Removed] was eventually banished from the property when I was there: she is not a communicator, she is an attack dog who lunges without provocation, hurling insults and false accusations. Her disruptive, uninformed verbal assaults on not just me but my employees and other subcontractors create a hostile environment in which it is nearly impossible to think let alone work. Volatility would be one of her gentler qualities, yet she implies that she decided to stay away because I have the volatility problem. I will offer that I do not stand meekly by while under attack, but anger on my part is a temporary reaction to her rage- which appears integral to her nature. Number three: the fact that this is the second Internet attack from the [Member Name Removed] for which I've had to defend myself, the attacks being approximately one year apart, combined with the relentlessness of their approach is indicative of flawed characters. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and genders. Both [Member Name Removed] and [Member Name Removed] are badly flawed characters. [Member Name Removed] is a bully. Insurance: in the [Member Name Removed] complaint, the remark-" if you do decide to use him, make sure you see his liability insurance binder. I have yet to see one"- does not expose my lack of insurance, I am fully covered, but it does expose the [Member Name Removed]'s as having mis represented themselves as co-professionals in the building industry. As a Massachusetts corporation, I am required to carry insurance. This complaint reveals only that the [Member Name Removed]'s are ignorant of the transparent process for assessing the contractor's insurance information. This is yet another area where I made the mistake of being lulled into a false sense of security that I was dealing with colleagues who did not require spoon feeding of common building practices. There bragging of their extensive backgrounds in the industry was a clear signal to me that they were in the know about building codes, best practices, and- of course- insurance. A favorite expression of the both of them was," we get it "until they didn't. Number one: when they were seeking my insurance information(mid spring of 2016) they stated they had a $10,000 claim- their attempt to have me pay for their mistakes on the header, and perhaps make some money on the deal to boot. When they sued in small claims(May through July 2016), they could only represent themselves to $7000, so their profit scam was foiled, but they chose to continue seeking money they were not owed. The [Member Name Removed]'s have left a trail of similar lawsuits with other contractors- a red flag as to their method of operation. Number two: my insurance information is always presented to clients who do not represent themselves as "in the know "building professionals. Regarding the [Member Name Removed]'s claims, my insurance binder remains as complete and healthy as it was before, during, and after my ill advised contract with them. My carriers have been put on alert and have been given a full recollection of these events to defend vigorously any false claims the [Member Name Removed]'s may wish to pursue. I will continue to approach all my clients with respect and responsiveness, still believing the best in people until they prove otherwise. The disheartening experience with the [Member Name Removed]'s will certainly put me on guard, though. And I hope I have sounded a warning to other contractors who they might contact after the toxic dust of their most recent lawsuits has settled.


Barbara I.

Approximately 3 years ago, Keith and his crew replaced most of the windows in our home, a basement storm door, and the gutter on the front of the house. We were more than satisfied with the entire experience (see our earlier review) and didn't think twice about who to call when the back of the house needed attention. As before, Keith arrived as scheduled to survey the work and promptly gave us an estimate. He told us it would be approximately 3 weeks before he could start our project (he had other jobs and the weather was a factor as well), but he did, indeed, call us about 3 weeks later. Because we had scheduled a vacation and could not paint the fascia board as agreed, Keith took on that task as well. When we arrived home, the work was complete and all debris removed. Once again, satisfied customers!

Description of Work
Keith replaced the fascia board, drip edge, and gutter on the back of our house. In addition -- and on short notice -- he also painted the fascia board, a task that should have been ours.

Category gutter repair



Frank N.

Keith of Innovation Construction was the first to respond and show up when I sent out requests to contractors in the area last summer. Though the project was not slated to be done until the spring he was willing to promptly provide me with a tentative quote and description of materials. He welcomed my input in adjusting proposed materials and provided a firm contract in February with the assurance that the work would be done as soon as possible. That turned out to be early April, and they were only interrupted once by snow. As the work began Keith offered helpful suggestions that I appreciated. (He recommended eliminating rails at one end of the remodeled deck and providing a long broad step to the lower level so that it works as one interrupted space.) We made decisions along the way in response to unforeseen complications and he adjusted and redesigned the project accordingly. (I suspected our septic system was under the new deck extension. Keith determined precisely where that was, foregoing sono tubes for a concrete pad to support the weight of the hot tub and building removable hatches in the deck where he had found access to the tanks would be required. When the upper deck was already framed out and being covered he discovered after a week that it was dipping at one end.They went back and did another concrete pad to make sure that it would remain level for years to come. Keith does not take shortcuts nor does he recommend the short-term fixes!) Keith and his three men were a pleasure to have working on my home. They were courteous and always open to questions and concerns. Keith's communication before and during this project was effective. His prices were fair as far as I can tell. I would not hesitate to engage Innovation Construction for future work nor would I hesitate to strongly recommend their services to a friend.

Description of Work
Innovation Construction helped plan, design and execute remodeling an existing wooden deck with Azek materials and extension of the deck on a lower level to accommodate a hot tub.and outdoor shower.

Category decks,remodeling,woodworking



Walter H.

It went very well. They showed up on time and finished the work on time and on budget. They explained everything to me very well so there weren't any surprises. I never felt like they were trying to sell me every other little thing that could be fixed on my house, like some contractors do. But, they did answer any questions that I had about the project and other project ideas. Overall everything went well. My wife and I are so glad too, as we've had plenty of not-so-good experiences with contractors. We'll use them again now that we've found a reliable company.

Description of Work
Built a new set of stairs and railings, including demolishing the old set.

Category remodeling



Ellen S.

Our project was completed with our utmost satisfaction, on time and within budget. Keith patiently provided us with plans and expert advice with both the design and functionality and the craftmanship of Keith and his crew reflected care and attention to detail. It was reassuring to come home from work each day and see significant progress being made. Keith and his entire crew were courteous and professional and we would not hesitate to contract with Innovation Construction in the future.

Description of Work
Keith put an addition on our house consisting of a dining room and a 2 car garage.

Category remodeling



Sarah B.

I often times just browse on Angie's List and was reading reviews of Innovation Construction and saw his most recent review. While I already have previously reviewed Keith, I felt I needed to review him again. Back in 2012 I hired Innovation Construction to finish my basement. I had 3 different companies come out for estimates and Keith won me over by being reasonably priced, as well as the person I felt most comfortable with. From the time he first walked in the door to our last day of building, he was the most polite and knowledgeable person I could have asked for. The comments on childish behavior are obviously coming from someone that did not get the pleasure of truly working him. While my knowledge of construction is very minimal, Keith took the time to explain every detail in terms I could understand and also designed my project that was far beyond my expectations. We agreed on a budget and to the last day, we stayed exactly on what price we had agreed. The only issue we had during this renovation was the tile floor in the basement. Two tiles in the basement where placed wrong. I did not see this. In fact Keith pointed this out to me. It was minimal enough that i may have never noticed. Keith resolved this issue by not just replacing the two tiles but the whole bathroom floor to insure the natural tile came from the same pallet so the shades of color contrasted each other properly. This is all on his dime mind you over two tiles! At this point it was set in stone "literally" that i hired the right man for the job! I never would have thought that even the same name natural stone tile color could vary from pallet to pallet. His attention to detail, honesty and quality of work is what defines this mans character and level of professionalism. I will be using Innovation construction in all my future home renovations. He was not the cheapest or the most expensive. I am a firm believer in spending an extra dime for the piece of mind. We love our finished basement. Was worth every penny! I am going to be doing further home renovations and you can count on that! I will be using Innovation Construction! If you are looking for a competitive, hardworking, and polite company, Innovation Construction will meet all of your needs beyond your expectations!

Description of Work
Finished Basement- with addition of family room, office, gym and a full bathroom

Category remodeling



laura M.

We signed an intent to build with Keith and innovation construction bound with a $1000. deposit. We were pleased with the initial planning stages. At some point We asked for clarification about the bid (what did it include etc); this seemed to upset Keith greatly, but he agreed to revisit it. The next day we basically got a kiss off letter that encouraged us to find another contractor. This was shocking as we had been working with him for several months and were using his suggested architect. I responded by email to him and he has not responded. The architect completed the plan per our contract with him; however Keith did not. I understand that he has every right to decide not to work with us; however, he should return the $1000. Deposit that he took from us. He broke the contract, not us. I have written him via registered letter to try to resolve this and he refuses to accept the mail. I think this is incredibly unprofessional. We have since moved forward with another contractor. We had every intention to move forward with Keith had he not told us to go elsewhere. Unless you want to work with someone who throws hissy fits and then takes your deposit and goes home instead of trying to communicate like a grown up, look elsewhere. The response from innovation is greatly exaggerated. Budget was clearly stated at $100,000 from the get go and then was agreed to be increased once we had a reality check on what building costs were in relation to our renovation needs. There were not 5 plans, but 3..and that was NOT due to our design changes, but due to an architect who was drawing beyond the scope of the budget. This architect, by the way, was a friend of Keith's which is why we went with him. This architect also DID finish the job contracted for and we are currently using his plans. Keith plain out told me to find some one else to work with...that is why we didn't move to contract as his response indicates. We did not have a problem with the last submitted bid amount. It was unclear what that bid covered because he submitted it in a different form than he had previously which was confusing to me. I ttried to explain to Keith that this is why I was unclear and it was then that Keith became upset and dropped us. Quote " I'm a small business. It's not like I have a spreadsheet that can show you what everything is going to cost". And yes, I had 4 transom windows and a sliding door that were new Anderson products that I had purchased off craigslist. I do believe in reuse and recycle, when possible. I plainly told Keith and the architect this up front in the meeting and asked if they could work with that...they both said yes. The architect did draw those products into the design and they have now been installed...not sure why he now portrays that as unreasonable. As many other reviewers have testified, I also liked him very much and felt comfortable with him. Heck, we even served him dinner in our home on occasion. I don't know if he had a bad day or what...but he did blow up on me, send me a kiss off email, and then kept my deposit. It's unprofessional....never saw it coming....only reason I bothered to put my time into a review is so that you can avoid this happening to you. If you look at my reviews for other businesses I've used from Angie's list, they are all A's....I'm not a crank or someone who is never satisfied. Try c&j hunt construction instead. They're rockin my house out right now...and no Jekyll and Hyde to deal with.

Description of Work
He was supposed to do a full house renovation

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

We at Innovation Construction Company are of course regretful that we were not able to continue with [member name removed] remodeling project. However, her claim that we broke the terms of the signed letter of intent is incorrect. [member name removed] signature (March 16, 2013) on the Letter of Intent affirms that she authorized us to prepare a construction agreement, assist in the design for budget, and schedule the project and crews, with the specified non-refundable $1,000 confirming continuing good faith in contract negotiation and our agreement to perform work subject to mutually agreeable final contract terms. During the entirety of our association on this project, she refused to reveal a number or even price range for her budget. In doing so, She (1) prevented me from assisting in a design for budget and she (2) withheld the framework for coming to mutually agreeable terms. Despite her noncompliance with these vital conditions of our agreement, I spent over 40 hours (involving multiple site visits, including site visits from plumbing and heating contractors) crafting estimates: all based on plans [member name removed] developed in full knowledge of my cost per square foot-which I had told her upfront at the initial stages of creation. By August, I had presented five estimates, revising my plans four times to accommodate her changing designs. Each time, she had created a design in full knowledge of the cost per square foot; each time, when she refused an estimate as too expensive, she still refused to state a number that she would not deem too expensive: her budge. Had she given me this number, I would have been able to more efficiently guide her plans. Between estimates four and five, from the $194,000 range reduced to $186,000. I again asked for a specific budget number that they wanted to spend. When she would not reveal it, I did express my frustration with some agitation. It is a mystery to me why she interpreted this moment as my becoming upset over being asked to clarify the bid, as all bid details were laid out clearly right in front of her in the design plans submitted with the bid. The six-month attempt to find a mutual path on this project was a complex ride with many more details affecting my decision. Having gone on this long, I won’t elaborate, just mention that this client’s pressure to replace my trusted team members – the architect with whom I have a history of seamless team work; the millwork vendors, whose products I can warrantee (impossible with the Craigslist items stacked in her garage that she demanded I use instead) and who provide me a marginal profit without which I might not remain in business years down the road to back up the work I proudly guarantee – revealed both a lack of understanding of the building profession and a lack of trust in her builder of choice to make the decisions for a mutually beneficial result. In the spirit of good business practice, I am willing to refund half of the letter of intent binder fee ($500.00) on condition that [member name removed] sign a document with me that neither she nor her representatives will write further commentary on this dispute, including social media comments and internet reviews, or pursue any further actions, including small claims court actions, and will remove the Angie’s list posting. Customer satisfaction will always remain top of the list for me, along with professional behavior and craftsmanship, and I hope my response has clarified some concerns. Sincerely yours, Keith Dmytryck Innovation Construction Co. Inc.


Jessi M.

Ultimately we decided to hold off on having work done but will definitely use this company when we do!

Description of Work
Called for an estimate on wainscoting and crown molding in the kitchen/living room, dining room and bedroom. The owner responded within 24 hours and quickly found a time that would work for us. He was very professional and courteous, didn't commit to a number until he had priced the current cost of materials.

Category remodeling

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Innovation Construction Co

    How is Innovation Construction Co overall rated?

    Innovation Construction Co is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Innovation Construction Co open?

    Innovation Construction Co is open:

    Monday: 7:30 PM - 7:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

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    What payment options does Innovation Construction Co provide

    Innovation Construction Co accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, Financing Available

    Does Innovation Construction Co offer free estimates?

    Yes, Innovation Construction Co offers free project estimates.

    Does Innovation Construction Co offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Innovation Construction Co offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Innovation Construction Co offer a senior discount?

    No, Innovation Construction Co does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Innovation Construction Co?

    Yes, Innovation Construction Co offers warranties.

    What services does Innovation Construction Co offer?

    Innovation Construction Co offers the following services: Home improvements, remodeling, additions, windows, entry doors, decks & sunrooms, roofing, skylights, sun tunnels, wood siding, James Hardie Siding, garages, general contracting, kitchen & bath remodeling, custom carpentry, interior walls removed, finished basements, built in cabinetry, design & build services, attic conversions, crown moldings, wainscot, vinyl sidings and replacement vinyl windows, sliding glass doors, French doors.

    Are there any services Innovation Construction Co does not offer?

    If we do not do it then we can help you find the folks who do, please call or e mail with your question.