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  • Susan Helmich Fine Jewelry
    Susan redesigned a very expensive pair of earrings for me so that I could actually wear them. I'm sure it's a story familiar to other reviewers: one day you wake up and your earrings now look stupid on you because your ear lobes have thinned and lengthened. In my case, the earrings were heavy enough to bend my lobes backwards. Before finding Susan, I visited three other independent jewelers in Colorado Springs and one in Monument. All had good reputations, so I was disappointed that none of them could give me a confident solution. I.e., they all hedged their answers with and quot; ... we think this will fix it ... and quot; or and quot; ... we could try this and see if it works ... ,and quot; etc. And then I met with Susan. She scrutinized how the earrings lay on my ears; tried them on her own ears to get their and quot;feeland quot;; sketched a few pictures to visualize how to counter-weight the earrings; and then said (with confidence) that adding a support bar on the back of each earring would solve the problem. And she was right. My gorgeous spendy earrings no longer look goofy on me; they look great! The other services I've bought include repairing (or more accurately) replacing lever-backs on earrings and buying better-fitting pierced earring backs. And earlier this month my husband and I met with Susan to design a custom wedding ring. Every step of the way, Susan has taken care to educate us about the attributes of the gemstones and how they are graded, the pros and cons of different types of metals, and more; and (this is really important) to be sure we remain on the and quot;same pageand quot; about budget. Susan also has a store in Scottsdale, AZ and is always happy to bring something from there to show to us here. We've also appreciated the help of Teresa Barnes, Susan's assistant. Teresa is excellent at follow-up, answering questions, and taking care of the transactional details. Susan Helmich Jewelry is a gem of a find!
    - Rose J.
    The lady was excellent. She is a certified appraiser. We are insured with USAA and they told me that we had to have a certified appraisal on this jewelry in order to insure it. I looked on the internet. I had done some price comparisons and from what I could gather, her price was well in line. She is not inexpensive but she comes right to your house and does the appraisal with the jewelry right there. I would certainly recommend the company. We were afraid we were going to go someplace and they were going to say that they were going to keep the jewelry overnight. You don't want to do that. The lady came in with a ton of equipment literally. There were a bunch of microscopes and all the other electronic stuff. That's the great thing about the service is that she comes right to your house. She takes down all the information on the jewelry and takes photos of it. Then she does go home after that and she mails you the final appraisal in a matter of less than a week. The price was $150.00 for the first item and $100.00 for the other two items each. We were sitting at the table watching what she was doing and we felt very comfortable. There was no doubt in my mind that she was an expert on that. She had all the equipment that you would need and then some things that I didn't know what they were but she explained it to me. She took very detailed measurements of all the jewels. She had calipers and so forth that she did that with. She had scales to weigh things and different devices to inspect them. She had a very powerful microscope. I happen to have a stereo microscope myself that I had looked at this diamond with and seen some of the flaws. She had one that was even better than mine. She showed us things like a laser drilled hole in the diamond where they go in and they remove a defect by literally using a laser. The hole is actually finer than a human hair. She was really professional. I was unfamiliar with this before this but they do what's called the plaque of the diamond and it's a very detailed statement of the diamond itself. It gives all what they call the inclusions and the little flaws and so forth and that's what she provides the insurance company. That way if the jewelry is stolen and recovered, the insurance company could identify it and so forth. I would have no hesitation in using the company again in the future.
    - Armelia S.
    I had several pieces of jewelry damaged in the Black Forest Fire. These folks cleaned it and did minor repairs and would accept no payment for their effort. Overall they spent at least an hour of work. I recommend them more highly for attitude and integrity.
    - Franklyn B.
    I went to Anton Nash to have my jewelry appraised for insurance. They will come to your house but I prefered to go to their office because I have a dog that is not friendly. I was immediately impressed how professional and polite they where. Julie inspected my pieces. She was out going, nice, with a sense of humor and very knowledgeable about jewelry. When she found a piece of jewelry that had a small nick on it she pointed it out so that if I have needed to have it repaired or looked at for some reason I would know it was there. Everything inspected was done carefully, precisely, and with the utmost respect for how much the jewelry meant to me. Julie even cleaned three pieces for me that where particularly dirty. They shined like they should after she was done. I highly recommend this company not just for how great they do their job but what wonderful people they are and how comfortable I felt there. They also have two dogs that I loved! I almost wanted to negotiate a free appraisal for one of the dogs. I just love these people!
    - Kristen K.
    Julie is very pleasant to work with and is considered in Colorado to be among the best in her field. She is the best here in Colorado Springs!
    - Karen B.
    The examiner arrived with several pieces of equipment for testing. There were several pieces of jewelry looked at that were not worth the trouble to have appraised and the examiner did not charge for those. The final report arrived within 5 days and was most satisfying.
    - Loring T.
  • Colorado Antique Appraisers
    We only chose this person because they said they were in Manitou. They are not. They are in Denver. The address listed belongs to another business and is for sale. All kinds of excuses for why they couldn't be there at the agreed upon time. Had to wait literally all day. Unprofessional manner and behavior. Didn't bring materials, except for her cell phone, notebook and husband. Took longer to get back to us than agreed upon, then had excuses for why she couldn't meet at the agreed upon time and place again. Threatened legal action when I became suspicious of online contradictions and erratic behavior, and asked for her credentials. Accused us of stealing her work (which we had not even received), threatened that her "law firm" would put a lien on our house, and said she would always know where my husband works. Never showed me any proof of qualification. Honestly frightened me. My husband had to drive up to Monument to retrieve the report from her husband, who had it for some reason. Result was full of typos, incorrect information and contradictions. A picture valued at one hundred and fifty dollars according to her was a picture cut from a book and framed because it was pretty - I didn't even realize they'd included it, as it was worth approximately nothing and only in the room because that's where I was packing all the wall art. When I messaged about the issue, she said I only wanted to complain, called me a "stinky fat pig" among other things, and said she would introduce my husband to some real women.
    - Nunya B.
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