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Paving Stone Of San Diego

Founded 2006 • With Angi since February 2010


(26) Verified Reviews

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1262 Greenfield Drive

El Cajon, CA 92021


Paving Stone of San Diego is a family owned and operated business serving all of San Diego County. We specialize in the design and installation of interlocking paving stones for your driveway, patio, pool deck or walkways. We are one of San Diego’s #1 installers of interlocking pavers. We look forward to helping you transform your ideas into reality....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Gary G.

They did a spectacular job 5 years ago installing our new driveway and front hardscape. We had them come back this year to clean and re-seal it. The worker who did that failed to do it right and we were not happy. The owner himself came out, diagnosed the problem, and did what was needed to strip off the old sealer, clean the stones to original condition, and re-seal. It is beautiful and looks like new! Were were so impressed that the owners stood by their work and spent so much time and effort to make things right! We wish all businesses would show this sort of integrity.

Description of Work
Installed paving stones in our driveway and front hardscape, replacing old cement

Category concrete driveways,pavers, gravel,hardscaping



Deborah C.

We got three quotes. All three were pretty comparable in price; however, Josh from Paving Stone of San Diego went above and beyond the rest. Along with his quoted price he created a color visual of what our yard would look like when it was completed and did not charge for the computer generated drawing. Once we signed up, Josh offered his expertise in regards to the type and colors of the pavers. He brought several samples and left them with us so we could decide on the final colors. We weren’t sure what we actually wanted so Josh created a design for us and we loved it. The work started pretty quickly. Ernie and his team worked very hard and long hours, every day until the job was done to our satisfaction. Ernie has a lot of experience and made a few helpful suggestions to make the yard even more attractive. This did mean more money; however, Josh did his very best to keep the cost as close to our budget as possible. Josh stopped by frequently to check the progress of the job and once it was completed, he came back and did a thorough inspection. We love the work that Paving Stone of San Diego did and would definitely recommend them to others. In fact, we have already recommended them to two other people.

Description of Work
We needed quite a bit of work done in our yard; clearing all plants, grass and re-grading the land, in the front and back yards. Then we wanted pavers and artificial turf laid.

Category decks,drain pipe,hardscaping



Keith C.

The owner is mentally deranged, rude, and unstable. Avoid doing business with these people. They charged for extra hours of work not completed, which were prepaid, and refused to refund for hours they never worked. They promised to start the job and delayed constantly. We had a time limit we needed the job completed by. They told us they would send 2 to 3 laborers each day to get the job done quickly, then started the job late, and kept sending only one guy. We took time off work and other things to be home to monitor work being done. The first two days they were supposed to show up early, and never showed up. They didn't offer a courtesy call prior to say they couldn't do the work that day, we had to call to find out they were not showing up. They had a permanently disabled person they sent out who was the relative of one of their employees they had begged to do them a favor to try to speed up the work when they couldn't get it done. This person was not qualified to do any construction, and it was probably harmful to his health. They were fine on selling their services, and then constant delays, constant pushing to get it done, a supposed 3 day job took 2 weeks to get finished, and then abusive behavior and threats. They promised repeatedly to fix a portion of the walkway work they did, sent a guy out, the guy would tell us it was done and fixed, repeatedly lying. This portion had to be redone 3 times, because they were hiding what they didn't do by covering it with sand. They charged extra hours of work to get it fixed. The extra work took one guy an hour only, and he still didn't even do the work. He just covered up the area. We asked to have the unused portion of the labor prepaid towards the cost of the job to seal the pavers after they were installed. They seemed to accept this, then suddenly started sending abusive text messages accusing us of stealing from them and not paying. Their sealer worker gave us the wrong invoice by mistake. We had paid the amount on the invoice he gave us in full, assuming they had deducted for the unworked extra hours as we had expected them to do. It equaled approximately the same money as the mistaken invoice. Owner accuses us of wrestling a smaller bill to pay from the laborers hands in order to try to avoid paying them. Who would do something like that?? We had given the laborers a check for the sealer job and even tipped them. The owner is aggressive and rude, and now attempts to extort money by threatening to file liens on the property for work that was prepaid. Dishonest Company trying to con and extort money with threatening behavior.

Description of Work
Installation of Pavers, Driveway and Walkway

Category hardscaping



Candida C.

My house looks beautiful now! So happy!!! Josh was great! He designed this whole thing just like I wanted. He also informed me about Ygrene... with out his knowledge and referring me to Ygrene my project couldn't have been completed. The workers were always on time and they finished my project in the time in which it was scheduled.

Description of Work
I had a long driveway.... 12ft x165ft.... and front/backyard. Columns at the entrance and a nice fire pit.

Category hardscaping



LaVerne C.

The initial contact with Joshua was great. He made some good recommendations and gave us a good price. Our problems started when what should have been a 2-3 week job turned into almost 8 weeks without a usable back yard or pool. We contracted separately with a pool company to have our pool refinished. Paving Stones was aware of this (they actually recommended the pool company) and they put in their contract that they would take care of coordination with the pool company. Well, that never really happened. Paving stones came in to do their excavation and the pool company then came in and put in the coping and tile for the pool. This took the pool company about 1-1/2 weeks, which is what they had said it would take. I called Paving Stones on the day that the pool company was done but did not get any response to them. For two weeks no work was done on my deck. When I did finally get in touch with them they said "the pool guy was supposed to call us about a week before he finished and he didn't call us until he was done". This was pretty absurd to be because (1) they were supposed to be in charge or the coordination and (2) they knew the job would take about 5-7 days before he even started. When I told them that even when they told him when they were finished, it had still been two weeks (more notice than they requested) and work hadn't proceeded they still wanted to point the finger back to the pool company. They said they were now busy with another job and would come back when they finished it. They couldn't give me a date because the new job kept "adding things". So, they couldn't track and finish my job but they were staying at another one - even adding items while leaving me with a unusable yard. I'm sure the new job was paying them more money, but they should have done better scheduling. Finally they showed up about 3 days later. Interesting to me was that even though Paving stone had taken on the job of coordinating the entire effort, the pool company showed up on a weekly basis to see how work was progressing, because they were anxious to finish . The next problem was with a strip of concrete along the fence. When we first got the quote Josh told us that they wouldn't dig that up, which was fine, but we also expressed concern that then the concrete wouldn't match the paving. He told us "don't worry, it'll all match". So, when they finished, the paving was about 1/2" higher than the concrete strip -- so now they not only don't match but they're not even level. They proceeded once again to point the finger at the pool company, stating that they had put the coping too high. They knew the size of the coping because the pool company got it from them. My response is that if they were coordinating the job, they should have passed any specifics like that on to the pool company, not come in after they finish and complain. Also, they never showed up while the pool guys were there -- so if they didn't tell them and didn't show up to see what they were doing how can they then say that the "pool guys screwed it up". They assured me that they would come up with a solution. They also left a lot of junk in the back yard that we had to dispose of. So, the next week 3 of them come by talking about how good the yard looks, but with no solution. They suggested that I put planters there but stated that there was no way to make the two surfaces the same height or color. I don't believe them at all, I'm pretty sure that they just don't want to eat that expense. Now the good -- the quality of the work they did was excellent. With the exception of the strip of concrete along the fence the job looks really good. Because of the quality of the work and the price I would probably hire them again for a simple paving job. However, I would never trust them to handle communications/coordination with another company.

Description of Work
Paving stones around pool area

Category landscaping,pavers, gravel,driveway pavers,hardscaping




One of the vendors for Paving Stone of San Diego, Angelus Block Co., got our name and sent us a threatening letter because Paving Stone of San Diego had not paid them for $4,000 worth of material and supplies, even though we had paid Paving Stone of San Diego in full! I start with this comment, because it is the latest mishap that we experienced with this company. I should have paid more attention to another Angie's List member review about the same salesman, Josh, who screwed up our order. But, he seemed honest and willing to make this job happen, so we went with him. The number one complaint is that even though I took a week off from work to be available to the two workers, no supervision was given the two men. So, two big problems occurred and no-one could be reached on the phone, the first time after being promised by Josh that a supervisor would be present as the workers fixed the problem. The second time, when I tried,and tried, and tried to reach Josh to let him know that a worker was stranded here with no transportation and not until late evening time found out that he was playing golf and had his phone off!!!!! When my wife called the company, she told them we were very impressed by Vidal and Joaquin who did a great job and even brought in extra stones at their own expense. We were appreciative that after all the miscommunication and lies from Josh, someone else, Jon, worked with my wife to get the pavers installed at the edge of the sod even though Josh promised it and then did not follow through. He also promised to have the sprinkler system box connected to the outside yard with a PVC pipe installed under the pavers, but he forgot!!! He also "forgot" that we wanted a gopher proof fabric underneath the synthetic turf, and on and on. I was so upset and frustrated that my wife took over talking with this company. She told them Joshua should be fired for 1) lying to get the bid 2) not writing the bid up properly 3) acting incredibly unprofessional throughout the process and 4) not communicating well and not letting us know we should be contacting the project manager not him and making sure we had Jon's number. She told them he is giving them a bad name and should be fired. When she told the office manager how strongly I felt and that we were members of Angie's list and Joshua was going to ruin their reputation, she said she'd tell the owners. I am waiting to see if anyone gets back to me. Instead, what we got was the threat from the Angelus Block Co.!!!!! No, we do not recommend The Paving Stones of San Diego. Find someone better.

Description of Work
Installed pavers and synthetic turf/ Pavers covered about 575 square feet and grass about 250.

Category irrigation systems,pavers, gravel,driveway pavers,hardscaping

Service Provider Response

[member name removed], Let me start off by saying from all of us at PavingStone of San Diego hear you loud and clear. The misunderstanding with the lien on your property is just that. We should have been more clear by letting you know that all suppliers must send a registered letter to verify the home owner is aware materials were delivered to improved the value of their property. The preliminary lien gives them the rights to obtain a judgment in court in case they are not paid. When we explained the difference to you, I'm afraid it may have been confused in the translation. Unless you receive an actual Lien and not preliminary lien it means nothing. It usually takes 120 days for past due invoices to reach this piont. We have never received an actual Lien for any of our Three Thousand finished clients. Our account is in good standings with all our suppliers and I assure you, if you get a loan to refinance or sell your home the preliminary lien will not be there. The only gopher proof barrier I ever used was my neighbors cat. We do not have that in our pricing so its very unlikely Josh offered it. We used polypropylene fabric as always but nothing is "proof" only bionic gophers can eat through the poly barrier to get to the 3/4" to 1" crushed road base under the synthetic grass. On occasion when clients get multiple bids and hear many sales pitches, they can confuse who said what that's why we must go with what we have in your contract that was in writing. We had a feeling how the tempo job was going to be like the very first day. We had two scolding messages on our office phone screaming and cussing about how Jon was late at 7:08 am. Job start walk is 7:00-7:30 am. As for the nice things you said about our crew they were nice to hear and that's why this review is such a surprise. I have spoken to Josh at length about how this job went sideways. Jon was the manager of your job, met with [member name removed] for 10 minutes then she went back to watching TV. Jon knocked on the door everyday but I guess he could not be herd over the television or microwave. The blow up over a sleeve under the pavers for future irrigation was taken care and everything else was GOOD WE THOUGHT... WE THANK YOU for not following through with all the other threats of stopping payment on the checks. The crew did not pay for materials on there own I assure you. The crew and Jon were told to do what ever it takes to make you gals happy. The last we heard was you both were happy and signed off on everything. When you found out Josh was not fired you informed us we would be getting an "f" RATING. Sometimes we have to say that with all the different personalities in this world and ratings being so public that you just can't please everyone, this may be one of those one of those cases. Josh was not fired I fact he was given a raise because he has many happy clients and very few unhappy. If there is anything we can do besides fire Joshua let us know we are greatful for you buisiness and look forward to working with you again.


Amy M.

Paving Stone of San Diego did a fabulous job on our patio and walkway. This company is the most professional company to work with. From beginning to end they were just amazing!!! We could not be happier with the work they did. It is more than we envisioned! Thank you so much Paving Stone of San Diego!

Description of Work
Cobblestone patio and walkway.

Category concrete repair,hardscaping,patios



Laura B.

Highly unethical company? No work was ever completed on my job (that didn't start two months after I signed my contract), yet they still refuse to refund my deposit of $819. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! They will overpromise and never deliver, especially if you're a smaller, less important job like mine was. My salesman Josh clearly made a lot of verbal promises that were never officially approved my his management ("I'll talk to my construction manager first thing tomorrow morning" and "I'm not going to write this in the contract; I'll just talk to the crew and we'll take care of it", etc.) Josh did tell me I was his first solo sales assignment, so maybe he just doesn't know the business well enough yet? but I have no respect for dishonest salesmen who overpromise just to get you to sign a contract and make a quick buck. I could never recommend people who do business this way, and it's businesses like this that buyers need to beware when dealing with inexperienced contractors. Six weeks after I signed my contract, they still had not scheduled my job to start after repeatedly promising me a maximum 5-6 week start date during their 'extremely busy' season. It's now ten weeks later, and I have an open BBB dispute to which they have responded they do not owe me a refund of my deposit ($819). What a disaster. Save yourselves the headache and find a reputable company who will not take your money and leave you high and dry like these folks!!

Description of Work
Failed to ever start or complete any work on my job, after contract signing. Failed to refund my deposit when they couldn't perform on our agreements.

Category hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Paving Stone of San Diego was on schedule to start the customer job on June 16th as stated on the customer’s contract. The customer had made changes to the scope of work to be completed and these changes were not finalized until May 31st. I have spoken to the sale representative and reviewed the email correspondence between him and the customer. The sales representative assured me that at no time did he promise the customer an earlier start date which is backed up by the email correspondence. Each time the customer asked if we could move her job up the sales representative called the Construction Manager to get a scheduling update for the job and then would pass the information on to the customer. If the customer had chosen to cancel the contract within the three day period the deposit would be refunded immediately. However the customer waited 4 business days prior to the job start to cancel the contract die to the issue of her spa delivery. There are many costs associated with processing a job from the many hours the sales representative spent with the customer to office personal processing the file, ordering materials and coordinating the job start. These costs add up which is why most times we do not return the deposit when a customer cancels this close to the installation date. Below is a brief synopsis of what transpired: On April 29th, 2014 [member name removed] singed a contract with Paving Stone of San Diego. The contract was for the installation of pavers in the customer’s front yard, a walkway down the side of the house and a patio in the customer’s back yard. The contract states that the job is to start the week of 06/16/14 and finish the week of 06/23/14. The customer was aware of these dates at the time she signed the contract. On Sunday, May 4th, the customer contacted the sales representative about changing the design and adding artificial turf. On May 31st the customer signed a change order which changed the scope of work to be performed, adding artificial turf and a new planter area. On June 2nd the office called the customer to let her know that her job would be starting on 06/16/14 as stated on the contract. The next day, Saturday June 7th at 10:30 pm, the sales representative received an email from the customer stating “I’m running into a problem with my spa delivery…they wanted to deliver today, and I can only put it off probably another week. This will be a major hassle to move it around when you guys are doing the paver work (not sure it’s safe to leave it in my driveway instead of in a locked area), so if there’s any way we can get rolling on the demo/paver install next week, it would be best.” On Sunday, June 8th, the customer again emailed the sales representative and stated that “I need to just cancel this job, if you guys can’t start this week.” On Monday, June 9th at 8:59pm the customer sent an email cancelling her contract. On June 18th the customer filed a complaint with the BBB to which we responded. BBB reviewed both sides of the complaint and found in our favor. The complaint was closed on June 7th the same day the customer filed this complaint.


Lori L.

They said they will do it in 3 days, got it done and it is gorgeous, very timely, and professional. I was very pleased with them. So, I did go back to them and had them do retaining walls on the patio that this other company did. I like their sales person, very professional, and knowledgeable. I have contacted them right away and get a start paid. They jumped on within a week and had the work done. That was perfect. I really like them.

Description of Work
They did a patio on front of our house.

Category concrete repair,hardscaping,patios



susan H.

Great, we haven't dealt with a company that did exactly as promised. Finished on time despite my many requests for additions, which they happily did.

Description of Work
Complete back yard landscaping. Drains, sprinkler system, grass, large circle of paving stones with seating wall and 2 patio areas of paving stones.

Category decks,landscaping,irrigation systems,pavers, gravel,drain pipe,hardscaping,patios

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    Services Offered

    We install concrete interlocking paving stones, walls and synthetic turf.

    Services Not Offered

    We do not install poured concrete or asphalt.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Paving Stone Of San Diego

    How is Paving Stone Of San Diego overall rated?

    Paving Stone Of San Diego is currently rated 4.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Paving Stone Of San Diego open?

    Paving Stone Of San Diego is open:

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    What payment options does Paving Stone Of San Diego provide

    Paving Stone Of San Diego accepts the following forms of payment: Financing Available, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

    Does Paving Stone Of San Diego offer free estimates?

    Yes, Paving Stone Of San Diego offers free project estimates.

    Does Paving Stone Of San Diego offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Paving Stone Of San Diego does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Paving Stone Of San Diego?

    Yes, Paving Stone Of San Diego offers warranties.

    What services does Paving Stone Of San Diego offer?

    Paving Stone Of San Diego offers the following services: We install concrete interlocking paving stones, walls and synthetic turf.

    Are there any services Paving Stone Of San Diego does not offer?

    We do not install poured concrete or asphalt.