What Is a USB Outlet?

Jess Lynk
Written by Jess Lynk
Updated September 30, 2021
Hand holding charging smartphone
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A USB outlet is a convenient way to charge your devices with just the cord

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Most phone charger cords end with a USB plug these days. This means in order to plug these cords into an outlet you need an adapter, or a specific outlet. Switching out your standard wall outlet for a USB outlet can allow you to conveniently charge all your devices without having to dig for an adapter. 

What is a USB Outlet?

A USB Outlet is exactly what it sounds like, a wall socket that has a USB Port built in. Usually the outlet comes with two usual electrical outlets and two USB ports. 

Since installing the outlet means dealing with electrical wiring, you want a licensed electrician to handle the work.

Uses for a USB Outlet

This outlet lets you charge a device, like a tablet or smartphone, using the USB charging cord it comes with, without a power adapter or computer. These types of outlets are nice to have in a place you frequently charge your devices like a bedroom or kitchen. This also frees up your other outlets so you can plug in other things, like a lamp on your bedside table. 

What USB Outlet to Purchase

If you are going to purchase the USB outlet before you hire an electrician, be sure you don’t skimp on costs. All wall outlets, including USB, should be both UL certified and compliant with NEC code.

Cost to Install a USB Outlet

Electrician working on electrical outlet
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Typically to install an outlet, it will cost you an average of $212, and range from $133 to $295. Because the outlet has the same amount of power as the typical outlet, installing a USB outlet will run you the same cost as a typical outlet. If you are replacing more than one outlet at a time, the cost will be more. 

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