The Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Audrey Bruno
Written by Audrey Bruno
Updated November 16, 2021
A modern bright bedroom with a fireplace
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A fresh coat of paint could be just the thing your bedroom needs

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Choosing a bedroom paint color is a delicate balance of preference and practicality. It has to be something that you like, but it also has to make you feel cozy and comfortable in the place where you sleep. Luckily, the best shades blend a variety of tones and accents in order to meet all kinds of needs. Light, dark, bright, mellow—this list has something for everyone.


Woman relaxing in her yellow painted bedroom with her laptop
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Often bright and harsh, yellow might not be the first paint color that springs to mind for bedrooms. But the right shade can welcome you into the day like a warm, gentle ray of sunshine.

Light Yellows

Light yellow paint colors are available in various shades and can be mixed with browns, oranges, greens, and reds. 

  • Daffodil: With notes of orange, gold, and red, this bright yellow may be too much for an entire room but is perfect for an accent wall.

  • Lemon: Mixed with white, this yellow is a barely there option that can easily be used for a whole room.

  • Straw: This shade is blended with brown to create earthy tones that will transport you to the countryside—minus the bugs and smells.

Dark Yellows

Many darker yellows utilize warm, earthy tones to mellow out the color’s saturation.

  • Marigold: This option is a lot like daffodil, but on the darker end of the spectrum. It uses shades of red and gold to create a warm, equatorial environment.

  • Golden Yellow: Toeing the line between orange and yellow, this color is perfect when you can’t decide between the two.

  • Corn: Notes of green and brown give this a tranquil, laid-back vibe.


A bedroom with blue walls
Jon Lovette/DigitalVision via Getty Images

Blue is beloved for bedrooms because of just how relaxing it can be. 

Light Blues

Sleeping in a light blue bedroom can feel like everything from dozing off on a warm beach to jumping into an icy lake, depending on the shade. 

  • Sea: This shade blends blue with light green and yellow accents to create a seaside effect.

  • Sky: Yellow and red accents brighten up this blue like a sunny day.

  • Icy blue: Nothing says snuggling quite like a wintery environment. Mixed with silver and white, this shade is a great option for cold weather fans.

Dark Blues

Deeper blues can be soothing and exhilarating—often both at once. 

  • Cobalt: This electric blue sings during the day when sunlight highlights its yellow accents. But it’s bright and welcoming even on the grayest of days.

  • Navy: Understated and inviting, navy paint creates an excellent contrast for the brighter elements of your bedroom.

  • Lapis lazuli: Purple is generally a no-go for bedrooms—especially darker varieties—but this enchanting blue contains enough traces of violet to give your space a regal feel.


A bedroom with pendant lights and gray walls
onurdongel/E+ via Getty Images

This color is another great option for bedrooms in both light and dark shades. 

Light Grays

This type of gray can be light and airy or warm and grounded depending on the colors it’s mixed with.

  • Ash: This shade of grey is highlighted with white and excellent for neutral spaces.

  • Cool gray: Dotted with accents of icy blue, this color is another that will remind you of a  cozy, winter wonderland.

  • Silver: If you’re trying to build a luxurious space, silver paint will add the glitz and glam you’re looking for.

Dark Grays

Certain dark grays can overwhelm a space, but many are balanced by a blend of bright and earthy tones.

  • Slate: The navy blue tones in this color create the feeling of being on a windy cliffside next to the sea, but from the comfort of your bed.

  • Charcoal: This dark gray is best when used in moderation. If you’re not ready to fully commit, start by using it for an accent wall.

  • Gray green: Green combined with gray equals a cozy, nature-like atmosphere that will remind you of sitting in a mossy forest.

White and Off-White

A bed with wooden headboard in an off-white painted bedroom
Anastasiia Krivenok/Moment via Getty Images

White is a classic option for spaces because it can work with just about any style. But some whites are better for bedrooms than others.


It’s hard to go wrong with white paint, but different options have different effects. 

  • Snow: Ever so slightly darkened with shades of gray, this white will help you develop a wintery space.

  • Ivory: A pinch of yellow gives this white an antique flair, perfect for cottage-style, shabby chic rooms.

  • Bright white: It doesn’t get much whiter than bright white, and this neutral color is perfect for bedrooms with lots of maximalist decor.


If you find pure white unsettling, but don’t want to venture into bright colors, off-white could be the perfect fit for your space. 

  • Cream: Smooth and inviting, this white alternative will keep your space cozy and clean.

  • Satin: This color has a polished finish that can add a bit of luxury to your bedroom.

  • Eggshell: This shade is similar to ivory but with stronger, more visible notes of yellow.


A bedroom with white walls and pink ceiling
SolStock/E+ via Getty Images

Both light and bright pink paints can fill a bedroom with life.

Light Pinks

Lighter pinks can feel floral and fantastical or hip and modern depending on the shade. 

  • Peach: Notes of orange make this pink feel warm and welcoming.

  • Cherry blossom: If cherry blossoms are your favorite part of spring, this blush pink color can make them part of your year-round routine.

  • Millennial pink: This pink is beloved for a reason—it’s eye-catching and it goes with just about everything, from dark blues to mint greens.

Dark Pinks

Dark pink paints can make a space feel both glamorous and intimate. 

  • Watermelon: Green accents dial down the bright tones in this shade of pink.

  • Coral: Though this paint is technically on the darker end of the color spectrum, it’s mixed with colors—like yellow and orange—that really brighten a space.


Wooden furniture in a green painted bedroom
zhihao/Moment via Getty Images

Green paint can turn your bedroom into a nature lovers’ paradise. But it’s versatility allows it to work well in any style of space.

Light Greens

Light green paints will illuminate a space just as well as any yellow. 

  • Mint: This color pairs well with both seaside- and winter-styled bedrooms.

  • Turquoise: The jewel tones in this shade create the effect of watching sunlight glimmer on the ocean.

Dark Greens

Darker shades of green can benefit a variety of styles, from modern to Italian-inspired.

  • Moss: This brown-blended shade of green will make your space feel grounded.

  • Emerald: This effervescent green is great for both glamorous and classic set-ups.

  • Olive: Transport yourself to the Tuscan countryside with this paint color.


A scandinavian bedroom with beige walls
CreativaStudio/E+ via Getty Images

Beige gets a bad rap, but it can be the best neutral backdrop for showing off your eye-catching decorations.

Light Beiges

Light beige paint can fill a room with warm or cold tones without taking attention away from the other elements of your space. 

  • Sand: This warm-toned beige is perfect for desert-inspired spaces.

  • Almond: This neutral is accented with red, which makes it a great complement to dark or lightwood furnishings.

  • Linen: Apart from a few shades of orange and yellow, linen beige is just a few steps away from white. Keep it in your back pocket when you want to experiment with paint but aren’t ready for colors.

Dark Beiges

Use darker beiges in bedrooms that get a lot of natural light to bring out their bright accents. 

  • Tan: There are many different types of tan shades to choose from and each one can have different tones, so it’s a great color for plenty of different needs.

  • Camel: This dusky beige is a shade darker than tan and is ideal for light-filled spaces.

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