7 Interior Paint Color Ideas That Create Calm

Annie Sisk
Written by Annie Sisk
Updated October 29, 2021
Young woman relaxing in living room
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These soothing shades add an instant calming vibe to any room

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Your home can have a big effect on your mood, from the utter satisfaction that comes with a clean, sparkling space, to the feeling of joy when your holiday decorations go up. So it only makes sense that your paint colors can have a big impact on the feel of your home too. If your aim is a serene space you can settle into at the end of the day, many different colors can help you create a peaceful vibe in just about any room. 

We rounded up some of our favorite paint shades to make your home feel more relaxing instantly.

1. Cool Blues

Blue living room with blue sofa
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Blue is at the top of most people’s lists of calm and serene colors. You can select from a wide range of shades here, from the deep azure of a tropical ocean to the palest periwinkle. Try blue tones in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, where their calming effects seem to be most felt.

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2. Soft Natural Greens

Bathroom with green walls and wooden cabinets
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Most people associate green hues with nature and the outdoors, so that could be why we feel a strong sense of tranquility and peace with many shades of this color. If you’re using green as the primary hue in the paint palette in any room, keep it on the lighter side of the spectrum. These pale green tones are best for bedrooms and bathrooms. Other livelier rooms like kitchens and living rooms can take stronger medium-toned greens, but in most cases, you’ll want to keep this as an accent color instead of the base or primary shade. 

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3. Serene Shades of White

Woman in a bright home office
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White shades (and there are many of them!) can sometimes seem stark, sterile, or even cold and industrial. Yet, with the right decor choices, white paint can turn almost any room in your home into a soothing spa. It’s an especially good choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. 

To keep the overall effect warm and welcoming, add varied textural touches in your decor, such as faux fur blankets, plush towels, and velvet or velveteen fabrics. 

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4. Peaceful Lavenders

New bathroom with lavender wall and bathtub
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A bright or dark-toned purple might call to mind a royal hall or a teenager’s bedroom, but don’t discount softer shades of violet and lavender. These tones maintain the regal effect of the brighter shades on the purple paint card while keeping it more mellow and meditative. 

However, keep in mind any shade of purple, even the light lavenders, can put off future home buyers. So if you’re giving any thought to putting your home on the market in the next few years, you might want to choose a more neutral hue. 

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5. Soothing Grays

Grey modern bed room with plants
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Still a popular choice, gray can also help you create a sophisticated yet relaxing mood for any room in your home. The right shade of gray in any room looks crisp and elegant, no matter what the room’s primary use might be; it’s not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. Consider using it in a bedroom or living space, then adding a few punches of color such as lavender, rose, or pale yet sunny yellow through linens, artwork, or throw pillows. 

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6. Pastoral Pinks

Bedroom with pink walls and white furniture
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While brighter pinks give off a more vibrant, energetic vibe, the lighter end of the pink spectrum has a completely different impact. Pale pinks and rosy hues evoke the soft, easy atmosphere of early dawn. Keep your pink paint choices lighter and less saturated with reds to avoid a stimulating effect. 

For inspiration:

7. Calming Neutral Shades

Stylish beige kid room
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Beige and other neutrals get a bad rap as a boring, overused color choice for interior paint. Yet, this color family is one of the best choices around if you want to create a soothing, serene background for your home. This color works beautifully to create a serene backdrop for the rest of your room’s decor. 

For inspiration:

How to Select the Calming Color That’s Right for You

Choosing the best paint shade for a specific room in your home can be overwhelming. However, if you get a good system going, it can be a blast. Test every potential shade on your wall with a sizable swatch to see how it works in the space with all your current decor and lighting features. It’s fun to experiment a bit, using magazines and websites for inspiration, but don’t get carried away with trendy choices if they don’t work for you. Add plants and indirect lighting to enhance the calm tranquility of your newly painted room. 

Finally, while painting your home’s interior can be a great DIY project, you might want to leave this to the pros for a smoother, faster, less disruptive process. Hire a painting professional near you for an expert finish that’ll thrill you for years to come.

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