16 Peaceful Screened-In Porch Ideas

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated February 23, 2022
A young woman lounging in a wicker arm chair using an electronic tablet on a screened-in patio
Photo: The Good Brigade / Getty Images

All the enjoyment of being outdoors without the bugs

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Did you know there are several different types of porches? Unlike a veranda or sunroom, a screened-in porch allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home without having to make a mad dash inside at the first sign of bugs or rain. A screened-in porch also provides more privacy than an open deck or patio. 

From bench swings to fire places, these screened-in porch ideas will inspire you to make them your own. You might just find this space becoming the most used room of the house.

Design and Decor Ideas for a Screened-In Porch 

Whether you’re building a new porch or looking to update your current one, use these design and decor ideas to inspire your space.

1. Skylights

A wood paneled screened-in porch with skylights
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

Looking for all the natural light you can get in your screened-in porch? Sky light windows make the perfect addition. Imagine relaxing in the warm mid-day sun or star gazing at night, completely bug free and from the comfort of your patio. 

2. Partial Wraparound Porch Screen

A large farmhouse with a wraparound porch that is partially screened-in
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

If you have a large wraparound porch, consider only screening in part of it and separating the two sections with a screen wall and door. This way you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather conditions. 

3. Exposed Beams

A simple screened-in porch with exposed beams, a patio set, and a tropical view
Photo: Wollwerth Imagery / Adobe Stock

Exposed beams aren’t just for living rooms and kitchens. They can also make a charming addition to any screened-in porch space—just as long as the ceilings are high enough so that they don’t become a walking hazard. 

4. Shiplap Ceiling

A screened-in porch with light blue shiplap ceiling
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

Shiplap is a popular design choice for interior walls, but did you know that you can also add shiplap to the ceiling and floors? Since wall decor options are limited with a screened-in porch, utilize this trendy design element on your ceilings instead. Add a bold pop of color to make it stand out. 

5. Screened-In Front Porch

A large screened-in front porch with patio seating and plants
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

When you think “screened-in porch,” it’s common to first think of back porches with a dining set and beautiful view. But don’t forget, front porches make great screened-in options, too. Here you can enjoy your morning coffee, catch up with friends, and wave to your neighbors as they walk by.  

6. Farmhouse Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch with dark walls, a white accent wall, and a dark shiplap ceiling
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

Porches are the perfect way to bring your interior design taste outside. Extend the farmhouse elements inside your home to your porch by contrasting dark walls with a light accent wall, adding a shiplap ceiling, and installing antique light fixtures. 

Screened-In Porch Must Haves 

Make the most of your porch with these common outdoor living must-haves.

7. Lots of Greenery

A large screened-in porch with wicker seating and several plants
Photo: Eric Vega / Getty Images

Screened-in porches are the perfect place for indoor potted plants—at least during the spring and summer if you live in a northern climate. 

Here, they can get the sunlight they need without being directly in it. It also prevents them from becoming over-watered when it rains, or exposed to pesky bugs—all things that can kill houseplants if not monitored.

8. Ceiling Fan

A screened-in porch with wicker furniture and a ceiling fan
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

Unfortunately, you can’t temperature control a screened-in porch the way you can inside your home. You can, however, install a large ceiling fan to get the air moving on balmy nights for just enough of a breeze that you won’t mind staying outside. 

9. A Place to Enjoy a Meal

A screened-in porch with a black table and chair set overlooking open land
Photo: Wollwerth Imagery / Adobe Stock

A screened-in porch is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee or a meal with family and friends. All you need is a patio table set with enough seating to accommodate everyone. Consider adding cushions or padding to the seats if they don’t already come with them. This way, everyone can eat and chat comfortably long into the night. 

10. Work from Home Space

A porch with a large white table with a laptop, latte, phone, and potted plants on top
Photo: Pinkyone / Adobe Stock

If you’re someone who works from home, you have the luxury of enjoying days with beautiful weather instead of being stuck inside at a desk. A screened-in porch is the perfect place to get your work done while also making the most of every warm, sunny day. All you need is a table space large enough to accommodate your work materials and a comfy chair. 

11. Wicker Patio Furniture

A small screened-in porch with a wicker furniture set
Photo: Jaimie Duplass / Adobe Stock

Wicker patio furniture is a porch staple, even though it can warp and weather easily when left out in the elements. That’s why a protected screened-in porch is the perfect place to have traditional wicker pieces so they can stay in top shape for years to come. Add matching cushions and throw pillows for a classic porch sitting area. 

12. Decorative Area Rug

A screened-in porch with patio furniture set and a blue patterned area rug
Photo: Stuart Monk / Adobe Stock

Since a screened-in porch is protected from rain, snow, bugs, and dirt, you can opt for a trendy indoor area rug without worrying about it getting ruined. Pick a color and pattern that complements the rest of your decor and ties everything together. 

Serene Screened-In Porch Ideas for Relaxing 

A screened-in porch is the perfect place to sit back and relax without booking an expensive vacation. Feel the stress melt away right at home with these tranquil ideas.

13. Fireplace

A screened-in living area with wicker furniture and a large brick fireplace
Photo: Wollwerth Imagery / Adobe Stock

Picture it—early fall, leaves are changing, and there’s a crisp breeze in the air. You make a warm cup of tea with cinnamon, grab a blanket and a book, and get cozy next to the fireplace on your screened-in porch. Is there anything more relaxing than that? 

14. Patio Sectional

A screened-in porch with a large wicker sectional patio set
Photo: VIS Fine Arts / Adobe Stock

Patio sectionals are perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Plus, they can also comfortably accommodate large families or gatherings with friends. There’s a huge range of patio sectional options out there. Some even come in customizable pieces so you can customize the size of your seating area to be as large or compact as you’d like. 

15. Bench Swing

A wooden bench swing with cushions hanging from the ceiling of a screened porch
Photo: Joshua Rainey / Adobe Stock

You can never go wrong with a classic wooden bench swing. From here you can read a book, bird watch, or rock your child to sleep with a gentle swaying motion that will melt all your worries away. 

16. Lounge Chairs

A cushioned wooden chair on a screened-in porch at sunset
Photo: Solidago / Getty Images

Ahh, there’s no better place to kick back and relax than in a comfy lounge chair on your screened-in porch. Take in all the sights and sounds around you, and maybe even get in a cat nap.   

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