Kitchen Windows Make Your Remodel Shine

Scott Barr
Written by Scott Barr
Updated September 2, 2016
kitchen windows
Choosing the best windows for your kitchen remodel is just as important as choosing the right appliances and finishes. (Photo courtesy of Shaw Floors)

Install the best windows to brighten up your kitchen remodeling project.

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Why do we spend so much time thinking about what kind of windows to put in our kitchens? That’s pretty obvious. Kitchens are one of the places where we spend the most time, have some of our deepest conversations and enjoy some of our greatest laughter. And the right windows can serve as the perfect accent for those experiences.

Which window styles are best for kitchens?

These days, the top quality window manufacturers offer a myriad of styles. You don’t have to settle on something you don’t absolutely love.

The best manufacturers can custom-make your windows, so don’t worry about letting your imagination run a bit wild. Of course, custom windows are more expensive, so you might have to rein in that imagination eventually.

Casement, garden, bay and bow windows rank among the most popular kitchen window styles.

Want more natural light? Casement, bow and bay kitchen windows are your best choices. And they’ll give your kitchen a nice appeal.

Looking for elegance? Large picture windows will accomplish that look. And they’ll make your kitchen feel bigger.

Garden windows are also popular. They don’t need much space, but give extra shelf space and nice additional light. They’re like a small greenhouse extending from your kitchen.

If you have a combined kitchen and living spaces, you might consider floor to ceiling windows. They can look spectacular and highlight the view of your backyard.

When choosing a window manufacturer

Look at the fine print really, really closely. Some manufacturers say they give a lifetime warranty. But those warranties usually only last the lifetime of the window, which might be as short as five years.

Make sure the windows you’re considering stop outside noise. It’s wonderful to hear the sounds of the outdoors, but sometimes it’s just as wonderful to shut out the noise of barking dogs or too much traffic.

Make sure the windows stop the heat from getting through them. With high-quality windows, you can sit right in front of the window with sunlight streaming in and still stay just as cool as you would at night.

Go online and see what other people think of the windows you’re considering. Ask if there are homes in your neighborhood where you can take a look at the actual windows and see how they look.

Investigate how energy-efficient the windows are. Good windows not only help you save on heating and cooling bills, but also your air conditioner and heating system won’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Considerations for choosing kitchen windows

• Privacy: The bigger the window, the less privacy it provides.

• Cleaning: The more glass, the more work. And dusty glass is more noticeable than a dusty wall.

• Light: More windows mean more light, and most of the time, folks want that. But some people want the same or less light in their kitchen, not more.

Choosing a window installation company

For most people, sitting down with an experienced window installation company is the best bet. Look for local companies with stellar reputations, which is easy to do online. Invite them to explain what kitchen windows they can provide, and if you’re impressed, ask for a bid. Then get ready for the look of your kitchen to transform completely!

Which style of window do you plan to install in your kitchen? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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