I Want to Cancel my Roofing Contract No Work Has Been Done and There is Nothing about Canceling if I Change my Mind

Updated November 24, 2020
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Question by letibaro58: i want to cancel my roofing contract no work has been done and there is nothing about canceling if I change my mind

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Answered by LCD: You don't say anything about WHY you would change your mind - you should not sign a contract untill you are commmitted to the job and have the funds available, and are prepared to go ahead with that contractor. All too many people treat contracts as a one-way thing - for their benefit, but not to protect the contractor against people who book a job but then back out or decide to go with some other cheaper contractor.

Once you sign a contract you have made a legal obligation, so if you cancel for your convenience the other party is entitled to fair compensation for their rights under the contract, if nothing about cancellation or non-refundable deposit in the contract, per common law and sometimes state laws about that. Generally courts award at least all job preparation and estimating costs, sometimes the full amount of the anticipated profit, sometimes more than that. Varies a lot by court, and also is affected by whether you seem to have a good reason or unanticipated condition which caused you to want to cancel out or if you are just trying to weasel out of it for your own benefit.

Here are some previous similar questions with answers which should help - but generally you cannot just walk away unscathed from a legally signed contract.





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