How much should it could cost to create a new window opening? Measurements 29 3/4 x 55

Updated October 17, 2020
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Question by Guest_95997121: We would like to bring more light into our living room by creating a new window opening.

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My husband took me to Lowes to show me a regular 36x36 window, but while we were browsing, we noticed a decorative window that we both liked and probably would be a wonderful upgrade. We would not want crown molding around the inside of the window. Could you please give us an estimate for installing this window and for just regular window without the arch. We have brick house and live in Beulah.

Answered by the new window man: First off, cutting a hole into brick is expensive and must be done correctly. Using the correct tools is very important for the job of cutting through brick, you'll need a contractor whose specialty is cutting through brick and or cement. Before that, do you have the construction blue prints for your house?. The area that you just want to cut a hole into may be a load bearing wall, it may contain electric lines ,waterlines, gas lines, you don't just cut and then hit trouble., You may need permits to create an opening where one does not exist, it may require your neighbors permission and or a town hall vote, check with your local buildings department before anything . Picking a window and an installer should be the last two things of this process.

Answered by LCD: I sort of doubt if Beulah window installers monitor this website regularly, so I will give you a ballpark, and then you can Search the List (in green banner bar) to find local Door and Window vendors and their reviews. You are very specific about what you want - I would say you are ready to contact window installers for bids.

I can tell you when I did this in my house - two 30x36 casement opening windows plus a 30 highx60 inch wide eyebrow window in a reading loft, the cost difference was only about 20% more expensive PER SQUARE FOOT for the curved eyebrow configuration than rectangular window - non-opening of course. I did installation myself so my cost is irrelevant, but installation for an eyebrow is not really greater than a regular window - you just cut a different shape opening, and maybe configure the header a bit different.

You say you want no crown molding - there actually would not normally be a crown molding around a window, just window molding or window trim. However, you are going to need some sort of molding/trim - usually a factory-made one-piece curved trim that comes with the window to fit over the frame-drywall gap, and continues on with matching trim down to the sill. The outside brick mold may be integral to the window or come separate also.

Since you are talking new opening, ASSUMING there are no utility relocations needed (electric wires, pipes, etc), the window cost is probably about $700-1500 depending on and whether single or double or triple pane. Installation probably about $300-800 depending on outside wall materials and how high you are off the ground with this window - above ground floor obviously a bunch more due to handling issues. Add another $200 or so for drywall repair and repaint (due to header installation) and outside trim paint - more if need full-wall repaint inside to exact match, or if panelling or hardwood wall surfacing inside.

Answered by Bumi: Now, I don't know!

Answered by Lucks: Hello! If you find a good company, it will cost around 300 dollars. I can recommend the company for installing windows from I think they can offer a very nice price for you. I ordered windows and doors from them a couple of times, I was satisfied with the quality and work done. I recommend!

Answered by LCD: Lucks - have you actually gotten a roughly 30x55 inch arch-topped new window opening plus installation in a brick wall for $300 ? Or did you miss the brick house portion of the question ? I would be thinking in the $500-600 range including the opening, steel reinforcing liner, and window install - not including the window cost itself, of course.

Answered by WindowDoorMan: vinyl casement window 29 3/4 x 55 would cost $520 installed. See window price calculator Creating an opening would cost extra. Better talk to bricklayers.


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