How Much Does It Cost to Mount a TV?

Normal range: $157 - $359

The cost to mount a TV is $258 on average, but it can cost between $157 and $359—or more if you splurged on a bigger screen.

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Updated August 31, 2022
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TV mount installation is an important job: after all, you’re placing a lot of trust in a small piece of metal—and the abilities of whoever installs it. If you’d prefer not to shoulder that responsibility, having a TV professionally mounted usually costs between $157 and $359.

Complex installs with multifunctional mounts can reach upwards of $600 or more. If you’re a confident DIY-er, though, there’s always the option of installing your own to save some cash.

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Normal range for U.S.
$157 - $359
  • Average
  • $258
  • Low end
  • $95
  • high end
  • $600

TV Mounting Cost Breakdown 

The price for mounting a flat-screen TV depends on the cost of labor and the cost of the TV mount bracket. Optional add-ons, such as wire concealment and installing a new outlet, will drive up your final cost.

Your final TV mount installation cost depends on a few different factors. These include:

  • The size of your flat-screen TV (larger TVs tend to come with a higher-priced mount)

  • The type of TV mount (those with high-end features come with a high-end price tag)

  • The cost of labor 

  • The complexity of the installation 

Let’s go into more detail on each of the cost factors below. 


Different types of TV mounts require more expensive wall brackets and more labor-intensive installation. Here are some price ranges to consider for the most popular types:

Fixed TV mount$75 – $420+
Over the fireplace$175 – $400
Under a cabinet$75 – $300
Tilting TV mount$75 – $500
Swivel TV mount$75 – $700


Your cost to mount a TV professionally will usually range between $60 and $200. This cost doesn’t include the price for the TV mount bracket.

When considering who to hire for a TV mount installation, you have several options. You can find a local handyperson for about $60 to $130 per hour. There’s also the option of hiring an electrician near you for around $50 to $100 per hour.

Alternatively, local TV mounting services will often charge a flat fee of $70 to $200 based on TV size and the complexity of the install. No matter which pro you hire, be sure to inquire as to whether your wall bracket will come at an additional cost. You usually also have the option of providing your own.


Here are some average retail costs for TV mounts based on TV size:

TV SizeCost
Under 31 inches$15 – $120
32 – 55 inches$15 – $300
55 – 70 inches$15 – $500
Over 70 inches$15 – $600+
TV mount costs vary by size, with prices ranging from $15 to $600 plus

Mounting Hardware

You can pay your pro extra to include a TV mount bracket, or you can select your own for around $15 to $600. You can find a universal fixed TV mount for around $15, while features like tilting, swiveling, and LED lighting will cost more.

Wire Concealment

If you want to hide wires within the walls, your total cost to mount a TV could approach $1,000 or more. Individual prices vary based on who you hire. Still, if the sight of wires drives you batty, or if you’ve got kiddos and animals, it’s worth the extra investment.

Installing a New Outlet

If you need to install a new outlet for your flat-screen TV setup, the average cost is about $210. Prices will vary depending on the electrician you hire, as well as labor costs in your area.

Cost to Mount a TV Yourself

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Handling your own TV mount installation can save you between $60 and $200 in labor costs, but it’s not as easy as screwing it in and vegging out to reruns of The Office. In comparison, TV stands are best for DIY projects. You’ll need to ensure it’s straight and (most importantly) attached to a stud rather than just drywall. 

Also, unless you’re extremely strong and well-coordinated, you’ll need the assistance of at least one other person. Flat-screen TVs are surprisingly heavy, and it might get frustrating trying to line everything up on your own. Stock up on some snacks and drinks for the movie night you’ll have with your helper(s) afterward.

Material and Tools Costs

While mounting kits will usually contain the necessary hardware, you’ll still need roughly $100 worth of tools, as well as a cord cover if you can’t stand the sight of wiring. Here are the basic items you’ll likely need, along with their average costs:

Basic ItemAverage Cost
Wall mount and mounting hardware$15 – $600+
Power drill and bits$75
Philips screwdriver$5
Cord cover (optional)$17
Tape measure$5
Stud finder$20
Painter’s tape (optional)$5
Total$120 – $727+

As with any DIY project, you’re saving money, but you’re also adding extra risk. In this case, your valuable flat-screen TV is at stake. If you’re not 100% confident, you can save yourself potential grief and invest in hiring someone to mount your TV instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new flat-screen TV to mount can range from under $200 to several thousand dollars. Size is the biggest factor in what you’ll pay, as well as the manufacturer. A 40- or 50-inch flat screen may cost several hundred dollars, while larger 60- or 70-inch flat screens cost close to $1,000 or more. A smaller 24- or 32-inch television usually costs between $100 and $200.

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