A Guide to Choosing the Best Metal Roof Color for Your Home

Audrey Bruno
Written by Audrey Bruno
Updated January 7, 2022
Home with gray roof in a rural area
Photo: berna_rikur / Adobe Stock

Metal roofing comes in so many colors that choosing one for your home can prove to be difficult

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As metal roofing becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are beginning to wonder how to choose a metal roof color. As long as your homeowners’ association allows it, you’ll find success with just about any shade of the rainbow. Of course, having so many options can make it tricky to settle on just one. But there are a few factors—like the weather, where you live, and the style you’re trying to achieve—that will help you determine what’s right for you. 

Whether you need a color to match your clay-toned stucco siding or one that will help you cut down on energy costs, this guide will help you find the best color for your metal roof.

Find Out What Colors Your Homeowners’ Association Allows

Contact your homeowners’ association to find out what roof colors it allows before considering your options. The board can take anywhere from weeks to months to respond to requests, so be sure to plan the project well in advance. 

Take a look at your community’s handbook or website to find out what they generally do and do not approve so you can get a bit of a head start. Even then, some pre-approved colors may not be allowed for any number of reasons, such as your neighbor having the same roof color or a change in the regulations.

Pick a Roof Color That Best Matches the Style of Your Home

White suburban house with gray roof
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

As the central fixture of a home, the color of a roof affects the appearance of everything from the gutters to the windowsills. Choosing a bright color will make the darker elements of your home stand out, whereas dark tones will turn the attention to the lighter design flairs.

Select a Shade That Fits the Theme of Your Home

A new metal roof color can be just the thing to achieve a charming design theme. Earthy red and brown shades can bring Mediterranean-style homes to life. And white and off-white colors can be the perfect finishing touch for a barn-inspired house. Determine what you want beforehand so that it’s easier to track down examples of exactly what you have in mind. 

Choose a Color That Makes External Features Pop

Wooden country house with green metal roof
Photo: sergeysikharulidze / Adobe Stock

Unless you’re planning on repainting all the exterior elements of your home, you may be stuck looking for a color that matches what you already have. But that doesn’t mean everything needs to match perfectly. Find a roof color that’s different from the color of your siding, trim, and gutters but makes them stand out. White trims will shine brighter when featured alongside a dark, charcoal-toned roof. And olive and green tones will complement stone or tile facades nicely. 

Opt for Shades That Blend With Your Environment

Wooden house with brown roof in the forest
Photo: dizfoto1973 / Adobe Stock

If you’re not particularly interested in a theme, but still want to find a unique color for your metal roof, look to the world around you. Matching your roof color to the natural elements in your area will help your house meld into the surrounding environment and give you a cozy place in nature—or the neighborhood—to call home. Dark greens and woody browns are excellent for homes in forest or mountain regions, whereas light greys and tans feel right at home in desert landscapes. 

Think About How a Color Will Look at Different Times of Day

Red roof a-frame house
Photo: tl6781 / Adobe Stock

A candy pink roof might be the perfect pop of color during a mellow sunset, but it can also be overwhelming when the sun is blazing at high noon. In general, it’s better to find out if your chosen roof color will look good around the clock to avoid any surprises. If you can’t visualize it on your own, paint a small part of your roof to put it to the test. That way, if it ends up being a dud, you won’t have much to paint over.

Remember—The Weather Will Change Its Appearance

Weather affects the color of your roof just as much as the time of day. Think about how bright and welcoming a beaming yellow roof would be on a drizzly, grey day. On the flipside, neutral earth tones might be better suited to a seaside home surrounded by coastline colors. 

Consider Colors That Will Reduce Your Energy Costs

Modern house with black metal roof
Photo: Volodymyr / Adobe Stock

The color you choose can impact the energy efficiency of your home. Light colors are a favorite of desert dwellers because they better reflect the sun’s heat and protect their homes from extreme heat. Darker colors are common in colder climates because they do the opposite—trap heat and use it to warm the house.

Cost to DIY Metal Roof Paint vs. Hiring a Pro

Hiring a pro to paint a metal roof costs anywhere from $1,150 to $3,630, depending on the size of your roof. Doing it yourself can be less expensive since you’ll only be paying for materials like paint. Still, a project like this can be dangerous and is generally not recommended for non-professionals. So it may be best to call in an expert.

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