Try These 8 Tips to Boost Your Backyard’s Security

D.P. Taylor
Written by D.P. Taylor
Updated May 6, 2022
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Your home is your castle. So if a burglar is in your backyard, that means the enemy is at the (back) gates. From high fences, to alarm systems and motion-detecting lights, here are eight ways to deter intruders from entering your property via your backyard.

1. Install Motion-Detecting Lights

Burglars prefer to operate under the cloak of darkness, which is why installing motion-sensing lights is so effective at deterring them. Motion-detecting light systems are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install, so it's a great option for boosting backyard security.

2. Put in an Alarm System and Security Cameras

You can go a step further by setting up an alarm system and some security cameras in your backyard. Just make sure it’s not an outdated security system—they’ve come a long way in recent years. Security cameras deter criminals, yes, but they can also capture evidence and help police identify any culprits that do enter your property. You'll want to install one at a high vantage point both to get good coverage of your backyard and be out of reach to a burglar.

The cost to install a security system is usually between $300 and $1,100.

3. Put Up Signs

What good is a security system as a deterrent if the burglar doesn't know it's there? Put up some signs warning any would-be thieves that you have the whole yard covered. Burglars are looking for an easy score, so by making your home a risky option, they may not take the chance. 

4. Lock Up Your Shed

If you’ve got a shed in the backyard, you should lock it up so it won’t attract burglars. Sheds are stuffed with all sorts of expensive tools, like power drills or chainsaws that can fetch a decent amount of money for a burglar. Invest in some chains and padlocks to ensure your shed is impenetrable.

5. Install High Fences

Good fences make good neighbors, and they also make good burglar defense systems. The taller your fence, the more difficult it will be for your burglar to get into your backyard (or escape it). You can also invest in a wrought iron fence with points at the top for additional security. The higher the fence, the more likely the burglar is to pick a different house.

6. Don't Leave Valuables in Your Backyard

If you are concerned about burglars, why not remove the very thing that may bring them to your backyard? If you have any expensive equipment or valuables sitting out in the backyard, make sure you bring them in at the end of the day. If you don’t have a shed, consider building one so you can store items more securely.

7. Buy Insurance

While purchasing insurance won’t stop burglars from entering your backyard, it can protect you if you do become a victim. Check with your homeowner insurance policy to see how much it covers. You may need to purchase additional insurance to cover the value of equipment and valuables in your backyard.

8. Contact a Home Security Professional

Every home is different, and therefore every homeowner could benefit from a customized security plan. Contact a home security company near you to come out and do a consultation. They can recommend what kind of security features you need and where they should be placed. This will give you peace of mind that your backyard is as secure as it could possibly be.

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