9 Garage Home Gym Ideas to Kick Up Your Home Workouts

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated September 27, 2021
Woman in gym clothes putting on boxing clothes while standing next to her punching bag in her garage home gym
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Turn your unused garage into a beautiful bonus home gym space

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Any type of garage, whether it’s a single, double, or triple, is a huge perk for homeowners, but it's often a squandered opportunity. And we understand why-unfinished garages feel dark and dingy, so at best, you might just use it for your car, as storage, or for your washer and dryer. 

However, upgrading your garage opens up an entire world of possibility, not only providing you more square footage in your house but also upping your home's value. While there are many ways to transform your garage space, turning it into your own personal home gym is an investment that’ll certainly pay off.

Not only will you be able to get rid of your monthly gym membership, but you’ll be able to work out whenever the mood strikes. Garages are a great place for strength, functional, and bodyweight training due to their expansive space and durable floors. You can personalize your garage home gym to create a motivating environment with music, lighting, and whatever design elements you can think of. For some inspiration, check out the 9 garage home gym ideas below.

1. Insulate Your Garage Home Gym

A large garage with insulation that’s under construction
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Since your garage contains the largest door in your home, it’s most likely a cause of huge heating loss. To make your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (and lower your electric and gas bills!), add some insulation. 

By adding in some insulation between the studs where air leaks through, it’ll help to make your garage home gym usable year-round. Additionally, insulation will help reduce noise, so you can blast your motivational workout music as loud as you’d like.

If you’re comfortable with construction projects, then you can easily install the insulation yourself. You can buy a foam board insulation kit from home improvement stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. Just don’t forget to wear protective gear like gloves, a mask, and long sleeves if you're using particular materials like fiberglass insulation.

2. Garage Heating and Cooling

Man doing pull ups in his garage home gym facing a mirror with a fan in the upper left hand corner
Edwin Tan / E+ via Getty Images

Even if your garage is insulated, depending on where you live, your garage home gym could become extra hot in the summer and chillier in the winter. To help, get a heating and cooling system for your personal garage gym. 

When selecting a heating and cooling system, consider your budget and space size. For a smaller garage gym, a portable option may work best. If you’ve got a larger space, then invest in a temperature control system for convenience.

Cooling Systems

  • Standing fan

  • Ceiling fan

  • Air conditioner

  • Ductless, mini-split AC (can also be used to heat a space)

Heating Systems

  • Portable space heater

  • Infrared heater

  • Torpedo heater

3. Cover the Concrete Flooring

Woman in gym clothes is doing a squat with a kettlebell in her garage home gym with black rubber interlocking tiles on the floor
aremafoto/Stocksy - stock.adobe.com

Your concrete garage floor may seem like an ideal flooring option for your garage home gym, but it can be harsh on both your gym equipment and your body. There are endless types-and price ranges-of flooring options you can install over concrete.

If you’re looking for an option that’s easy to use, absorbs impact, and isn’t super expensive, then use rubber. You can get a custom-made rubber mat to install over your entire garage floor, use a few rubber tiles that you can easily move around, or lay individual mats under each workout station.

4. Brighten Your Space with Lighting

Woman in gym clothes with her arms through gymnastic rings in garage home gym and lights hanging in the background
Justin Lambert / DigitalVision via Getty Images

A lack of proper lighting can prevent you from making the most of your garage home gym. While installing new lights may seem like a daunting task, it can be quite easy if you plan carefully. To start, measure your space, think about how much light you want, and create a layout plan. 

When you go shopping for lights, keep in mind the style, size, brightness, power source, and installation method. Most often, LEDs are ideal for garages since they last for a long time. Just remember to look for options with high lumens (brightness) and kelvin (color temperature).

5. Creative and Motivational Décor

Man in gym clothes working out with a kettlebell in a garage home gym with an inspirational quote painted on the wall behind him
Photographee.eu - stock.adobe.com

Before you add equipment into your space, think about design elements you can incorporate so you can set the a mood that'll actually inspire you to, well, use it.

A great and inexpensive way to add a bit of inspiration to your garage home gym is to decorate your walls. You can paint your garage walls a bright, energizing color, hang a motivational quote decal, or create a wall mural.

Just don’t forget to paint before you add in your storage and equipment since it’s much easier to paint when your garage is empty than when it’s full.

6. Adding Equipment to Your Gym

Young woman in gym clothes weight lifting in her garage home gym surrounded by gym equipment
IngredientsPhoto / E+ via Getty Images

If you’re just starting to work out every day, then invest in a few essential pieces of gym equipment. While it might be tempting, you don’t need to purchase a ton of equipment on your first day or even your first six months. 

You can add to your gym equipment collection with time as you learn how much you need and how you use them. Once you get into a consistent workout routine and accumulate more equipment, plan your garage home gym layout accordingly. 

If you only have 36 square feet available in your garage, plan to do workouts that require little to no equipment like yoga, jumping rope, bodyweight, and HIIT workouts. If you prefer cardio, then invest in just a few machines that you love and plan to use 10 to 30 square feet for each piece of equipment. 

Larger Cardio Machines

  • Treadmill

  • Stair climber

  • Elliptical

  • Stationary bike

  • Rowing machine

  • Weight bench

  • Single station gym

7. Gym Equipment Storage Solutions

Man in gym clothes lacing up his sneakers in his garage home gym with gym equipment stored behind him
Fly View Productions / E+ via Getty Images

Before you invest in any gym equipment, put a solid organization plan together. When putting together your plan, think about the amount of space you have in your garage, the equipment you already have and what you plan to get so you can maximize your square footage.

Use panels to make the most of your garage’s vertical storage space for baskets and utility bins to organize smaller pieces of gym equipment. Add in deep shelves to provide storage for other pieces of equipment and hooks to hang items like bikes and hockey bags. For easy access, store items that you use often at eye level or below. 

Commercial-grade racks can store heavy items like weights and, if there’s room, incorporate cabinets to hold items like resistance bands, and additional supplies like protein powder and supplements.

8. Hang Mirrors

Woman leaning on weight rack with a dumbbell in her right hand doing a curl facing a large mirror in her garage home gym
Ankit Sah / E+ via Getty Images

No home gym setup is complete without a mirror. Why? Mirrors are essential to accomplishing a successful workout. When you’re able to see your reflection while working out, you’ll be able to see and correct any mistakes in advance, so you won’t get hurt. 

Additionally, a mirror will help brighten up your garage home gym and make the space look more open. If you want to turn your garage gym into a clean, contemporary environment, a mirror-or several-is an inexpensive finishing touch. You can spend $10 or $20 and come away with some nice mirrors for your gym. 

9. Installing Speakers or a TV

A woman stretching on the floor of her home gym with a turquoise wireless speaker
Barselona Dreams - stock.adobe.com

One of the best parts about having your own home gym is the customizable add-ins. For your garage home gym, decide if you want to have a TV, music, or both (neither is okay too). If you want a TV, plan to install it early in your design plans since you’ll need to figure out the wiring. 

If you want to add speakers, you can use a simple wireless speaker for a smaller space. If you want something more advanced, especially for a larger space, consider placing speakers around the gym for a surround sound effect.

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