27 Creative and Beautiful Flower Bed Ideas

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated December 17, 2021
Mother and daughter planting flowers outside
Photo: ronstik / Adobe Stock

These ideas will really grow on you

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Unleash your green thumb by adding a flower bed to your yard. Take a walk around your home’s exterior to see which areas could benefit from a burst of color and texture. Flower beds create visual appeal, a focal point, and can serve as a topic of conversation. Even better, you can bring your beautiful colors inside by creating floral arrangements to enjoy or share with loved ones.  

Check out some different ways to create a flower bed in your yard, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out.

1. Beautiful Curbing

Curbed edging along flower bed
Photo: Mariusz Blach / Adobe Stock

Curbing is a way to edge your garden by using brick or concrete blocks. You can do it yourself or hire a professional, depending on the type of property you have and the materials you want to use. Highlight your flower beds (and keep weeds at bay) by grading the curbing along slopes and curved edges of your garden bed to promote cohesion in your yard.

2. Vintage Truck

Pickup truck turned into flower bed
Photo: David Arment / Adobe Stock

Use the back of an old pickup truck as a flower bed. The juxtaposition between the rust of the truck and fresh flowers creates an authentic rustic aesthetic in your landscaping design. Use varying types of flowers so you can make beautiful fresh-cut arrangements to enjoy in your home.

3. Side of the House

Garden on the side of a house
Photo: Elenathewise / Adobe Stock

Fill in empty spaces in your yard by planting colorful flowers along the edge of your home. Opt for perennial flowers and lush greenery so you can enjoy them year after year. Contrast it with dark mulch so the plants stand out even more.

4. Hollowed-Out Log

Flowers planted in hollowed out log
Photo: sauletas / Adobe Stock

Another fun flower bed idea is to incorporate natural elements into the design. Hollow out a log, add rich soil, then plant purple and yellow pansies inside to mix together colors and textures.  

5. Built into a Deck

Potted plants hanging on deck
Photo: Евгений Вершинин / Adobe Stock

Feature the architecture of your deck and create a garden bed directly installed into the structure. Hang potted plants off the wooden slats and build a box to place more plants on to add depth and dimension to an otherwise ordinary deck.  

6. Incorporated in a Retaining Wall

Flower bed in retaining wall
Photo: vintagepix / Adobe Stock

Dress up a stone retaining wall by adding a plant bed. A retaining wall can serve multiple purposes whether it’s offering a solution for a sloping yard or just to be purely decorative. Varying heights of stone create a foundation for raised beds. Plant bright flowers and hedges along the edge and place solar lights in front so it’s illuminated at night.

7. Decorative Wheelbarrow

Flower bed built into wheelbarrow
Photo: leomalsam / Adobe Stock

Rather than getting rid of an old wheelbarrow that’s out of commission, turn it into a tall planter. Add a personalized touch by planting flowers around decorative statues in the wheelbarrow. The best part? You don’t have to kneel down while you're tending to your plants.

8. Functional Herb Garden

Herb garden on raised planter
Photo: Thomas / Adobe Stock

Enhance your cooking by growing fresh herbs. Designate a portion (or all) of a raised bed specifically for herbs so you can have fresh cilantro with your tacos and basil for your sauce. Keep a pair of herb shears handy to have an authentic farm-to-table dining experience.

9. Ornate Stone Edging

Stone edging in front of flower bed
Photo: jStock / Adobe Stock

Edge the border of your flower bed with stone for an ornate look. Choose rocks of different sizes and textures to add dimension. To create a raised bed, choose taller stones and build up the soil. 

10. Backyard Path

Paved walkway lined with flowers
Photo: pr2is / Adobe Stock

Another gardening idea is to line a pathway with beautiful flowers. Add plants and flowering shrubs of varying heights to create a tranquil walkway as you roam around your yard. Don’t forget to plant bulbs. like tulips, in the fall so they bloom at the first sign of spring.

11. Pallet and Pots

Potted plants on pallet
Photo: ezstudiophoto / Adobe Stock

Get creative and use a recycled pallet to serve as a garden bed. This is a budget-friendly option because you can usually find pallets at a bargain, or sometimes even free. Sand down the wood and stain it to complement your landscaping. Then, install hardware to hold potted plants for an unexpected twist on a traditional garden bed.  

12. Vertical Trellis

White trellis with wooden planter boxes
Photo: wagner_md / Adobe Stock

Use up vertical space by hanging potted plants on the slats of a trellis. Paint the structure bright white so the color of the plants pop against the backdrop. Look for a trellis that’s attached to a tall planter so you can plant climbing flowers or vegetables.

13. Surrounding a Tree

Flower bed surrounding a tree
Photo: Lane Erickson / Adobe Stock

Adorn a tree on your property with a garden bed. Plant flowers directly in the soil, around the base of the tree then add mulch. Be sure to pick plants that thrive in shady conditions, especially if you have a heartier tree. 

14. Inside a Tree Stump

Flower bed inside tree stump
Photo: OlegD / Adobe Stock

Leave the chainsaw behind and incorporate existing tree stumps into your landscape design, rather than taking on a removal project. Hollow out the trunk and add rich soil. Plant seedlings in the dirt to take your tree stump from burdensome to decorative.

15. Space-Saving Container Garden

Container garden on balcony
Photo: Vida Guaranata / Adobe Stock

This gardening idea works well in small yards, apartments, or balconies. Pick container sizes based on the type of plants you are trying to grow. You can use large bins for vegetables or hearty plants. Or, use small terracotta containers or peat pots for herbs or seedlings to start plants in.

16. Geometric Shapes

Circular flower bed in garden
Photo: alinamd / Adobe Stock

Add visual depth in your yard by planting garden beds in geometric formations. Choose a circular shape and edge it with short green hedges, like a boxwood variety, to accentuate your flower beds.

17. Repurposed Boat

Flower bed in boat
Photo: Irina / Adobe Stock

Dust off that old canoe taking up space in your garage and give it new life by turning it into a garden bed. Give it a fresh coat of bright white paint with a contrasting red stripe for a nautical theme. Plant vibrant flowers in the boat to add pops of color to create a built-in photo opportunity in your yard.

18. Adorning Wood Edging

Flower bed with wood edging
Photo: FotoHelin / Adobe Stock

Another way to add edging to a garden bed is to use a wood border. A low wood border allows onlookers to be able to admire your flowers while providing a crisp edge, keeping your yard looking neat and tidy.

19. Natural Plant Edging

Flower bed lining grass
Photo: alinamd / Adobe Stock

Instead of purchasing edging from a garden or hardware store, use plants as a natural edge in your landscaping design. Plant the seeds in even rows to create a defined line where the grass meets the flower bed.

20. Ornamental Grass Border

Ornamental grass flower bed
Photo: mysikrysa / Adobe Stock

Using ornamental grasses like fountain grass and feather reed grass as a border provides a natural appearance. This is a low-maintenance option and can add a barrier of protection for flowers planted alongside the grass.  

21. Front Yard Flower Bed

Flower bed in front yard of home
Photo: Spiroview Inc. / Adobe Stock

Instantly boost curb appeal by adding flower beds to your front lawn. Highlight the architecture of your home with lush greenery then plant vibrant flowers in front to provide contrast to the paint color scheme of your home’s exterior.

22. Charming Wooden Boxes

Flowers in wooden boxes
Photo: daseaford / Adobe Stock

Display your flowers using wooden boxes. Have fun experimenting with different types of flowers and colors. You can even plant them in an old tin watering can to add a farmhouse-chic flair to your yard. 

23. Upcycled Furniture

Flower bed in vintage washing machines
Photo: goodmanphoto / Adobe Stock

A creative use for unused furniture is to incorporate it into your garden design. These vintage washing machines serve as tall planters and have the added bonus of a natural draining system through the hold in the bottom of the structure. For an even more whimsical look, paint patterns on the furniture to create a one-of-a-kind look.

24. Pollinator-Friendly

Insect house in garden
Photo: jbphotographylt / Adobe Stock

Invite pollinators into your garden by incorporating plants they are attracted to. By providing shelter and a welcoming habitat for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, you will be rewarded with a thriving garden. What’s more, by installing an insect house you can promote biodiversity in your yard (plus it adds unmatched charm).

25. Colorful Tires

Flower beds in colorful tires
Photo: oksnemova / Adobe Stock

Make use of worn-out tires by turning them into individual flower beds. Stack them and choose bright colorful shades of paint to jazz up a plain space in your yard. 

26. Wooden Planters

Wooden planters in vegetable garden
Photo: cycreation / Adobe Stock

Wooden planters are a tried-and-true way to create a garden bed in your yard. Use interlocking wood strips to make boxes to keep your root vegetables separate from your lettuces and climbing plants. Keep the boxes on the ground or build them up to be at waist-level.

27. Peaceful Bench

Wooden bench in garden
Photo: doethion / Adobe Stock

Enjoy the fruits of your labor by adding a bench to sit back and admire your flowers. Choose a secluded location in the back of your property for the ultimate relaxation spot.

Special Considerations When Creating Your Flower Bed

Before you start constructing, take into consideration some of these circumstances so you can enjoy your new design for years to come.

  • Choose plants that grow well in your geographic region according to the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map for the best results. 

  • Analyze the amount of shade or sun your flower bed will be exposed to and pick plants accordingly.

  • Many garden centers allow you to bring a sample of your soil to determine if it’s naturally healthy or if it needs an enhancement so your plants will thrive. 

  • Think about the size of the flowers and plants you're looking to grow and leave enough space for them to bloom.

  • Consider the type of plants and how often you want to change the look or colors. For example, perennial flowers and bulbs will bloom each year while annuals must be planted over and over again.

  • Don’t forget to incorporate ornamental grasses and shrubs for a low-maintenance way to add privacy, edging, and visual depth.

  • Research the best time to plant flowers in the bed so you have enough time to prepare. If you’re in a cold climate, remember to prep your plants from the elements so they flourish in the spring. 

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