19 Best Fireplace Mantel Ideas & Decor to Spruce Up Your Space

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated December 21, 2021
Mother and daughter sitting and playing clapping games in front of a fireplace
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Your Christmas stockings have some competition

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When most of us think of decorating a fireplace mantel, we think of hanging up stockings at Christmastime. However, mantels can be fun to decorate all year long, and the decor possibilities are practically limitless. 

Determining the best direction to go when styling your mantel can be daunting, so we’ve put together a list of fireplace mantel ideas to help you out.

Seasonal Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

While many people only decorate their mantel during the winter months, there’s no reason you can’t decorate it every season. These seasonal mantel decor ideas will bring festive cheer beyond the winter months. 

1. Winter

White fireplace mantel decorated with Christmas decor
Photo: stock28studio / Adobe Stock

Think outside the Christmas stockings for your winter fireplace mantel decor. Garlands, white candles, and twinkling lights can give your mantel some festive cheer without being too “Christmas-y.”

2. Fall

Fireplace mantel decorated with pumpkins and candles
Photo: mikhail_kayl / Adobe Stock

Need some fall fireplace mantel ideas? Pumpkins, gourds, and warm candles create a cozy autumnal vibe without a lot of effort. And a festive fall wreath tacked over the fireplace spruces up an often bare wall space. 

3. Spring

Fireplace mantel decorated with flowers, vase, and books
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Bring the soft hues and fresh fragrances of spring into your home by decorating your mantel with some cheerful seasonal garden flowers. Hang a mirror behind your fireplace to help reflect the bright light that’s pouring into your home in the spring. 

4. Summer

Fireplace mantel decorated with giant colorful paper flowers, green plants, and abstract art
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

While you may not be getting as much use out of your fireplace during the summertime, decorating it can help keep the cobwebs away. Summer is an especially great time to incorporate bright colors around your fireplace. It’s also the perfect time to try out decorations that would be dangerous around a lit fire, such as giant paper flowers

Year-Round Mantel Decorating Ideas

While seasonal decorations can be fun, it can be tiring to switch out your mantel decor four times a year. These year-round decor ideas look great no matter the season. 

5. Collection Displays

Fireplace decorated with books next to a table and a couch
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

The fireplace mantel is a great spot for displaying your passions because it is often the focal point of a room. Try artfully arranging some hardback editions of your favorite books or a few antique collectibles. 

6. Word Art

Fireplace mantel decorated with artwork that says “dream”
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Use your fireplace mantel to display word art that means something to you and your family. If word art isn’t your thing, you could replace it with other artwork that you can’t find a home for on your walls. Surrounding the artwork with candles or complementary decor can help complete the look. 

7. Oversized Mirror

White fireplace mantel decorated with mirror and plants
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Centering a big mirror above your fireplace creates an immediate impact, as it adds significant height, as well as creates the illusion that the room is larger than it is with its reflection. Regardless of the style of your living room, a mirror will add a new dimension of beauty. Placing a few accessories around the mirror can really make the fireplace pop. 

8. Fur Throw

White fireplace mantel with gray fur draped on top
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

If you have a shiplap mantel or even if you simply place logs near your fireplace, the space can quickly become overrun with wood elements. Help balance this out by draping a faux fur throw or sheepskin rug over the mantel to add soft texture. 

Overlapping artwork on top of fireplace
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Overlapping artwork can make your mantel stand out by creating a gallery wall in an unexpected place. The key is to choose items of varying sizes and heights so every piece can shine. 

10. TV

Gray couch, fireplace, and TV
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

The spot above the fireplace mantel is a natural home for a TV. But it can look a little bare by itself, so if possible, place a few small items around the screen to add some personality without blocking the view. 

11. Pillar Candles

Fireplace mantel decorated with candles
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Candles always serve as a great finishing touch for a mantelpiece, whether you light them or not. Placing white candles of varying heights around your mantel will make it easy for you to switch out other decor items throughout the year. 

12. All the Plants

Gray fireplace mantel decorated with plants
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Lean into the natural aesthetic of your fireplace and create an outdoorsy feeling with a line of potted plants placed on the mantel. This mantel decorating idea not only helps you find a place for your plant babies, but also create a sense of calm that will make you feel far away from the bustle of everyday life.

13. Modern Black and White

White and black fireplace with black and white decor items
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Just because you have a fireplace doesn’t mean you have to embrace a rustic aesthetic. Decorating your fireplace with black and white elements is one of the best ways to give it a sleek, modern touch. But you can still incorporate potted plants for a pop of green without compromising the modern look. 

14. Fireplace Accent Wall

White fireplace against blue wall
Photo: UnitedPhotoStudio / Adobe Stock

When it comes to decorating a fireplace, don’t just limit yourself to the mantel. Turning the space behind your fireplace into an attention-grabbing accent wall is a great way to make a white fireplace stand out. For a contemporary monochromatic take, adorn the mantel with vases and other little knick-knacks painted the same shade as the accent wall.

Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas 

All the cute decor in the world won’t disguise a dated fireplace mantel. When it’s time for a complete overhaul, let these design ideas inspire your next mantel makeover. 

15. Simple White Wood

White fireplace with pink abstract painting on wall above it and papasan chair
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

A white wood mantel is the perfect blank slate for any type of mantel decor. Plus, it goes with a wide variety of living room decor styles, from modern farmhouse to traditional to contemporary. It works especially well when coupled with a dramatic statement painting positioned just above it. 

16. Traditional Wood and Marble

Electric fireplace with white marble mantel and dark wood fireplace surround
Photo: fotoru / Adobe Stock

Lovers of old houses will appreciate a traditional fireplace like this one, with its marble mantel and brown wood and white tile fireplace surround. For a touch of modernity, pair it with an electric fireplace.   

17. Rustic Wood with Metal

Rustic fireplace in a log cabin
Photo: Andy Dean / Adobe Stock

If your space already has a rustic style, lean into it even further when choosing a new fireplace mantel. A thick wood beam is a natural place to start, but if you want your mantel to look different than similar rustic pieces, try adding steel on top of the beam. Complete the look with some candles to give your fireplace an extra cozy feel.

18. Ornately Carved Wood

Ornately carved wooden fireplace
Photo: ostap25 / Adobe Stock

Make your fireplace really stand out with an ornately carved wood mantel. Such a piece works with stone, brick, and plain wood surrounds, and it doesn’t need much decorating once it’s up.

19. Marble

White marble fireplace in luxury living room
Photo: Pics721 / Adobe Stock

For a dose of luxury in your home, update your fireplace with a creamy marble mantel and surround. If marble is not quite in the budget, you can achieve a similar look with granite or quartz.  

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