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Driveway and Patio Paver Projects

Charlie Gaston
Written by Charlie Gaston
Updated September 8, 2016
Paver driveway
The right pavers can transform an average space into a beautiful retreat. (Image courtesy of Go Pavers)

A paving stone patio, driveway or backyard can add curb appeal and a natural and unique beauty to any home.

If you’re like most folks, then you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of your experience as a homeowner dreaming of a driveway, side yard or backyard—or all three—that adds major curb appeal to your home. But perhaps you aren't sure what look to go with. Let these pavers projects inspire you.

The right paving designs, sizes and color schemes can make sure these three most trafficked areas of your home will be as visually rich as they are durable.  

A driveway to remember

Before meeting with a project manager who will oversee your pavers project, it’s highly recommended that you take a moment to carefully define the goals you have for your new pavers project. This could be as simple as deciding whether you prefer natural elegance or a more antiquated “old world” look.

Take a front yard project we recently completed for a homeowner in California. We constructed the driveway using tumbled Angelus Estate Cobble paving stones in a 50-50 mix of sand-stone-mocha and cream-brown-charcoal.

Paver driveway
Pavers helped turn a driveway into a gorgeous space with natural elegance. (Photo courtesy of Go Pavers)

Not only did we create a driveway to remember, but we also used the same paving stone to create a walkway to a small side yard. To enhance the impact of the space, the project manager also left several open spaces for planting and gardening.

Paver side yard
Open spaces allowed for small gardens to offer some greenery in the side yard. (Photo courtesy of Go Pavers)

A backyard retreat

When imaging a backyard retreat, it’s easy to envision wide-open spaces and well-crafted areas for entertaining guests. This is exactly what a homeowner wanted and was what we delivered using beautifully crafted Angelus Paseo II pavers with an Angelus Holland stone used as a border.

To create the open air spaces that you see, we removed the old concrete and replaced it with new custom design pavers. As you can imagine, color plays a significant role in creating a backyard to remember. Therefore, we recommended the adobe copper mocha color for the main pavers and mocha color for the border. This color scheme helped the Paseo II paving stones fit naturally within the surrounding space.

Paver fire pit and patio
Pavers that match the natural space around the custom-made fire pit created a beautiful entertainment area. (Photo courtesy of Go Pavers)

And because no backyard is complete without a fire pit for entertaining family and friends, we constructed a custom fire pit and wall for the backyard, keeping several open spaces just for planting and gardening. 

A professional company

A professional paving company can help you choose the right pavers for your project. With so many options, it’s important to choose a company with ICPI certified project managers who can help you design the overall look and feel of your project, as well as craft a workable budget.

ICPI certified project managers not only draw from their experience and training, but they have the tools and innovations that can make creating a driveway to remember or backyard retreat not only possible, but also highly affordable.  

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