8 Front Entrance and Hallway Decorating Ideas That Add Style to Your Home

Sharon Greenthal
Written by Sharon Greenthal
Updated October 1, 2021
Mom puts daughters shoes on in entryway
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From painting your front door to adding a mirror in your hallway, these front entrance decorating ideas will have a big impact

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Greet friends and family who come to your home with a front entryway and hallway that showcase your style. Whether your house is formal and dressy or casual and cozy, it should say “welcome home” when people knock on your door. These eight ideas for decorating and designing a functional and beautiful front entrance and hallway will help you set the tone for your home.

3 Front Entrance Decorating Ideas

Your front entryway design can be so much more than a welcome mat and a doorbell. Make a great first impression with these decorating ideas.

1. Start at the Front Door

Greet guests at your home with a front door that makes a statement with color, style, or trim— or all three. If you want to replace your existing front door, you can do that, but if you upgrade to a stylish door, you’ll add architectural interest that will update your front entrance instantly. 

Options for front doors include:

  • Double doors for a grand entrance

  • Glass front door for maximum light inside your home

  • Glass paneled front door for light with a bit more privacy

  • Steel doors that are modern and secure

  • Speakeasy front door for a touch of nostalgia and fun

  • Solid wood door for substance and security

  • Fiberglass for the most affordable option

Looking for a more budget-friendly front entrance decorating idea? Start with painting your front door a fun color—choose from sophisticated hues like black or stained wood or opt for a pop of color like lime green or sunny yellow. A colorful front door could be just the thing to make your front entrance shine. 

2. Make the Most of Your Covered Porch

Front porch with rockers, blue ceiling and black front door
David Papazian/The Image Bank via Getty Images

If you have a covered front porch, paint the ceiling pale blue. It will mimic the sky for an expansive and open feeling. Add a ceiling fan for hot summer days when an icy cold lemonade and a good book are all you need to enjoy the afternoon.

Make your covered front porch even more inviting with these additions:

  • Chairs and tables (rocking chairs are even cozier!)

  • An outdoor rug

  • Hanging and potted plants

  • Lights, including string lights and battery-operated lamps

  • Cozy throws for cool nights

3. Personalize the Details

Your front entryway is the perfect place to tell the world who you are and what your style is all about, so don’t hesitate to add color and personality when updating this space.

The following front entrance decorating ideas will add a personal touch:

  • Customized house numbers that stand out with bold colors, updated fonts, or LED lights for evening guests and pizza deliveries

  • Brick walkway and stairs

  • Flowers, hedges, and topiaries

  • Seasonal or perennial wreaths and decor

  • Statement lighting, such as walkway spotlights, oversized lanterns that flank the doorway, or a show-stopping hanging light if you have a high ceiling porch.

5 Front Hallway Decorating Ideas

Once you’ve welcomed guests through your fabulous front door, make your entryway terrific with these tips. If you need help deciding the best way to decorate your front hallway, contact an expert to help you determine what you want for your home.

1. Make Your Entry Hall a Unique Space

Bright front door and entry way accents
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Not all homes have a distinct front entryway, but every homeowner can make a front entrance feel like a distinct space. If your entryway has a large wall, use a bold wallpaper pattern or bright paint color that makes it feel exciting for everyone who comes in the door. 

Pick a flooring that’s durable but unique for the area to create the sense that the entryway is a special space all its own. By defining and decorating the front entryway space, you give your guests a place to pause and feel at home.

2. Add Function and Style

Often, people coming in through the front door have something in their hands, whether it’s kids coming home from school with a backpack or friends stopping by carrying a handbag. That’s why keeping your entryway organized is so important.

There are a number of options for places to drop bags, parcels, mail, or other items, including:

  • Console table

  • Shelving unit

  • Chest of drawers

  • Bench with storage underneath

Go bold by choosing a statement color for your console or bench, like red, yellow, teal, or mint. If you choose a piece of furniture with a top, like a console table, add a pretty bowl for keys, a shiny tray for mail, and a lamp for ambiance when it gets dark outside.

3. Designate a Stylish Home for Coats, Boots, and Umbrellas

Apartment door entry area with seating area
onurdongel/E+ via Getty Images

Don’t let clutter mess up your front hallway. Designate a home for things like coats, boots, and umbrellas—but make it stylish. 

There are many types of coat racks available, from a standard wall rack with hooks to models with space for coats, shoes, and even small knick-knacks and picture frames to add some flair. They come in all kinds of styles, from modern to sculptural, so you can pick one that complements your decor. 

Don’t leave the coat rack on its own, though. A piece of art will add interest to the wall nearby, and a small bench for sitting and putting on rain boots or shoes can add not only utility but decorative interest. Add a colorful, non-slip rug if you have hardwood floors to keep wet shoes from leaving watermarks. 

An umbrella stand is a plus, but you can put one outside if you have a covered entryway. If you don’t have room for a coat rack and you don’t have a coat closet, a bench will do the trick.

4. Give the Illusion of Space With a Mirror

Here’s an easy front hallway decorating idea: add a mirror. Mirrors can look elegant, shabby-chic, mid-century modern, and more—it all depends on the style, color, and texture. 

Also, mirrors can maximize the amount of light in a room and give the illusion of space, something most front hallways are lacking. While great for last-minute checks before heading out the door, adding a mirror to your space is a smart decor choice that will add both style and function. 

5. Make It Your Own

Since the entryway is the first glimpse of your home, make it represent who you are. This is a great spot for personal items that say “welcome” to both family members, friends, and loved ones. 

Use these front hallway decorating ideas to make the space your own:

  • Display photos of family and loved ones

  • Create a gallery wall of cherished photos or favorite art

  • Make a print of your pets’ paws and hang them up

  • Frame your kids’ art projects and hang them on the wall

  • Include monogrammed art or objects

What could be better than to come and go from your home and see pictures of people you love or artwork that makes you happy? 

Use these front entrance and hallway decorating ideas to spruce up your home. Need more help? Hire a local interior decorator to give your home style and personality.

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